May 14, 2011

Walk This Way

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Brown Long Sleeved Top-Kohl's

Today was the MS Walk. Pat's mom has MS and his family goes every year. Unfortunately, Patrick couldn't make it because he had drill for the reserves (he is in the Air Force). It sounds kind of dumb to say that I "made" this headband. It was a last minute throw together. In all honesty, it is the bottom half of this t-shirt that I cut up. We all have to start somewhere . . .

After a chilly but good walk with Pat's family, I hit a Perfect Storm in thrifting. It was fantastic because it was so random and off the cuff. The first stop was Savvy Seconds. I was fortunate enough to find this adorable little jumpsuit (yes they are pants!) there. When I went there, everything was $1.

Can you believe the detailing on the back? I was so comfortable wearing this jumpsuit that when I went to the store, I had one of those moments where I found myself in a minor state of alarm wondering if I had forgotten to get dressed. I am going to unveil my other fantastic finds through the week. Hint: it will involve an entire store being half off, fantastic Balinese pieces and SEQUINS. I can't wait!

Sequin beret-Rockin Robins
Earrings and watch-gifted

PS-I know a couple of these pictures are quite fuzzy, but Patrick took pictures for me and he was so cute and helpful, that despite the questionable quality, I am going to add them anyways. It's the thought that counts. ;-) I love you honey!


  1. the orange turban looks great! and i love those white little bows in the back of that long black dress! it looks so lovely!

  2. I really appreciate that. I've been trying to rock a turban for an extraordinary amount of time, but usually my curly mop won't allow it. Also, this is a jumpsuit, which I love because for some reason it feels so much more comfortable than a dress. Unfortunately, I couldn't properly display the pants part because of the never ending drizzle we have here in Colorado. Ugh. Bring on the sunshine already!

  3. WOW,this long dress is so chic!!!Lovely shoes, you look adorable!

  4. Federica,

    Thank you so much! I love your blog as well. This jumpsuit makes me sooooooo happy!


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