June 4, 2011

Fair Warning . . .

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Fair Warning #1:  This post is intense on the photos

This is the outfit that I wore today.  I adore this shirt.  When I picked it up off of the rack at Ross's, I knew that it was not something that I would typically pick out.  Although, it is one of my favorite tops.  It has a great, earthy, artistic pattern and has jewels!  I love the dolman sleeves and the cut is super comfy, yet chic. 

Denim Mini-unknown
Cowboy Boots-Rockin Robins
Cuff, Sunnies and Earrings-Kohl's

My sister recently returned from the US Virgin Islands.  (Brat!)  Our Uncle Sam is a scuba diving instructor down there.  She brought me back this amazing wrap.  It is by Kariza Designs and it comes looking like an apron.  It has two layers of fabric and a strap.  That's it.  So simple.  Yet, it can be worn literally 1,000 ways.  It came with instructions, so I tested them out.  Most of the ways are cute dresses and skirts.  There are some shirts and suit covers.  Fair warning #2: You may or may not see my booty in some of these, but have no fear, I wore a swimsuit underneath (which didn't bode well during some of the dress shots, but I did not have the time or patience to keep adjusting the suit and figure out how to get these designs to work).

Toooooooold ya!  My apologies.  I did the best I could . . .

Yikes.  This girl needs a tan and a workout.  Stat. 

My sister is going to be so proud of me!  We literally played with this for over an hour trying all the different ways to wear this.  What we ultimately decided was that this was perfect for the summer, any way you shape it!  Don't you just need one now????


  1. How interesting -- that apron dress is sooo versatile. I love the one-shoulder versions.

  2. Thank you Natalie! I do too. I would like to try them without the swimsuit underneath (well most of them) ;-) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow! That wrap is amazing!!! It's great that you have so many different ways to wear that wrap and the colors are perfect for the Spring/Summer. And I love your top in your first photos!

    Live Life in Style

  4. What a fun wrap! I love the color! And you are right your sister is a total brat for going to the VI.

  5. Thank you Shasie! I fell in love with this wrap the minute my sister gave it to me and even more so when I figured out how to do it up!

  6. Thanks and yes, she totally is! She just went to Australia last year! Her two toddler daughters have been on more vacations in their lives than I have!


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