August 30, 2013

Dear Frannie Fridays--Favorite Movie Clips

I love this scene from 25th Hour.  Everyone has one of these days . . .

Ok, it's not a movie, but this is by far one of my favorite SATC scenes.  It says so much about friendship, good movies, cosmos and relationships . . . and curly hair.

As someone in the legal field with a slight obsession with fashion (obvi), this is a classic favorite of mine.

One of my all time favorite movies (although legally completely inaccurate) and one of my favorite scenes therein:

Julie and Julia.  Meryl Streep.  Food.  Blogger.  Is there anything else I should love about this movie?  And this adorable clip?

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Dress-gifted by my sister; Belt-Kohl's; Alligator Print Kitten Heels-Alfani, gifted; Watch-gifted; Earrings-gifted; Sunglasses-a shop in the mall
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August 29, 2013

Thursday Mixer--Gold Vintage Elephant Belt

You know those items that you love and could never part with but hardly ever get to wear?  That's my gold chain elephant belt.

Elephants are my absolute favorite animal.  My Grandmother started a collection for me when I was a baby and I've always loved them.  I bought this belt at my favorite consignment shop, Rockin Robin's, two years ago for $20.  That makes the current price per wear only $5.  Still a steal, though, if you ask me.

Top Left to Right-1, Now
Bottom Left to Right-1, 2

The thing is that it is too big to fit through belt loops, which is problematic.  And there is a chain that hangs down so it makes it kind of hard to style sometimes.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Call me a freak, but it was only recently that I realized that Monday is Labor Day.  Which is awesome!  But it is making this week drag on for sooooooo freaking long.

Do I have plans?  If you count trying to pack a house while simultaneously trying to find something fun to do with the kiddos who get to be with me this year--then yes.  Yes, I have plans coming out of my ears.

Pencil Skirt-gifted; Mustard Blouse-Elle; Elephant Chain Gold Belt-vintage; Leopard Print Heels-Target; Watch and Earrings-gifted

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August 28, 2013

Crime and Punishment

 One thing that Patrick and I try to instill in the kids is a value for and appreciation of education.  We take the kids' schooling very seriously.  And college?  That's an expectation for us.  Right, wrong or indifferent, we believe it to be important.

 A little back story on Kaden is necessary here.  I've been told since Kaden was in kindergarten that he has AD/HD.  Now while I am not against doctors or medicine per se, I wanted to avoid the pills as much as possible.  I had hoped he was just an active kid and he would grow out of it.

 He didn't.  I have literally tried everything with this kid.  When he was younger, I had his teachers send progress reports home everyday on how he behaved and what homework he had.  When he got older, I put him into Kumon, a tutoring center for reading and math.  Finally, a year or so ago, I decided to find a doctor I trusted and try the pill route.

 Kaden is no longer on the pills.  It was so confusing.  It was like the dosage was too low to make an impact on his education but so high that he was having trouble sleeping and got headaches.  We took him out of Kumon after two years because we thought he might be getting overwhelmed.  We've tried taking things away for bad grades.  We've tried rewarding him for good grades.  We have literally tried everything.

 So this last year was his first year of middle school.  He didn't do too bad, but there were ups and downs and he was required to take summer school as a result.  Of course, that costs money and headache to get him to and from (it was 9-11 every weekday).  He had to take two classes.  And he failed one of them.

 At our wit's end, we decided to try something new.  This summer, Kaden had to earn his playtime.  He is 12, so he's old enough to stay home alone during the summer time.  We would make a detailed list of chores for him to do during the day, complete with an extra box to check when he was done, when he double checked his work and when he was sure it was perfect.  And these were not easy chores.  We're talking clean behind the fridge and cleaning walls and stuff.

 Kaden was not allowed to play with friends this summer until his chores were completed and 100% satisfactory.  Some days he did it, some days he didn't.  But the point was for us to try to teach him that in life, you have to earn your right to play.  You have to work hard to play hard.  It was pretty difficult for me to stick with it.  I mean, I hated when he didn't earn his free time and was all mopey around the house.  But I kept my eye on the prize and stuck with it.

 Well, our house got completely cleaned inside and out this summer.  And at the risk of being overly optimistic, it seems to have had an effect.  Kaden has been a lot more organized this year, hasn't seemed to miss any assignments and has even read a whole chapter book of his choice (this is HUGE for him)!  Needless to say, he was way more excited to be back at school this year than ever before.

Pink Polka Dot Dress-Rue21, gifted by my sister; Lace Capri Leggings-Macy's I think?  They are super old; Shoes-vintage; Sunnies-Target; Butterfly Bracelet-vintage from Mom; Earrings-Wal-Mart

August 27, 2013

Share the Covers--Word Up

The totally rad original by Cameo . . .

And the kick ass cover by Korn . . .

