May 15, 2011

Just One Look

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This song completely memorializes how I felt when I saw this darling little shrug at Hope's Storehouse yesterday. Well, I can't take all the credit for that. A darling worker of the store, I believe his name to be John, picked this little number out for me when he saw me eyeballing another gold, overly sequined, totally gawdy 100% fantastic top minutes earlier. Now how's that for ya? Fashion that comes to you! Mmmmmmmhmmmm.

As I was explaining yesterday, it was a Perfect Storm day for thrifting. Remember that adorable Savvy Seconds store I talked about in my post where I got this amazing jumpsuit for one dollar? And where I got these pants I am wearing today for, again, $1? Well, when I stumbled on Hope's Sorehouse yesterday, I was lucky enough to find that it was the store's birthday. Therefore, all the merchandies, all the merchandise was half off! As John put it, "when it's our birthday, everyone gets a present!" And he was right. Apparently, when Hope's Storehouse has a birthday, I have a little Christmas.

Shrug-thrifted, Limited Too
Striped Top-Aeropostale
Pants-thrifted, Sharagano Paris
Heels-Fioni for Payless
Cuff-gifted by mom ;-)

And yet another attempt at a jump shot. This one was better. And as you can tell, I am staring at the camera practically begging you to answer if it looks alright. Does it? (Say yes. Just spare us both and say yes.) ;-)


  1. OMG, this gold sequined shrug is to die for!!!

  2. Thank you Federica! I love it! It is so soft, I kept petting myself all day. And the best part (other than the $4 pricetag) was that it makes noise when you walk. ;-)

  3. Megg: Another Day to Dress UpMay 16, 2011 at 2:17 PM

    I'm go glad you got your blog up and running! And your pictures are so pretty.


  4. Megg,

    AW! :-D Thank you. You made my day. I will suffer through the perils of the lingering winter/spring with you. Just a few more weeks and we should be out of the snow FINALLY. Take care!

  5. You look so fabulous in the sequined shrug! I cant wait to see how you remix it. Also, yay for sales at thrift stores, because you know, the prices arent cheap enough already. One of our local stores offers coupons and it almost doesnt feel right to get clothing so cheap!

  6. I know! It's almost criminal to get so much or so little. But, i the shrug fits . . .

    Thanks for the comment!


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