June 25, 2012

Smokin Hot (not to be confused with HAWT)


You see that smokey, hazy horizon behind me?  That would be what used to be the mountains.  It is so sad.  There are now 8 fires blazing through the state.  The biggest one (High Park) has already taken 248 homes and it is not even 50% contained.

The tragedy of what people are going through really puts things into perspective.  Over 16,000 people have been evacuated from there homes (including my mom's boyfriend near Colorado Springs) and a fraction of that don't even have a home to go back to.

I started to think about this.  If my house was to be evacuated (it won't, don't worry, I do live in the "city" <---if Colorado actually had real cities), what would I take with me?  What would I deem important enough to never want to lose?  It is really heartbreaking. 

But enough of Debbie Downer (though please don't take this as downplaying my sensitivity to the issue at hand).  On to the outfit.  I have accumulated I don't know how many fashion magazines I have sitting around my house.  This weekend, I finally put them to good use by cutting out some "I could do that" styles and making them my own.  The above is the inspiration for today.  Below was the inspiration from yesterday.  Woops . . .

I didn't have a pretty coral tank, but I did have this floral/tribal-y tunic.  I love the beaded collar, though it is a little loose on me.  (read: sorry about the bra straps in some of these.)

Also, yesterday I wore some super cute striped wedges.  I loved them.  They were so comfortable.  Or so I thought because 45 minutes after putting them on . . .

I found myself writhing in pain from a massive blister on my heel.  Hence, the camouflage bandage on my foot.  Guess it's only backless shoes for me for a while.  #sad face 

Not that that is going to be very hard to do given that it was 110 degrees today.  One hundred and ten degrees!!!  And the forecast for the week?  100, 101, 95, 98 . . .

We did get a thunderstorm last night.  It was like a miracle!  I actually went out and danced in the rain.  We have so desperately needed the rain and it has been nothing but a hot, dry mess in the square state.   This is why I didn't blog yesterday.  I spent the majority of the weekend in as little clothing as possible.  Swimsuits and pool time were in order.  STAT.

Unfortunately, Colorado is a big tease.  After reading status update after status update on the old Book of Faces praising the rain and praying for it to continue, it was gone as quickly as it had come.  

The only thing that would make Coloradoans happier than MMJ shops at this point is some rain.  Like days and days of non-stop pouring rain.  I read other blogs that are aggravated by the rain in their neck of the woods and I just cry a little. 

Not that I don't understand.  Taking blog photos in the rain sucks.  It makes for frizzy hair, bad photo quality and raindrop soaked outfits.  But God bless it all, I'd take it.  It'd take it for days without a hesitation or sadness about not blogging at all for just a bit of rain.   

  Floral/Tribal Print Tunic with Beaded Collar-Kohl's; Mullet Skirt with Woven Belt-Rue21; Black Strappy Sandals-Payless (old); Elephant Cuff-vintage; Earrings-Kohl's

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