June 5, 2012



Other fun, possible names for this post include:

Roast a Pig and Eat a Pineapple.  When I walked into work this morning, Dawn says "you make me want to roast a pig and eat a pineapple."  I said I accepted that.

Tagless.  This outfit cost me personally $9.  My cousin made me these earrings and my mom gave me these heels.  I recently thrifted this awesome shirt which I can only assume was homemade given the material and lack of tag.  The pants are also thrifted and came without tags, but they are def well made.  In fact, the most expensive thing (to me at least) that I am wearing is this cuff I got on my vacation last year to the Four Corners.  It was $5. 

Neon Me . . . When You're Not Strong.  It just came to me looking in the mirror earlier.  What?  Sometimes I sing R&B oldies to myself when I look in the mirror.  Problem?

Margaritaville.  I wanted a margarita all day wearing this.  All.  Day. 

(You'll be happy to know that I did  have the opportunity to have a margarita earlier.  My mom and I went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant today.  And the boss is still in Europe.  As Bob used to say, "when the boss is away . . . Fuck it!  The boss is away!"  But I passed.  Mostly because I am a wuss.  And a lightweight.  And one of those would have done me in for the entire day.)

And don't forget, Tuesday is Hawaiian shirt day.  Hello!  Office Space!  (This one was my favorite.)

Honeymood.  As in, the last time I went thrifting I noticed I was in a very Honeymoon-y kind of mood.  We should not discuss at this juncture the amount of linen pants that were purchased on this trip.

And speaking of honeymoons, Patrick and I are still trying to figure out where we are going to go.  We are trying to stay within a budget, but we def want tropical.  We have to also keep in mind that we are getting married in September and that is hurricane season for a lot of islands.

So far, we've contemplated and looked into Bora Bora and Fiji.  Expensive.  We could do the U.S.V.I.  My uncle is a scuba instructor there.  We could also do Jamaica.  My mom has hook-ups there (for lodging, people.  For lodging.).  Our most recent contender is Barbados.  

I'm new to this.  Does anyone have any suggestions of where we could go honeymooning?  Somewhere nice, secluded, gorgeous, sandy, sunny and budget friendly?  Frankly I'm not picky (Patrick's the picky one on this), I just want sun, sand, surf and (currently) a margarita to match my top.

Neon Floral Shear Button Up-unknown and thrifted; White Pleated Trousers-unknown and thrifted; Orange and Gold Peep Toe Pumps-Nine West, gifted; Beaded Cuff-souvenir from Four Corners; Earrings-DIY and gifted

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  1. Love your bright shirt. The pants look great with it. Lovely shoes too. Cute, cute bracelet.


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