June 15, 2012

Nature vs. Blogger


I just thrifted this dress a few days ago when I found my cousin's bridesmaid dress (yay!).  And I loved it.  And I couldn't wait to wear it (read: I didn't wait to wear it and threw it on the second I came home).  And come hell or high water, I was gonna get pictures.

Not only is it perfection on its face with all its peachy sheer beauty, perfect fit, amazing length and oh so soft and airy fabric, but it totally fit in with the Pastels or Neon challenge I am participating in for the Summer Fashion Challenge with the ever so lovely Megan of Megan Mae Daily and Keely from Casual Chic Kiki. We did "neon" earlier this week for EBEW, so its only fair that I give pastels a go.

Well it almost took hell and/or high water to get these pictures.  I had this perfect idea to leisurely take my photos after work at the perfect spot to really showcase what this dress can do. 

Unfortunately, nature had other plans.  While I was on my lunch break, it started raining.  Oh hellnaw.  I could not let this happen.  We have a gigundo fire going on up north.  So far it has burned something crazy like 52,000 acres of land.  Rain is very good for the fire.  But not for OOTD pictures.

So I busted my hump to find a spot, any spot to take my pictures in. Unfortunately that entailed having to pay for my parking (only $1.25 but still . . . ) and being the spectacle of half of freaking Boulder in this very popular (and populated) park by the high school. 

It is safe and fair to say that this park houses everyone from the homeless to the snobby collegiate who is "so above clothes" to the elderly to the hippie to the dog walker.  And all of them have something to say. 

Whatevs.   I've got shit to do.  And, it was quite breezy.  Again, this is horrible for the fire up north.  And I want the fire to go out more than anything.  It is a serious situation and I am very sympathetic to those that have lost their homes.  Not only that, but I grew up in that area.  Where the fire is burning currently housed thousands of drunken camping trips from high school and beyond. 

However, (trying to make lemonade out of lemons here), the wind was very good for my dress because it is so flowy and moves beautifully in the wind. 

And as every style blogger knows, it can rain on your parade but when you are wearing a flowy twirly skirt or dress, breeze is a win-wind.  (Sometimes I could make myself puke with all the useless puns I come up with.  #shameless)

Tonight I am headin' down to the big city (read: just Denver, but it's the closest thing we got) for a fashion networking event.  I'm pretty darn excited.  Can't wait to meet local designers and hang out with the cuz.  Not a bad way to start the weekend. 

Peach Sheer Maxi Dress-unknown and thrifted; Denim Jacket-Lee; White and Cork Sandals-Madden Girl; Necklace-Empowering Circle of Support from Avon; Beaded Bracelet-souvenir from Four Corners; Earrings-Shane Co., gifted  

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