May 9, 2011

Where It's At

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All the complaining I have done about longing for spring and bare legs and here I am wearing tights! I was ok with it. For whatever reason, I am always cold and even though it was a gorgeous, sunny day, the A/C was blaring at le office so it worked out.

I got these shorts and top together on a shopping trip with Tina and Ginestra. Ginestra had asked Tina and I to take her shopping. She is a great girl and very cute. She is a t-shirt and jeans girl typically and wanted us to help her step outside her box. It was so much fun. I also scored this Guess bag there that same day. I love shopping trips that end up feeling as productive as it is enjoyable.

Top and shorts-Ross
Bag-Guess for Ross
Earrings and cuff-gifted from mom


  1. i love constrasting colors! cut outs are one of my favorite things about warm weather

  2. Thank you! I wish I had more cutouts :-(

  3. That's such a cute top... and btw, you shop at all my favorite stores! hahaha :D

  4. Thank you Elisa! I know. I was thinking that it was probably best for my bank account that we don't live close enough to go shopping together . . . Oi!

  5. I love that top, the bold print is so fab!

  6. Lyddiegal,

    That is sweet. Thank you so much. I love the print too. I always call it my "zebra" top, but I think I'm just stereotyping cause it's black and white.

  7. Jill,

    I am so pleased that you came by my blog! Thank you. I have to admit, unless it is scorching outside, tights and shorts are always great in my book!


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