May 13, 2011

Three Days, Three Ways-Addicted

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My Grandma Wagner had a lot of little hobbies and routines. One of said routines was keeping up with her stories of One Life to Live and General Hospital. My sister and I lived with my grandparents for a bit when we were younger. Even we (at 6 and 7) were like "wait, Sarah and Emily are really sisters?" Lord help my Grandpa if he forgot to tape her shows or got it at the wrong time (back in the good ole VHS days). No one understood why my Grandma would flip out if she missed a show one day, but she would just loose it.

I now see a little bit about what my Grandma meant when Blogger was down for a 24 hour period yesterday. I was so lost. "You mean . . . I can't post anything? I can't comment on other blogs? I can't fiddle with my own?" (insert mild hyperventilating). I was so lost! Patrick is in IT and I found myself whining to him like a child "you fix computers, can't you do something about this?!?!?!" After (FINALLY) being able to catch up with other blogs today, I am glad to see that I am not the only one. Do you get that way with certain technology? Where if it has an interruption in availability you have a minor panic attack?

Button down-Gap
Dress and wedges-Kohl's
Watch and earrings-gifted

Aaaaaaaanyways. Today is the 13th which means it's time for another remix up in her! Today I went a different route. I told you that I love all remixes in any fashion, right? Well, after not being sure which "staple" to remix that had not been previously/recently done/mastered by another blogger (much like Tiffany did with the white button down last week), I decided that for this go round, I would simply take all the components of one outfit and mix them around for three different looks. Which do you think looks best?


  1. ahh thank you for the shout-out!! I love the premise of this remix and I think you created three looks that totally work. Personally, I love the third look the most but you rocked 1 and 2 also.

  2. Aw! Thanks Tiffany! I actually went through two of these looks while at work. Lol. And no problem. You did a great job with those remixes lady!

  3. I really like the belted shirt. I think that look is awesome.


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