May 15, 2012

Pretty Pleats (with Sugar on Top)


 Awhile ago, the lovely LV of Food Fashion and Flow gave me the Awwesome Blogger Award.   Thanks LV!  So what does this require of me?

Well, first I must give you seven random facts about yours truly.  I love random facts, so here goes it:

1.  I have a major soft spot for stand up comedies.  Loves them.  Some favorites include Katt Williams, Dane Cook, Margaret Cho and Dave Chapelle.  Some newly acquired favorites are Kevin Hart, Steven Byrne and C.K. Louis. 

2.  I can count on one hand how many times I have been on a plane.  I'm not a big fan of flying. Especially on small planes.  No thanks. 

3.  My favorite animal is elephants.  My grandmother started collecting them for me when I was a baby because they are good luck--especially when their trunks are raised. 

4.  When I was in elementary school, I was one of the tallest girls in the class.  Then, I just kind of stopped growing.  Now I'm technically short at 5'4".  Go figure. 

5.  When I was little, I thought I was going to be a writer.  I wrote stories all the time, all the way up to high school when I turned from stories to poetry.  My grandmother told me that I should be a lawyer.  I told her no way. That was boring.  Now, I work for lawyers.  

6.  I grew up really poor.  We didn't have a phone (not a cell phone, I mean a home phone) until I was in third grade.  We didn't have a TV until I was in middle school.  That is why I missed out on a lot of the 80's movies like The Goonies and Edward Scissorhands. 

7.  I love to cook, but I cannot come up with my own recipes to save my life.  Without a cookbook or recipe to follow, I am worthless in the kitchen.

So the other part of this dealyo is giving this Awwesome Blogger Award out to seven other blogs.  Which is always hard because I follow so many blogs and really adore all of them.  But here it goes:

Megan of Megan Mae Daily, Rebecca of Oomph, Thrifted Shift, Lynne of Practical Paralegalism, Natasha of One Woman Style Evolution, Sharon of The Tiny Heart and Claire of Spinning Threads.

On another (random) note, as I was taking these photos, a rather [ahem] colorful couple came to the park to, what I assume to be, enjoy a beautiful spring day in the park.  The woman started getting upset at the picnic table and shouted to the gentleman, "this lady's over here taking pictures and shit."  What was your first guess?  Thank you.  THANK.  YOU.

  Ruby Red Pleated Dress (worn as a skirt)-Kohl's; Striped Short Sleeved Sweater-Banana Republic, thrifted; Studded Wedges-Sonoma; Watch-gifted; Pearl Necklace-Kohl's; Earrings-Shane Co., gifted

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  1. Super cute! I love red, white, and black as a color combination! Hot!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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