You guys.  I know you've heard about it to death.  And I am not one for constant gossip about celebrities.  Seriously.  I never watch award shows.  I didn't even know which ever Kardashian just had her baby was pregnant.  I just don't care.  But after all the hype, I just had to see what debauchery Miley had caused last night.  Hoooooooly.   There are no words.

So I spent my evening catching up with VMAs of old and came up with some that may make Miley feel a smidge better.  Although, any of these look tame compared to . . . whatever I saw earlier.

Remember Brittany (god bless her) in 2007?  Everyone freaked out about this performance and while, granted, it wasn't her sparkliest of shows, it looks great now . . . 

Or while we're on the subject of my favorite pop princess, do you remember the controversy that stirred after this little ditty?  The kiss heard round the world, if you will . . .

Or Courtney during that dreadful display in '95?  Poor Madge.  And didn't she look fabulous?  (Madonna, not Courtney.  Woof.)

But let's also not pay homage to the obvious attention seeking goal here and remember the best VMA performances like Eminem in 2000?  That was when he was in his prime, doing something not many other people were doing at the time (no, I didn't mean for that to rhyme, ha!  I did it again!) . . .

And, of course, THE BEST VMA performance ever--Nirvana and Lithium in 1992.  God that was FOREVER ago.  This entire show was soooooo 90's!  And look at Kurt!  Such a baby!!!

Yeah, time flies when you're . . . watching the Video Music Award recaps get stripped of all its dignity.  Literally.

Floral Bubble Skirt-Candie's; Top-Kohl's; Purple Tights-Target; Suede Oxford Platforms-Mossimo; Necklace-Kohl's; Earrings-gifted; Sunnies-stand

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August 26, 2013

Mission Monday #16--Mix N Match

Yeah, I know last Mission Monday I said it would be the last one for a while, but that was because I was planning to get my camera cleaned and thought I wouldn't have it for a while.  I decided to wait until after the holidays because Colorado Fashion Week is coming up (buy your tickets here)!  Mark your calendars!

Next week we are going to do something ever so true to my sartorial heart--pattern mixing!  I have so much enthusiasm for this Mission Week because there is little I enjoy more than the joy of two lovely prints coming together as one.

Speaking of two awesome seemingly totally different things coming together--guess what I did this weekend?  I went to a concert with a girlfriend.  Guess who it was?  Snoop Dogg . . . and Dave Matthews Band.  Same concert.  In fact, Snoop was the opening act!

We got the tickets last minute from a friend and we were both looking it up to make sure it was legit.  Really?  Snoop and DMB?  Is this for real?  And why is Snoop the opening act?

Well, after much consideration, I realized that of course Snoop would be the opening act in Colorado.  Why?  Because recreational smoking of Mary Jane is legal in Colorado.  So what better opportunity would there be for Snoop to get paid for putting on a concert wherein he's on stage for 45 minutes and then hops on over to ye ole dispensary and smoke out for the rest of the evening?  Well played Snoop.

Yep.  Colorado.  We might not have beaches, we might not have much in the way of classic tourist attractions--no Disneyland or Sea World--and we may not have a decent mall anywhere north of Denver.  But pot?  Yeah, we got that.

Golden Angel Wings Tee-gifted; Watercolor Skirt-gifted by Lynne; Studded Low Cowboy Boots-Forever 21; Polka Dot Socks-Target; Watch-gifted; Earrings-gifted

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August 23, 2013

Mission #15--Day 5 LINK UP!!!

Would it be possible to do a Mission Week celebrating denim and chambray without jeans?  The answer is nay.  You cannot.  

I hardly ever wear these wide-leg jeans.  They are so old.  Buuuuut they are not denim.  They are chambray.  And that means they are super, super soft, comfortable, lightweight and have great move-ability.

The other day I came home from dropping Conner off at football practice to find my 6 year old daughter unloading the dishwasher.  It wasn't super unusual.  The girl loves dishes.  But it was a little odd.

She followed that up by loading the dishwasher, making all the beds, vacuuming the upstairs, sweeping the kitchen and getting the mail.  I didn't ask her to do this nor did I make any comment about getting it done.  She just went right ahead and did it.  So I gave her a dollar.

The next night, she did the same thing.  So I gave her two dollars.  I was more than happy to pay her for doing these chores for me and thought that her motivation was purely monetary, even though I didn't tell her I was going to pay her.  I figured that Pavlov was in effect after the first dollar.

That night, as I was giving her a backrub before bed, she asked me if I was happy that she did all of those things.  I said that of course I was happy and so proud of her for being so responsible.  "And," she said, "you weren't cranky."  So sweet!  Sometimes it's good to realize that taking a break from what needs to be done can do wonders.  And leave time for extra long bedtime backrubs.  And that works for me.

Red and White Striped Top-Jones New York; Flared Chambray Jeans-really old; Fedora-K-Mart; Necklace-Kohl's; Wedges-Target; Sunnies-Target

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