June 4, 2012


This post has NOTHING to do with this song.  But it came on my IPod in the car today and I found myself mid-song singing every word with the radio blasted, much to the entertainment of passers by. 

Y'all are about to find out three things about my personality: 1) how much of a wuss I am, b) how dedicated I can be and 3) how obsessed I am with S.O.A.

I know I've been talking about Sons of Anarchy a bit on this blog for the last week or so.  I know those of you who are not into the show could care less and I get that. 

As I've mentioned, I am not a TV person.  But, this show has me hooked.  For those that have seen the show, no spoilers please.  For those of you who are in the works of seeing the show, don't read on.  I'm about to talk about the show.  Don't want to spoil it for you. 

You see, typically I am not an action watcher.  I will take my girly rom-coms and otherwise funny, feel-good flicks thankyouverymuch.  But between Jax (HELLO!!) and the plot, I just can't turn away. 

The reason that I am typically not a drama-lover is because I get too emotionally invested with the storyline and the characters.  You don't even want to know how many nights I lay awake after watching John Q. . . .

And I am a total freak.  Basically.  I mean, I know that this is Hollywood.  When people die in the movies/tv shows, they don't really die.  In fact, they are alive and well in most cases. But it's my commitment to the story and my engrossment with compassion for the characters that keeps me at my wits end. 

So we are at the part in S.O.A. where Donna was shot when they thought it was Opie.  I was already on edge thinking Opie was gonna get the bullet, but I was not prepared for this.  They have two kids!  What is Opie going to tell his kids?  Will he retaliate?  I am so mad at Clay for making this happen when Opie wasn't even the rat!  Aaaaaand all this after Donna was trying to make an honest life for her family.  They were just starting to be on the mend with each other.  How horrible must Opie feel???

This stupid part of the show literally kept me up all night with effed up dreams.  I couldn't fall asleep, I couldn't stay asleep and all day all I keep picturing is the last ten minutes of the show. 

See?  Total freakshow.  I don't know what my problem is with it.  It's just too much for me especially when it involves kids and families.  

But, will this stop me from continuing?  Nay.  Once I start something, I finish it.  There's no turning back now.  I can only hope that tonight's episode is a bit calmer.  And has more of Jax.  Preferably shirtless.  Because that seems to make it better in the end.  

  Navy Polka Dot Button Up Blouse-INC, thrifted; Striped Silk A-Line Skirt with Pockets-Halston III, thrifted; White Cork Sandals-Madden Girl; Watch and Earrings-gifted


  1. Love your outfit. The skirt is so pretty. It looks so "American", casual and chic.

  2. love this ensemble especially the pop of the white shoe!



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