May 28, 2012

Memorable Memorial Day


On this gorgeous Memorial Day weekend, I am very proud, humbled and grateful for several things.

I am thankful, of course, to all the veterans in our country and in my life that make it possible for us to live the way that we do--like this little corner of the internet I use to showcase my style, ramblings and the occasional swear word without recourse.

I am grateful for my job and having the day off.  I still remember a few years back when I was working retail while going to school.  National holidays were not something I was used to having off.  And now I can and it is glorious.

I am thankful that the nice weather played out today so I could spend some time with my kiddos at the water park, soak up some sun and spend some time with my favorite veteran--Patrick.

I am thankful for the M&M cookie ice cream sandwiches that we indulged in on the way home from said water park.

I am grateful for the smell of BBQ in the air and the atmosphere of freedom that encompasses us on this National holiday.

I am grateful to be giving my feetsies a break for the past three days with some flat footware and the comfort of casual looks.

I am so entertained by my daughter's new found, um, talent at mastering the Roku remote.  Do any of you have a Roku?  It is fantastic.  I am also grateful for our Roku.

I am grateful that Brielle (a horse enthusiast) found the perfect cartoon for her--Horseland.  It is a cartoon about a bunch of girls (and a couple of boys) and their horses.  She looooooooves it.

Although I would be equally thankful if she found something else that tickled her fancy.  We don't ever watch TV in our house, but now that she learned how to use the remote, she just wants to work the TV--usually flipping from movie to movie about five minutes in. 

I am grateful for my newly thrifted wicker Fossil tote.  It is perfect for summer fun and holds just the right amount of mom stuff.

I am thankful for Patrick who helps me keep my cool.  Honestly, the weekend has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster and I've been a little high strung.  That coupled with the fact that the Sons of Anarchy that Patrick and I have been watching for a few days now may or may not have rubbed off on me attitude-wise.  So here's what happened . . .

We got to the water park.  I went to choose a picnic table for our little lunch and a teenager walked over to me and said it was reserved for his graduation.  I told him no worries, we would just park it in the nearby grass and I told him happy graduation.  Well, we were there for about an hour before that same teenager marched over with some other teens and set up a badminton net about two feet from where we were sitting.  I was a little confused because we had clearly been parked in this spot for a while now.  I mean, towels spread, shoes aligned, water bottles ascew.  But they kept on.  I said nothing, thinking that perhaps they were setting up for a game later after we had left.  But then they started playing and I kind of lost it.  I started arguing with them about not wanting my stuff stepped on and not wanting to dodge badminton balls and that I had moved for them earlier and that it was obvious that we had set up camp in this spot and that we had little kids that I didn't want to get hit with the balls and--then Patrick came over calmly and put a kibosh on my rant with a calm and orderly plea for them to wait until we left to play.  Yeah, he's good for me.  ;-)

  Chambray Button Up-Lee; Floral Culottes-Aeropostale; Sandals-from Mexico; Bag-Fossil, thrfited; Earrings-gifted; Necklace-Wal-Mart; Watch-gifted

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