June 3, 2012



From the looks of this, I am wearing an all new outfit.  I'm not.  Per se.  You see, my mom bought me this top a loooooooong time ago and I just couldn't find a way to style it right.  Plus, it's more of a weekend top.

Come to find out, I love this top.  It is super cute and I love the embellishments on the tank strap. 

This "wrap skirt" is actually so much more.  It is a shawl-like thing that my sister brought back for me from the Virgin Islands a few years ago.  I love it and it is very versatile.  You can see all the ways that it can be styled here.

But, these sandals . . . are new.  I couldn't pass them up and I am positive that I will wear them all the time.  White and cork?  Just as neutral as they come.

This outfit kind of came together on a whim.  And it ended up being a success.  Especially when I was able to have a quick photo shoot in this gorgeous garden downtown. 

Other than dodging bees at every turn, it was a lot of fun and I loved seeing all the beautiful flowers.

I decided to take the kids out to lunch today and we were trying to come up with something fun to do today.  

What we came up with was going to the Rec Center for some swimming.  And we were there for four hours.  

The kids had an absolute blast.  The boys were off on their own for most of the time going up and down the slide and in and out of the lazy river.  

Meanwhile, Brielle and I hung out.  We were just splashing and swimming and sliding and hot tubbing to our little heart's content.  

Needless to say, we came home pooped.  It's amazing how much swimming and chlorine can take out of you.  Brielle came home and literally put herself to bed.  

An early Sunday night sounds good to me.  I've got to get the kiddos up at the break of dawn to take them to their dad's and then get to work.  At least we had today . . .

  Silk Wrap Skirt/Shawl/Dress-Kariza, gifted; One Shoulder Embellished Top-Susie Rose, gifted; White Cork Sandals-Madden Girl; Earrings-gifted; Elephant Cuff-vintage

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