June 7, 2012

Busted Flat in Baton Rouge


I heart Janis Joplin.  While it is hard for me to pick a favorite song of hers, if I had to, it would absolutely be Bobby McGee.  It reminds me of my little brother.  

Two things about the photos.  One--I forgot to change the setting on my camera so they are totally grainy.  But, because the look was retro, I feel it kind of gave it the old school vibe that I was seeking anyhow. 

Two--I am not a fan of humidity.  Colorado is a very dry state.  So dry in fact, that we are thisclose to being categorized as a desert.  One reason that I don't like humidity?  My hair went from fab to frizz in about .2 seconds this morning.  Lame. 

This dress has not gotten the bloggy justice it deserves.  I thrifted it, naturally.  It has a great little paisley floral print and the fabric is so light and airy--perfect for a hot, humid, sticky day. 

And I also paired it with my recent new fave shoes.  I have seen many bloggers sporting an expensive version of this shoe and died a little inside when I knew I wouldn't be able to shell out the big bucks for 'em.  But lo and behold, Marshall's had these babies.  On clearance.  In my size.  Sha-zam!

Another thing I liked about my outfit today was the fact that nearly everything I am wearing is vintage.  I swear I missed my era.  While I dug my nineties and, as a history lover, find many other decades fascinating, the 60-70's era was definitely for me. I'm a flower power tree hugging make love not war hippie at heart.  Always have been.  Always will be. 

It's hard to tell in the photo below (ah, so this whole getting good close ups thing is why most people let others take blog pictures for them), but I re-fastened an old choker of my Grandmother's into a bracelet today.  I loved the dangle effect of the chain that hung down all day.  

As for my day, meh.  It was ok.  Dawn and I busted our humps at work and decided to treat ourselves to some Indian food for lunch.  It was yummo.  Thanks girl!

Then, I got an, ahem, unpleasant visit.  *TMI warning* I have had the worst lady issues all my life and every month I get sooooo sick with cramps.  When I was younger, I would actually have to go home from school because they would make me throw up and faint.  It is a bit tamer now, but it creeps up now and again.  Today, it crept up.  I left work an hour early to go lay down for a bit.

But the resting didn't last long because (story of my life) Kaden had another baseball game.  Great news though.  They kicked ass yet again!  They are currently undefeated.  Woop woop!

And because I have been too sickly to eat dinner and because Patrick is the best man in the universe, I am awaiting the arrival of a chocolate milkshake as we speak.  God I love that man. 

This photo above almost got axe, but I kept it because I look sooooo much like my mom in it.  I look a lot like my mom in general, but I swear this looks like a straight up younger Jody.  Well, with her hair straightened of course.  And I take it as a compliment because my mom is the prettiest woman on the planet.  Love you mom!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a milkshake, my man and an episode of S.O.A. to indulge in.  And all I have to say is after the last episode we watched, there better be some justice served for Gemma.  Watch out now!

  Leather Vest-vintage; Paisley Floral Silk Shirtdress-Mossimo, thrifted; Two Tone Cap Toe Heels-Franco Starco; Necklace worn as a Necklace-vintage from Grandma; Necklace worn as a Bracelet-vintage from Grandma; Earrings-Kohl's

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