May 12, 2012

Alice In Gingham Wonderland


 As you will see by the bajillion (I consider this a real term of measurement) photos I took today, I was having waaaay too much fun taking photos.

Between the Mary Janes, white tights and fun sundress, I felt like Alice in Wonderland.  To top it off, I stopped in this fun little sculpture park while running errands to take my pictures.  It really was like a Wonderland!

Gingham is one of my favorite prints, though the print I own the least of, unfortunately.  I plan on rectifying this as soon as possible.  ;-)

As you can see, the cloudy skies are still lingering after a rather unseasonably hot May.  It's kind of a nice break because there is no rain and the coolness is pretty mild.  Warm enough to go without a coat, cool enough to break out tights for one more round before summer. 

And tights are quasi necessary for this dress.  I love it to pieces but it's a wee bit short.  And tights can make any borderline scandalous dress less so.  

Last night was awesome.  First off, it was the awards ceremony at Kumon for my boys.  Conner got a special award for being two grade levels ahead.  In truth, he is much further ahead, but they start the kids out on a level less than what they are at to build confidence.  I was grading his Kumon the other day and the grade book was left at his dad's house.  I had to use a calculator for the work he can do in his head in under ten minutes.  The kid's a freaking genius. 

Then, Pat and I went on a date.  Because the awards ceremony got out a bit on the later side, we didn't do anything fancy.  Just had drinks and dinner at Chili's.  But it was so much fun to flirt and joke around like we were just dating again. 

On a less positive note, I fear I am getting sick.  Again.  I've had fever, sniffles and a cough since last night.  But as any mother will testify, I don't have time to be sick.  So I am hoping this will be a fleeting bug. #fingerscrossed

Today I was in scrubs most of the morning.  And I mean yoga pants wise as well as cleaning supply wise.  I am getting the house ready for a Mother's Day bbq we are hosting for all the important mamas in our lives tomorrow. 

Every Mother's Day since my sister was pregnant with my oldest niece, Anya, we have woke up early and trucked down to Denver for the annual Spina Bifida walk.  My niece was born with Spina Bifida and it is something I really look forward to doing for her and with her.  We have always been close. 

 Unfortunately and unbeknownst to us, they changed it this year and it was actually last Sunday.  Boo!  I am uber bummed we missed it this year.

Plus side?  I get to sleep in for the first Mother's Day in over six years.  Bonus.  Though, with everything planned tomorrow, I don't know if sleeping in is really in the cards.

But, as they say, a mother's work is never done.  Plus, (another bonus!!) I get to pick my kiddos up from their dad's in a few hours so I can wake up with them!

 As an early Mother's Day gift to myself (shhhhh!  don't tell Patrick!), I stopped by one of my favorite, though long neglected thrift stores on the way home from errands, Savvy Seconds.

On Saturdays they run a special where in all the clothing is $2.50.  So I got a few cute tops and skirts for $15.  Really.  Even Peggy can't argue with that.   . . . . Right?

So, in a nutshell, I am looking quite forward to tomorrow.  I get to spend it with my favorite mothers: my mom, my sister, my cousin, my mother in law to be, my sister in law to be, my brother's girlfriend and Pat's grandmother.  It shall be magical.

Gingham Sundress-gifted; Cropped Moto Jacket-Miley Cyrus; White Tights-Target; Gray Mary Jane Pumps-K-Mart; Bracelets-gifted, Kohl's and vintage from Grandma; Earrings-DIY and gifted; Cocktail Ring-Party America

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