June 14, 2012



 Another day, another fashion challenge.  Today's Summer Fashion Challenge with the ever so lovely Megan of Megan Mae Daily and Keely from Casual Chic Kiki was Bright or Printed Bottoms.  Naturally, I went with both. 

I haven't worn this skirt in a grip (yes, I just said "a grip").  I bought it some time after loosing the baby weight with Kaden (yeah . . . he's eleven now).  I loved its ease and fun gel-like polka dots and tye dye color.  I also liked the side slit.  

Let's side step momentarily to talk about this necklace.  It's important.  I saw a blog post on it by Natasha of One Woman's Style Evolution.  It is the Empowerment Circle of Support Necklace from Avon.

Not much of a big deal accessory-wise but here's the sitch.  It is only $5, but all the proceeds go toward helping victims of domestic violence.  And, as you might recall, that is an issue that I genuinely support on a personal level.

I don't normally push to buy certain things, but for real.  It is $5.  And if we all got one, that could be some serious cash for a serious cause.  Just something to put in your back pocket . . .

Moving on.  These are (again) some of my new Payless splurge.  They are every bit as comfortable as they are adorable.  I loved the color and the cork wedge heel.  Height without pain is a good thing.

If I look incredibly awkward in these photos, it's because there were approximately 45128 people who decided to take their dogs to this particular park today.  And while I have grown in my public photo taking quite a bit, it still gets me uneasy to smile like a goon in front of perfect strangers.

Also, I realize that I am in serious need of a haircut, but I am trying to hold out until I get the consultation for my stylist for my wedding in a month.  So, just bare with me and my raggedy hair until then mmmkay?

It started trying to sprinkle rain tonight which is a wonderful thing considering that fire is still burning up north.  I seriously hope that it gets contained with the quickness.  It is so sad.  And smoky. 

In other news, Kaden had another baseball game tonight and they won again!!!  Woop woop!  They are currently 5 and 1.  Not too shabby friends. 

White Tie Waist Button Up Blouse-Charter Town, thrifted; Tye Dye Floral Polka Dot Skirt-Xhiliration (old); Woven Cork Wedge Sandals-Payless; Earrings-Shane Co.; Necklace-Avon; Watch-gifted; Bracelet-vintage from mom

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