May 1, 2011


Here are two examples of how I wore my cargo skinnies, which my other pants are getting jealous of . . .


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On this rainy day, we can notice two things with this look. One, we see how uncooperative my hair can be in any humidity. Two, this is an easy breezy run around and do errands on a Sunday look.

I was on an ongoing quest for the perfect chambray shirt for some time when I found this little number right under my nose at Wal-Mart. I have found so many ways to remix it! Disclaimer: this will not be the only time you see this shirt!

Chambray shirt-Wal-Mart; Cargo skinnies-Mudd for Kohl's; Wedges-Sonoma for Kohl's; Belt-unknown; Necklace-Kohl's; Earrings-Wal-Mart; Watch-Patrick's ;-);


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This look I love because it is a little girlier (if you can bypass the huge bulge of my cell in my pocket . . . woopsie). I bought this belt because it was cute and on sale. It was one of those purchases where you don't really know when or where you'll wear the belt. Maybe you won't even wear it, but it's so cheap and so cute, you just can't pass it up. I have found many ways to wear it, but my only complaint is that it fastens with basically a peg and a hole. So every time that I sit down, it pops open.

I got this shirt from a girlfriend a long time ago (read: she left it at my house on accident, it was a while before I saw her again and when I tried to give it back, she said "oh, just keep it! I forgot all about that shirt!", well thank you!). It has this really feminine folding in the front. I think that the bow on the belt and the femininity of the shirt helped add some girliness to the otherwise masculine cargos.

This clutch is one of the best as well, but it is definitely a weekend clutch. What can I say? I carry a lot of shtuff with me during the week. It can fold over to half the size, but also looks really cute not folded as well.

Sunnies-Elle for Kohl's (aka the resurrection shades); Earrings-gifted (and made by) Patrick's five year old niece, Brynn (so cute!); Necklace-Wal-Mart; Bangle-Kohl's; Sweater-Mudd, gifted; Tank-Scusa, gifted; Cargo skinnies-Mudd for Kohl's; Belt-Vera Wang for Kohl's; Sandals-Payless; Bag-Candies for Kohl's


  1. what great looks! i love the chambray shirt paired with the pants, it looks so causal and chic.

  2. Veronika, thank you so much! I felt very casual without being sloppy. I appreciate your feedback!


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