June 22, 2012

A Gypsy Christmas in June . . . And a Funeral


 My boys each have a guinea pig, Gravity is Kaden's and River is Conner's.  Last night I went to check on their food and water.  I can't tell which one is which, but the boys can.  When I was filling their water bottle, one of them looked a little . . . not so hot.

Needless to say, it wasn't too shocking when I went to wake Kaden up this morning to find that same one laying limply on the little wood chips.  Uh oh.  Kaden had never had a pet die before.  He is very sensitive and an avid animal lover.

 It was Gravity.  Poor Gravity.  And poor Kaden.  But, for a guinea pig, he had a good, long life.  I hope River can cope.  Funeral processions will commence in the back yard later this evening.  It will be a closed shoebox service.

 Onto brighter news--I finally get to see my younger kiddos tonight!  They have been at their dad's house for the past eleven days and I have missed them like crazy.

And on shinier news--this shell tank.  Girl.  Last month when I was thrifting, there was a girl there gearing up for an 80's party.  I watched as she and her husband picked this up and scoffed at its Christmasy nature.

Naturally, they saw a hideous time capsule from the 80's and I saw a shiny beacon of glory.  I watched them with intensity as they put it back on the rack.  There it sat, all sad and demoralized until I flew to it like a gazelle to save it.

It is reversible.  It is red and green on one side and silver and gold on the other.  I imagine some ballsy secretary wearing it under her shoulder padded blazer to the office Christmas party with bright blue eye shadow.

I don't know why I love this tank, but I surely do.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I paid $2.50 for essentially four tops because it is reversible and you can wear whichever color you want in the front and back.  So each "top" was 75 cents.

I threw the scarf on last minute to add some funk.  Because as we all know by now--I am attracted to funk as much as I am attracted to shiny things.  I initially was going to go for a turban-esque look, but I kinda liked the bohemian disco hippy vibe of the long tails in the back.

And, naturally, everyone at work had to ask me if I was meeting up with gypsys later.  No, I replied.  Just three amazing kids.  And a dead guinea pig.  You know, the ush.

We just came from Kaden's baseball game.  They lost, darn it.  Now the kids are painting headstones for Gravity's grave.  The boys are taking it pretty hard. 

But, they have friends staying the night, we ordered pizza and we get to go to Anya's birthday party tomorrow. 

So, I think they will be fine.  That's the thing about life--it goes on.  Obladeeobladah you know.

I hope everyone's Friday rocked.  After a pretty rocky start, mine's turning out to be a pretty good one if I do say so myself. 

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