June 8, 2012



As my Grandmother used to say, it was hotter than the hinges on the gates of hell outside today.  Seriously, it was almost 100 degrees. 

Today I had the following obligations to uphold: work, cleaning out the filing room, meet with the boys' Kumon instructor and then go to a baseball game.  

So it had to be something that was work appropriate, stylish, mom-appropriate and able to uphold a lot of running around.  

It passed.  And I was especially pleased because this is the first time I'd worn this eyelet midi skirt.  It was a dream to wear.  Simple with coverage.

And it just so happened, this outfit went wonderfully with my favorite platform saddle oxfords.  Or as I like to lovingly refer to them as: my stripper sock hop booties. 

In between the meeting with the Kumon instructor and heading back to work, I stopped at this little railroad tunnel thingy for pictures.  (Obvi.)

It was perfectly deserted with photo ops galore.  Unfortunately, gravel and train tracks are a lot harder to maneuver around in wearing said stripper sock hop booties.   

Ain't no thang.  I got 'er handled.  And finished all I need to at work and headed up to Loveland to pick up the youngsters.  

Getting my kids back is great.  We feel so whole when all the kids are together.  Conner and Kaden have grown especially close these past few months and it is just magical to see the two brothers together.

 Then, it was off to the baseball game (after a quick wardrobe change, of course).  The game was at a field in Lyons that we had never been to before.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  A big park, gorgeous river where we dipped our feet in and a good ole fashion concession stand.

Unfortunately, tonight the undefeated became the defeated.  Kaden's team--the Royals--lost by one point in the very last inning tonight.  But it was a great game--neck and neck to the end. 

And, there are no other games this weekend.  Kinda sad, but the freedom in scheduling is a nice change of pace.

This is not to say, however, that we will be bored.  We still have plenty on the agenda, don't you worry about that.  In the meantime, I enjoyed quite a nice little Friday and I hope you did too!

  Purple Silk Colorblock Blouse-Worthington, thrifted; Black Eyelet Midi Skirt-Helene Sidel, thrifted; Saddle Platform Oxfords-Charlotte Russe; "R" Necklace-K-Mart; Earrings-who knows???; Watch-gifted

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