May 13, 2011

Blue on Black

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This was actually my post from yesterday, but because of the absence of Blogger (more on that in the next post), I am posting it today instead. So, take a little pretend time machine journey with me.

Today (really yesterday, following me?) started out in the worst possible way. I had a spat with my bff. Which can really send you into a spiraling case of the ickies all day. So, what else is a girl to do but dress like Daria. Maybe it was the moto boots or the overall darkness of my outfit, but all day I felt like making a statement by not making a statement.

This "skirt" is really a dress given to me by a friend. It was her older sister's homecoming dress, actually. On it's own, it is a little dressy, but as a skirt, I think it's pretty cute. I love how freely it flows. The whole outfit was comfortable all day. I felt kind of like I was on my way to a poetry reading or important political rally in it. It was kind of like a "yeah, this is what I'm wearing, don't cuss with me" outfit.

Dress (worn as a skirt)-gifted
Sweater, boots and bracelets-Kohl's
Earrings-made by Tina

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