June 28, 2012

That Was Better


Rain.  Glorious rain!  We've had a few patches of sprinkles here and there, but nothing significant.  And they were often accompanied by thunder and lightning, causing more fires (isn't that crazy ironic that the one thing that could help put out the fires--rain storms--actually started more fires???).  But today it poured for about an hour or more.  Halleluiah! 

This was my 'zine-spiration for today.  I couldn't pull off the scarf (I almost melted in just the cardigan), but I had the rest of the stuff in my closet to pull off something similar (including a cardigan with elbow patches!).

After Nakita's little stunt with the trash yesterday, my wonderful handyman ended up screwing the trashcan to the wall so it could not be tipped over anymore.  I came home to find that she had tried to get into the trash yet again, but was defeated by Patrick's brilliant plan.  Take some!

Tonight I came home from picking up Kaden after work to . . . nothing.  Not a damn thing.  No baseball, no tutoring, no running around.  It is blissful.  

Because I had a spare minute between picking Kaden up from a field trip and getting off of work, I decided to stop into Goodwill.  

I didn't get much (I was good), but I did score on a few really cute shirts!  I am pretty stoked about it.  But then again, when am I not stoked for new clothes?

Speaking of stoked, tomorrow is Friday!!!  Which is not only the end of the work week (can I get an amen??), but also means I get to pick up my younger two kiddos after work.

Aaaand I get to watch my nieces this weekend because . . . today is my sister's birthday!!!!  Happy birthday Peeps!

  Cobalt Blue Shift Dress with Embellished Bust and Pockets-thrifted; Cardigan with Elbow Patches-Target; Platform Loafers-Bandolino, gifted; Earrings-DIY and gifted

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