May 3, 2012



 Any other Babysitter's Club junkies out there?  Ok, well not so much any more, but back in the day I was all about the BSC gang.  And my favorite was Claudia. 

Why do I bring this up?  Well, I couldn't quite pinpoint my "look" today.  I did, however, have many different theories.  

A church mom?  Janis Joplin does office wear?  Dressed up . . . in 1992?  It all worked, but once I thought of "arty", it just kind of stuck.  Thus leading to my thought of the 90's, what I was doing in the 90's which led to me thinking about the Babysitter's Club books. 

So now that you know how random my mind works, let's move on to my hair.  You can barely see it, but my hair is actually trying to be fancy today.  Did anyone else completely marvel at this video by the lovely Kayley of Sidewalk Ready?  I was completely inspired.  I totally bombed this first one--you can't really even tell there's a braid in there and my bun is really high.  But it wasn't a bad first try!

I got this dress a month or so ago at the thrift store.  I was attracted by the small floral print, intrigued by the shear light fabric and then fell head over heels when I saw the back.  But, this is my first time wearing it!

Another thing besides Claudia of the Babysitter's club that this dress reminds me of?  Do you {children of the 90's} remember those 3-D pictures you would have to get "in" to see and focus on some crazy pattern and then suddenly a ship would pop out of no where?  Kind of like that.  

As for the length, I think this one is just about right.  The bottom almost hits my ankle which makes it short enough where you can see the shoes and are not tripping over it, but long enough to not be a midi (not that there's anything wrong with midi skirts).

So tonight Kaden, my oldest son, had his last music program for elementary school.  :-(  I cannot believe he is going to be a middle schooler this fall.  

And because that started at dinner time and ended an hour or so later, we had dinner made.  The kids had McDonald's and Pat and I had Chinese.  This is a win-win for Conner because that kids will eat, does eat and likes to eat anything.  From veggies to fish to different ethnicity foods to fruit to spicy--he will always willingly give it a try.  And he loves Chinese food.  And so do I.  So I shared mine with him.  He is so cool.  

Another new development at my house?  Due to the warm, dry heat we've been having in Colorado, we are experiencing moths.  Moths.  There is really no stopping them, especially when you live in a house with three kids and two neighbor kids that are always over and forget to close the back door after themselves. 

Well with this mild moth problem, my daughter has developed a serious phobia of moths.  I tried to explain to her that they don't and won't hurt her--they don't bite or sting or pinch or anything--but to no avail.  I tried to tell her they were just ugly butterflies.  No luck.  She is freaked the eff out.  

Oh!  Oh!  Also, I am very excited to report that I quit drinking soda almost two months ago and I have lost seven pounds!  Yay!  I am not going to get all diet crazy, but it feels good, which is most important.  I actually crave water now.  

And I am looking forward to an active summer.  I have a goal to get my bike fixed up and go on nightly bike rides in the warm but brisk summer air.  Listening to great music on the IPod and just gallivanting through town?  Oh yes, folks.  Oh yes. 

And tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!  Less we forget that sweet little detail.  This week went by insanely fast.  Which, coincidentally, is just the way (uh huh uh huh) I like it.  (uh huh uh huh)

  Flower Patterned Shear Maxi Dress-thrifted; Beige Blazer-thrifted; Lace Up Sling Back Booties-Nine West, gifted; Necklace-vintage from Grandma; Earrings-Shane Co., gifted; Watch-gifted


  1. I absolutely LOVE this outfit girl. Its so cute. I love the dress with the blazer, great idea (I've seen lots of short dresses with blazers but the long dress never, I love it)
    I'll have to try it sometime.
    So whens the wedding again?

  2. Love the back of that dress and the blazer is beautiful :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!


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