May 26, 2012

This. Dress.


Might be the best $2.50 I ever spent.  As soon as I saw the shear overlay, the asymmetrical hem, the pretty white with blue ribbon detail--I was head over heels. 

Though this is not the type of dress I usually wear.  For one, I am not a fan of strapless.  Nor of shorter hems.

This dress took an adjustment for me both mentally and physically.  All day I was hiking the top up, pulling the bottom down and a combination of both.  But in the end, totally worth it.

I wore this to do many, many things today.  But mostly I wore this to the vow renewal of my sister and her husband.  I don't really want to get into it, but I will just say that I love and support my sister unconditionally.

What else did this dress entail today?  Picking Kaden up from a sleepover, doing chores around the house, taking back a dress for my soon-to-be niece at Macy's and having my nieces over to spend the night. 

Oh, and we went thrifting.  Remember that Goodwill gift card I got for Mother's Day?  I totally made it my bitch today for a half off sale.  And we made out like banshees.  I only went $1.84 over!

Oh girls.  I cannot wait to share my goodies with you.  I even got a gorgeous suede vintage trench for $12!!!

But that is def going to have to wait because ladies, it's gettin' hot in here *cue Nelly*.  Even though I was essentially wearing very little, I was sweating my booty off.

I found this great little photo location today (another adventure I had with the dress).  I love taking my pictures on the weekends because I get far more time to explore.

Which is why you all have to put up with a bajillion photos on the weekends.  I know it can be a pet peeve to some, but when have I ever cared about what other people think?

Correct answer: never.  And I'm not gonna start now.  If people don't like it, they don't have to look at them. 

What I do know is that Patrick was def a fan of this dress.  He got all lovey dovey with me, even telling me that he thinks I have the cutest earlobes ever. 

I don't know what earlobes have to do with my dress, but a man that can talk about earlobes when I'm wearing a next-to-nothing dress is one I def consider a keeper. ;-)

Strapless Shear Sundress-Taboo, thrifted; Nude Criss Cross Sandals-Marshall's; Earrings-Shane Co., gifted; Necklace-Kohl's

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