June 23, 2012

Scarf Shirt


Holy hell ladies.  It was 104 degrees outside today.  Seriously.  I remember a time when I was like "90's!  Yay!"  Man 14 degrees makes a difference.  It is after 9 right now and still 88 degrees.

Today was so much fun.  It was my niece's birthday party.  My sister had set up the pool and we were splashing around for the afternoon.  But even in the pool, it was freaking hoooooot.

So hot, in fact, that we came back from the party, I went downstairs to do the laundry and passed out on the couch for two hours.  Woops . . . 

Luckily, while I slept, Patrick and the kids were busy setting up our new pool.  12 feet wide and 4 feet deep.  I cannot wait to try that baby out.

I feel like I am the last blogger ever to wear the scarf as a top.  Normally, I wouldn't do this.  I don't know how but I forgot to add my insecurity about my chest on this post.  

It seems kind of silly, I know but the curse of being born with a small frame means having no chest whatsoever.  I normally feel completely insecure wearing halter tops, spaghetti straps and anything strapless.

But today, I was too damn hot to care.  And, the silkiness of the scarf was so breathable that I couldn't pass it up. 

 Most other bloggers can pull off the scarf as a top in a bandana fashion.  That wasn't working for me.  I went for the halter.  And it worked out nicely because it gave me a bit more billowyness in the front.  

Some time between getting dressed and going to the party, I found myself at my wedding venue to take my blog pictures.  

I am so excited for our wedding.  And I am so fortunate to have our venue a 10 minute drive away with no restrictions about visitation.  

Because it is a historical site, the gates are always open to the public and it is usually completely vacant.  Just how I like it. 

And it makes me so stoked because I had never known about this place.  We found it and booked it back in the winter when the statues and water fountain were covered in plastic.  There were no flowers or plant life. 

But the inside of the house is gorgeous and we looked at pictures of what it looked like when all the flowers were in full bloom.  It has the perfect little vintagey, homey, naturally gorgeous feel that I was hoping for.  And it makes me so happy to be able to come and check in on it whenever I have the time.  And whenever I am not dead to the world from the intense heat. 

  Floral Polka Dot Scarf (worn as a top)-thrifted; Highlighter Yellow Skinnies-Kohl's; Striped Peep Toe Wedges-American Eagle; Earrings-gifted

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