May 20, 2011


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Hear ye, hear ye, it is my first Bloggers Do It Better Style Challenge! I could not have been more excited when I saw the theme this go round was Prep School. I had about a million and a half (sometimes a girl just needs a half) ideas going through my head. Some good, some not so good. This is what I came up with. I got puzzled looks from Peggy today (the orange and hot pink combo really flabbergasted her) and a comment from Bob about how Annie Hall-esque my outfit was. No bother, I loved it all day. (Granted, I traded the short skirt and knee highs for khaki pants at work--our casual Fridays are not that casual.)

The first thing I thought of when hearing of this challenge was fabulously painful high school. My high school was incredibly cliquey. Not to say that most high schools aren't, but mine had an actual reputation in Loveland for being the cliquiest high school (we won by default; at the time there were only two high schools) in town. In our school, you were either a prep or a skater. Sure, we had some nerds and "ropers" (i.e. cowboys), but for the most part, you were categorized as one of the former groups. I was definitely a skater. I was one of the Lady Gagas of my school if you will. I was one of the ones in high school where people would wonder what I was gonna show up to school in. It would undoubtedly be some kind of tights or brightly colored fishnets or knee highs of some kind. My junior year, I even kept a calendar of what I wore everyday and never repeated the same outfit all year (thank God they did not have blogs when I was in high school). By the end of the year, things got . . . creative. I'll just come out and say it, I was a freak in high school. A bonafide, awkward, rebellious, uniquely wonderful, colorful, wannabe freak. Aw, memories.

So, to get back to my, ahem, unique roots, I opted for a more punky prep style for this challenge. I opted for bright colors, plaid, metal studded pockets and unsuspected wool knee highs. What can I say? Old habits die hard. Oi Oi Oi!

Plaid top-Mudd
Tie-Romario Manzini, borrowed from Patrick
Skirt-ESPRIT, from Ross
Knee High Socks-Ross
Mary Jane Pumps-K-Mart
Bag-Coach, gifted

PS-This tie is Patrick's, though he wouldn't be caught dead in it. He had to wear it as a best man for a wedding and very willingly gave it to me when he was done. Whatta guy!


  1. I dressed really "uniquely" in hs as well. I dressed very modestly but always work the funkiest stuff. Like a skirt over jeans... or I even made a skirt that has two different colors front and back...

    I was known for wearing colors...which I don't do as much anymore.

    I love your socks, plaid tie and suspenders!

  2. When I saw your name on my blog I thought it was so adorable! Thanks for stopping by ;)
    xo Lynzy

  3. Thank you Annie! I've grown out of a lot of how I was in high school, but sometimes it still sneaks out! ;-)

  4. No problem Lynzy. Thank you for stopping by as well.

  5. Why thank you lady! I love the tie as well and am so glad that my bf in no way shape or form had a problem giving it to me. ;-)

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog to check out my menswear look! I like yours too the socks are my favorite part!

    Live Life in Style

  7. Thank you Shasie! It was so much fun wasn't it?

  8. ah! the tie has such a nice color!!! and it matches perfectly with your shirt!!

  9. I love how you put everything came out real spiffy like! It's so fun! I was always that girl too though, the one people looked at like hmmm I wonder what she's gonna do next. Sometimes I feel like people still wait to see what I will come up with and that's perfectly fine with 'fits are a direct reflection of ME!

  10. Well Miss Rockwell, Thank you kindly! You are one fabulous lady. I agree. Do your own thing--life's too short to worry about what other people are thinking ;-)


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