June 12, 2012

Neon and Flats


I'm participating in two challenges today.  First up, the Summer Fashion Challenge with the ever so lovely Megan of Megan Mae Daily and Keely from Casual Chic Kiki. Today's challenge was flats or platforms. 
And wearing flats is kind of a challenge for me.  While they do offer a comforting break from sky high heels, they also reveal my true size: shorty short.

It's funny when I go to make coffee for the office when I am wearing flats because I get all discombobulated trying to reach for things that I usually can reach . . . in heels.

The other challenge is Neon from Everybody Everywear.  This was quite challenging for me.  I love me some bright colors and funky patterns, but sadly I still don't own any legit neon.  I know.  For shame!

I figured the combo of this uber bright orange blouse and the yellow dip dye on my skirt would suffice.  I'm not sure if it passes, but I did what I could.

Remember me talking about the fire in Colorado yesterday and to not worry because we were safe where we live?

Well, we are still safe but perhaps not as far away as I thought.  The fire is only 5% contained.  I woke up to the smell of campfire all through my house and walked out into what appeared to be thick fog.  Indeed, it was smoke. 

This is not good.  I was reading on the fire today.  It is the third largest in Colorado history!  It has burned up a lot of land and, unfortunately, a lot of homes.

So keep those rain dances, prayers and good thoughts coming because we could really use it.  I love driving to work looking at the mountains, but this morning, you couldn't even see them through all the smoke.

One thing that is great about flats, they certainly make it easier to run around in.  Not for nothing, it certainly is easier to get fun jumping shots in flats than in heels . . .

Also, I have a confession to make.  Publicly.  Last week I had a happy fingers moment and may or may not have bought some shoes off the Payless website (read: I did buy some shoes off the Payless website).

My bestie Chris was giving me a ration of hell for doing so.  He thinks it is much better to spend the money on high quality shoes rather than just buy a bunch of cheapies.  It is not in my nature to spend a lot of money on one pair of shoes.  But it is a valid point.  What do you think--shell out the money on quality shoes or get a bunch of cheapies?

Dip Dye A-Line Skirt-How and Wen, thrifted; Orange Short Sleeved Button Down-Raefella, thrifted; Leopard Flats-Payless; Earrings and Beaded Bangle-Kohl's 

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