June 20, 2012

Imelda Marcos


We'll get to the title in a minute.  But first I have to warn you.  There is an excess of pictures in this post.  For no particular reason other than I took my pictures before Kaden's baseball game but then remembered that he was playing at a gorgeous park and wanted to take pictures there too.

Also, today is Coral and Mint day for Bloggers Do It Better-a great little series by the lovely Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly (she just got married!!!!!).

Anyway, back to the title of this post.  So yesterday I wore my new orange sandals right?  Well Daryl totally noticed.

"Nice shoes!" he says "I haven't seen those before have I?"  *I am unable to lie to save my life (btw I have been trying to keep it on the D.L. that I bought shoes since, you know, I'm not supposed to be shopping)* "No, they're new," I respond.

"Jeez you have a lot of shoes," he responds.  "A regular Imelda Marcos aren't ya?"  Seeing my confused face, he adds "you're too young for that aren't you?"

Obviously, I am.  So I did what any "youngin" my age would do.  I Googled the shit out of Imelda Marcos.

Prepare for a history lesson.  So, in case you are in the dark like I am, Imelda Marcos was the wife of a dictator in the Philippines. 

And she owned over 3,000 pairs of shoes.  3,000 pairs of shoes!!!!!  So I did some math and in order for her to wear every pair of her shoes once in a year, she would have to wear eight different pairs of shoes a day.  Eight. Different shoes.  Everyday.

There is currently a shoe museum with like 1,200 pairs of her shoes in it.  Why?  Well, allegedly she used money to buy all these crazy shoes while the country was living in poverty.  So the government took them back and put them in a museum.

So, basically I hope Daryl was making the reference solely based on shoe consumption.  But even I think that is waaaaaaay too many shoes. 

Just so we're on the level, though, I came clean to Patrick about the shoes.  Last night.  After he came clean to me about buying some kind of workout video program or something.  Tit for tat.

And we got on that subject because I recently read that the couples that are most compatible are the ones that have the same spending habits. 

They say that because the biggest thing that couples fight about is money, it is good when couples are on the same wavelengths about spending.  If one is frugal, the other should be frugal.  If one is spendy, the other should be spendy. 

The good thing about Patrick and I is that we are a good compliment to each other in the spending arena . . . but we both have a liiiiiittle problem with spending restraint sometimes.

On another note, my unintended theme for this week is apparently making casual work for work.  For example, today I am in a tee and jeans in essence.  But add heels and a vintage crocheted tunic and you're ready for the office!

True, this is probably more of a Friday outfit than Wednesday, but hey it works.  Most people think that colored denim is kind of if-y and intimidating.  Me though?  I consider them fun trousers.  And BDIB challenges always call for some fun.  And new shoes.  ;-)

  White Tee-Faded Glory; Mint Skinnies-Kohl's; Crocheted Tank-vintage; Coral Suede Sandals-Payless; Bracelet-DIY and gifted; Necklace-Empowerment Circle of Support from Avon; Earrings-gifted

Bloggers Do It Better

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