May 24, 2012



As predicted, today was approximately 154516489 times better than yesterday.  Thank you so much for all your acceptance, well wishes and mutual pissed-off-ness that you shared with me.

I woke up at a leisurely 7:30 this morning, spent some time with the kiddos and then attended Kaden's fifth grade graduation.

Words cannot express how insanely unprepared I was emotionwise.  As soon as I saw Kaden walk into the gymnasium, my eyes started to well up. 

I tried so. hard. to hold back my tears of pride, happiness, excitement and a twinge of sadness (my baby!!) and I did a pretty good job until they showed a slideshow of the kids from kindergarten to fifth grade.  This included memoir slides from all the fifth graders with their words of wisdom and pictures.  At that point, I lost my cool.

Which was unfortunate because I was sitting next to the dad of one of Kaden's friends.  We were kind of joking back and forth at the outrageous displays of emotions that were pouring out of the girls in the grade's eyeballs.  There was one girl who was seriously hysterically crying the ENTIRE ceremony.  She carried a box of Kleen-ex and a mound of used tissues beside her. Needless to say, I got schooled.

But you have to understand that earlier this week I went to Brielle's pre-K graduation.  My baby girl is going to be a kindergartener next year.  Now I was realizing that my oldest baby was going into middle school.  Thank God Conner didn't have a graduation this week or I would have a serious premature empty nest situation over here.

Since I had the morning off and I knew I would be doing kid related things, I wore this.  And it was perfect because I switched out my Keds for these pumps and a blazer for work time.  This look did not disappoint for double duty today.

And, for the record, Morky did see the vet today and he is doing just fine.  He has a sprain and a few little cuts, is high on pain meds, but is taking it like a champ. 

Not to mention, I am now able to laugh (a little) about my bogus ticket yesterday.  Peggy called me today and when I answered she goes "what's up pyro?"  We laughed.  I joked that I was trying to hit the cop with my flame thrower and start a riot so I deserved the ticket.  *This is a joke, I would never really hurt a police officer.  Just CYA

And, Patrick is a genius.  He fixed my car in under an hour last night and ole Goldilocks has been running like a champ all day.  Thanks honey!  So nice to have a real man around!

Going in to work late today was just what the doctor ordered.  I got there mid-day and got all that I needed to get done finished before I left.  Such a great feeling.

Currently, the kids have total summer fever and so did I.  I was all amped up for summer vaca, feeding off of the kids' energy (well the ones not drenched in tears).  It was kind of a bummer to have to leave that and come to work, but half a day is not half bad.

Not to mention, my week of hell is over tomorrow.  And then there is a three day weekend!  Aaaand I get to spend it with my kids. 

So as far as yesterday goes, no harm no foul.  All's well that ends well.  And, as Shirley Temple professes, the sun will come out tomorrow.  Ya dig?

  Highlighter Yellow Skinny Jeans-Kohl's; Yellow and White Striped Tee-Old Navy, thrifted; Khaki Blazer-thrifted; Nude Patent Leather Pumps-Vera Wang; Necklace-vintage from Grandma; Earrings-gifted; Watch-Patrick's

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