May 10, 2012

Heat Stroke


It.  Was.  Freaking.  Hot.  Today.  Holy holy.  And to top it all off, the A/C in our office broke.  And my car's A/C makes my little Goldilocks run like a golf cart.  So, there was little recourse to escape the heat.

It did not (or maybe it did . . .) help matters that I was away from desk for the majority of the day.  I was in a meeting in the morning.  Then . . .

I had to go to the Courts to pick something up.  Which was when I saw a guy come in. In a soiled "wife beater" (man I hate that nickname), tape measure suspenders, jorts and about three dozen tatoos walk in.  I hate this.  Why?  What possesses you to dress such a way to sit in front of a Judge? 

Plus side, I found out the Court has a little cafe.  It was surprisingly good.  And cost effective.  And, they sold cigarettes there.  Now, of course, I did not buy any, but I found it both interesting and understandable.  Cuh-ray-zee.

Then I had to go to another attorney's office to drop off some discovery documents.  Which, I happen to love to go to this certain office because it is right next to this gorgeous park.  So I stopped to take my pictures here because, well, when in Rome . . .

And let me tell you that the only thing stopping me from stripping down and partaking in this cool refreshing river was the gobs of people doing the same (in proper swimming attire), an indecent exposure ticket and the possible blinding of children with my pale as hell skin. 

Then it was off to Staples for some office supplies.  And, given the outrageous heat, running around and forgetting my water bottle at my desk, I rewarded myself with a milkshake.  Don't judge. 

Finally I was back at my desk.  To a mound of emails, voicemails and projects waiting on my desk.  Sigh.  Best part about this, though?  The rest of the afternoon went by faster than ever.

Luckily, I did end up getting off of work.  Just in time to go pick up all three kids (at their three different pick up locations), do a few chores and head out to drop Kaden off at baseball practice.

While Kaden ripped it up at the batting cages, I took Conner and Brielle to a nearby park.  Conner brought his bat and wiffle balls.  He is such a champ at smacking that ball.  There was even an elderly couple enjoying ice cream cones on a park bench just watching him.  

And then Brielle and I had some swing time and took a walk in the park's garden admiring all the newly planted roses and other assortment of flowers.  Yeah, I'd have to say that even though I nearly melted all freaking day, it was a damn good one.    Not to mention, tomorrow's Friday biznatches!

  Deep Purple Top-Kohl's; Light Purple Tweed Skirt-George, thrifted; Leopard Print Cardigan-Merona, thrifted; Nude Patent Leather Pumps-Vera Wang; Earrings-Kohl's

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