May 5, 2012

Friday FTW!!!


 If you're thinking "Robin.  It is not Friday anymore.  It's Saturday.  Get with it.", then you're right.  I hear you.  But here's the thing . . .

Friday was mostly freaking awesome.  And this is what I was wearing on Friday.  So just humor me and pretend that I posted this yesterday mmmkay?

First of all, I got word on Friday that my camera had been fixed and it is on its way home to mama!  Woop woop!  That's right.  It has been three weeks of a point and click and I am ready to have my good ole SLR back in my hot little hands.  

Second, work was pleasant.  Busy enough for me to not get bored, but not so busy that I felt I was going to loose my mind.  

Third, I just want to tell y'all that you will not see me bloggin on Fridays no mo'.  Patrick and I have decided to do date nights on Friday nights.  

We were actually planning on this three weeks ago, but Patrick had drill for the Air Force that week.  Then the next week was the birthday party weekend for Conner and Brielle.  So this was the Friday we had been waiting for.  Unfortunately . . .

Patrick had taken his motorcycle to work that day and some asshole rear ended him on the Interstate.  And then took off.  Luckily, he wasn't going that fast and Patrick was not hurt.  But his bike is not driveable.  So I had to go and pick him up.  

And those of you who have been in car accidents know, they can take for-ev-er (I hope you said that in your mind like the Sandlot).  There are police reports, toe trucks, blah blah blah.  So . . . our date night was fouled only a little bit.  

But we did get to go out to eat.  Patrick said we could go anywhere I wanted.  Where did I choose?  Raising Cane's chicken in Fort Collins.  I know, it's not fancy, but what can I say?  I'm a cheap date and I have been craving it like none other.  Mmmmm Cane's sauce . . .  Plus Patrick had never had it.  He likey.

And speaking of food, I got a portabella sandwich for lunch.  I was mildly disappointed when I found out it wasn't chicken and portabella, but it was freaking bomb!

I had had this outfit in mind for a while now, but as usual, never got around to wearing it.  Well, I got around to wearing it Friday, but I sweated my freaking ass off in it.  We have had highs in the 80's lately.  It should be said that this is unspeakable in Colorado for May.  

As for the rest of my weekend, it started out as a weekend with nothing planned.  But that has quickly changed.  I will explain more about that in a post that actually relates to Saturday. 

Let's just say that it involves my fantastic fiance, shopping until I'm dropping, portable clothing racks, baseball practice and a freshly cut lawn.  That should be enough to keep you in suspense now shouldn't it?

  Yellow Skinny Jeans-Kohl's; Navy Cardigan with Sewn in Black Top-Vera Wang; Black Patent Leather Peep Toe Pumps-Mossimo; Heart Earrings-gifted

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