May 16, 2011

It's Raining Men

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Even though it was not raining (finally), it was still overcast and gloomy. Even though I just got a load of cute springy/summery clothes, I had no choice but to boot it up today. Turns out, it worked out alright.

I am not a TV person by any stretch of the imagination. I would much prefer to just listen to music. It is a rare occurrence that my television is even on. However, I have a couple of shows that I'll watch. The one that has withstood the hands of time is Jerseylicious. Mmmmmhmmmm. I cannot get enough. It's my thing. And, my luck kept rolling on through the weekend when I discovered that the season premier of Jerseylicious was last night. My girls are back!

Blouse-Express, gifted by Matty
Skirt-BCBG, thrited
Boots-George for Wal-Mart
Earrings and Necklace-Wal-Mart

My ever thoughtful and ever fabulous BFF Matty got me this shirt on my birthday while we were hanging out. He has been begging for me to get a picture of me in it. He chose it for me and I love the color. It is this metallic purple that has hints of burgandy or maroon in the light. Well, Matty, here ya go. Love you!


  1. Love the entire look!Purple is one of my favourite color ,so your shirt is lovely!Well paired with midi printed skirt and cute boots!!!

  2. Thanks, Federica! I am partial to purple as well. It's my daughter's favorite color ;-)

  3. Oh I've watched the Jerseylicious - something about fun bad TV. I think I prefer the Real Housewives of NJ though - they're a little more glam but still completely open to the back talk and beatdowns!

  4. Thanks Lisa! Real Housewives of New York was my #1 pic until Bethenny left. :-( Somehow, it's not the same without her and that Kelli girl drives me crazy! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I think Bethenny is my all-time fave "Housewife." She has foot-in-mouth syndrome, but in a hilarious good way. I agree, Kelli is a wee bit cuckoo!

  6. you look great in purple! <3

  7. OMGosh after that dinner party episode last season? Whoa. I was embarrassed for her.

  8. Wow, thank you Ruby Girl! I am partial to it. It is my daughter's favorite color ;-)

  9. I wanted to quickly thank you for your sweet comment today!

    1. I laughed so hard when I read your comment about some cupcakes costing more than an entire outfit - so true! I'm pretty sure I own several dresses that cost less than a handful of Laudree macarons!

    2. I agree that "following" is pretty creepy, but I don't have any better ideas! Don't worry, there won't be a restraining order unless you show up at my door demanding to borrow some clothes. :)

  10. Erin,

    Thanks so much! I enjoyed your post as well. You're too funny!


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