June 1, 2012



I call this hooded shrug my Queen Victoria jacket because it looks like one of those ruffled collars that queens had back in the day.  It's a little tricky to style, but I love it so. 

Also, take note: I actually did eye make up today and it came out not too shabby if I do say so myself.  Well, I dug it at least. 

I realize that with the hooooooot weather we have been having here in the square state, I probably could have gone without my beloved shrug, but this outfit on its own was a little . . . revealing.  It just felt like it needed an extra layer to take out the Whoa Mama factor. 

Plus, our A/C is all jacked up (yet again) at work.  The top floor of our office is a furnace and the lower floor (where I am) has enough A/C pumping through there to make a skating rink to compensate for said furnace.  So I was only uncomfortably sweltering outside.

I've had a series of strange (well stranger than usual) things happen to me with the general public this week.  I'd like to share them with you.  Tell me if you find them a bit . . . off. 

Kaden and I ordered pizza earlier this week.  The pizza delivery man was an older gentleman.  He demanded that I was not old enough to sign the credit slip because I looked under 18.  I had to show him my ID.  That is something I can honestly say I have never been ID-ed for: pizza.  

Remember earlier this week when I had to go to the Court for a seminar?  If you don't I forgive you.  But nonetheless I did. 

So I'm walking up the doors of the Court house when an older woman on a scooter flagged me down.  "Excuse me!" she shouts whilest waving.  "You look like someone who could help me with something."

Being both a fan of helping the elderly and overtly curious, I asked her what she needed help with.  "My cell phone is in the back pocket of these pants and I can't undo the button.  Can you unbutton it for me?"

I did.  But I can't lie and say it wasn't awkward.  I don't think I've ever spent that much time working on an older woman's backside in public.  And I'm still not sure why she picked me out of the crowd to help her.  But apparently I was the woman for the job.  You're welcome friendly old lady with the ridiculously tight button holed trousers!

Pastel Pink Mini Skirt-thrifted; Heart Printed Thermal-Blu Chic, thrifted; Hooded Shrug-Elle; Nude Peep Toe Pumps-Rampage; "R" Necklace-K-Mart 

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  1. Oh my goodness... I love evrything about this outfit.

    Demure. Classy. Cute. Perfect.



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