May 31, 2012



Well I am one lucky lady.  Here's why.  When I have a craptastic day, it always turns around.  Seriously.  And, in fact, it sometimes doesn't even wait until the next day.

Last night, my son's baseball game was the shiz.  For real.  It started out with them loosing, catching up, tying, winning, tying again and then winning in the end with a score of 13-8!  Go Royals!

Plus, Kaden is the coolest.  Seriously.  He is such a clown.  That kid was born to make people laugh.  He hit a double last night which had me screaming.  Then, when he got run home, he did a "touchdown" dance and had the crowd rollin'.

And I am uber stoked about tonight.  Oh, what do I have on the agenda you ask?  Nothing.  Not a thing.  No Kumon, no baseball practice, no baseball game.  I got off work and came home.  It was amazing. 

Aaaaaaaand Patrick gets back from Canada tonight, which is amazing.  Yes, we are over our little tiff yesterday re puddle jumpers.  I can't wait to lay on his lap and . . .

Catch up on Sons of Anarchy!  This means I get to have my physical love, Patrick and watch my imaginary love, Jacks all in one night.  

I'm not a TV person.  In fact, other than Jerseylicious and the occasional movie with Patrick and/or the kids I don't even watch TV.  I much prefer music.  TV habits drive me insane (ask Patrick).

There have been very few shows that have honestly hooked me.  SATC, obvi.  Jerseylicious.  And now Sons of Anarchy.  I need to balance my girliness somehow.

I am so stoked and simultaneously amazed that tomorrow is a) Friday (woop woop) and b) the first day of June.  Say whaaaaaaaaaa?

Patrick has drill at the base this weekend (boo!) so I have to soak up all the lovins I have from him while I can.   But, I get to pick up the kiddos tomorrow and that is always a plus!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some virtual man candy to lust over and some actual man candy to indulge in.  Kisses!

Blue Shift Dress with Pockets and Embellished Collar-thrifted; Leopard Cardigan-Merona, thrifted; Suede Peep Toe Pumps-Worthington, gifted; Earrings-DIY and gifted

Don't forget to enter the eShakti giveaway!  It ends TOMORROW!

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