May 13, 2012

Best. Mother's Day. Ever.


First and foremost--to all the mothers out there--all the women who stayed up late rocking their babies to sleep, who sacrifice all their time and health and sleep and happiness for their children.  To the women who appreciate every smile, hang up scribbles on their fridges and give the extra mile even when you feel like doing nothing more than passing out of exhaustion--HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

As for me, I feel so extremely blessed today.  I've had Mother's Days before and as it relates to feeling extremely lucky to have my children, I have always enjoyed them.

But, they haven't always been relaxing.  Some years, I was a single mother.  Some years I might as well have been.  I am not a materialistic person, but I really appreciate when thought is put into gifts.  My first Mother's Day gift from Kaden's biological father was the movie "It" . . . on VHS . . . "gift-wrapped" in a Wal-Mart bag.  And I hate spooky movies.  One year from another ex, I got a vacuum.  Another year I got a plant.  I kill plants.  Another year I got one of those buggy things to pull behind my bike which I actually loved, but my ex would not let me keep after our quasi-divorce.  And, of course, I didn't really get to sleep in or be freed from chores or be pampered in either relationship and certainly not as a single mother.

But this year . . . was absolutely beyond a doubt so not what I am used to on Mother's Day.  It didn't start out that way.  As I said yesterday, I am trying to fight off a cold.  So I was still wide awake at 1, on a Sudafed high.  At three, I woke up to Brielle staring at me.  She had gotten sick.  Everywhere.  I had to get her in shower stat.  And clean up the mess.  In the meantime, I found Conner asleep sitting up on the couch and had to take him back down to bed.  So, I cleaned up Brielle and the mess and went back to bed with her.  A few hours later, I woke up again to the sound of Brielle getting sick again.  Everywhere.   I cleaned her up and cleaned up again and took her back to Pat and I's bed.  Where I woke up with a sore neck because I had to sleep sitting up so I could breath. 

 But, I did end up sleeping in late, took a hot bath and didn't have to lift a finger all day. Not to clean, not to cook, not to prep for the huge BBQ we were hosting at the house.  Patrick really pulled out all the stops.  It was so relaxing and it really made me fall in love with Patrick's thoughtfulness and ability to step the plate alllllll over again. 

And I got the best gift a girl like me could ever ask for.  Patrick had Kaden pick out the cutest card and vase for me, Brielle got me a dozen pink roses and Conner got me a dozen red roses and Patrick got me a big balloon with the words "Queen of Everything" on it.  LOL.  It was so cute.  Not only that, but I got a gift card to Goodwill!  Woop woop!  Patrick really knows what will make me happy!  ;-)

Not only that, but we had an absolute blast hanging out with all our family today.  We had lots of good food (all either bought or prepped by the men), tons of kids running around having a great time and none of the mothers had to lift a finger. 

Having my mom, my sister, my cousin, my future mother-in-law, my future sister-in-law, my future Grandmother-in-law and all the other people that I love around me today really made me so happy.  

My favorite part of the day was watching all the kids run around.  We had nine kids aged 11 to 3 riding bikes, playing Domino's, jumping on the trampoline, playing tetherball, having tea parties and just laughing and snacking and giggling all the live long day.  

I am really lucky to still have my mom with me.  I am so blessed and if I am even a shadow of the mother she is, then I am honored and proud.  My mom has been the glue that has held my family together my entire life.  She is such an amazing mother and Nana.  I am so blessed.  It also didn't hurt to get a gift certificate to Endless Summer tanning either.  ;-)  Thanks Mom!  Love you!

And hanging out with so many other wonderful and inspirational mothers today really gave such a beautiful vibe to the day.  This is exactly why motherhood pays off.  We are a very lucky bunch of ladies to have such lovely children, partners and, of course, each other. 

In all honesty, I could not imagine a better day.  And, as Patrick stated, this is the last Mother's Day I will ever have as a single woman.  I have never had a married mother Mother's Day.  I am stoked to see what's in store for next year.  I love you so much family!  And thank you Patrick for treating me like a queen all day. 

White Button Down Maxi Dress-gifted; Navy Blue Polka Dot Button Up Blouse-INC., thrifted; Red Polka Dot Scarf-vintage; Red Bow Flats-K-Mart; Watch-gifted; Earrings-gifted

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