August 29, 2014

Mission #40, Day 5--The Jock

Maybe it's my repulsion for football that has been ingrained in me since I was a girl watching my entire family freak out over flags and tackles and touchdowns.  Maybe it's the backlash I got from the jocks in my school from being "different" and being called Pocahontas relentlessly.  Maybe it's a combination of many of these kind of things.  But I am not at all a sports person.

So dressing sporty has always been a challenge to me.  But I do love sporty pieces, ironically enough.   I have always loved a good varsity jacket.  I'm totally into baseball caps.  I can't tell you how elated I am that sweatpants can be paired with heels now and it's considered stylish.

Now that my two older boys are immersed in sports nearly year round--baseball, football, track and swimming--it is a little hard to escape.  I can get into baseball, but I still don't get the rest.  But I do want to encourage their involvement. 

Sports are so important for kids.  They learn teamwork, confidence, pride and discipline.  They can meet friends and learn so many important life skills.

And just to think, I have another boy now.  Another boy who will be into sports before I know it as well.  My daughter hasn't shown interest in any sports yet, but who knows?  She might be a star basketball star or something.  

But it is a job having kids in sports.  Literally once one sport ends, the other starts--usually within the same week.  There are practices and games almost every day of the week.  That means extra travel, no sleeping in on Saturdays and let's not talk about the cost of registration and equipment.  But it's worth it to see them grow with their teammates and the smile on their faces when they know they're improving.

Spiked Baseball Hat-Amazon; Black Hooded Tee-Kohl's; Pink Varsity Jacket-Marshalls; Silver Sandals-Target; Grey Sweatpants-Old Navy; Necklace-c/o oNecklace; Earrings-Charming Charlie's

August 28, 2014

Mission #40, Day 4--The Skater

Now this is something I would've worn in high school (or wanted to wear if I didn't have this weird obsession with not showing my legs--I refused to wear skirts or shorts one year all year.  I was a weird kid).  Skaters.  Punks.  Grunge.  Hanging out on smoker's corner, always late to class, in detention, drinking Mountain Dew--that was my crowd.

The skater was easy to spot.  They did not blend into the crowd.  They wore all black.  They wore bright colors.  They wore trench coats and plaid shirts and Jnco's.  They wore a hodgepodge of nonsensical noise.  And they didn't give a crap if you liked it or not. 

When I was in high school, tights were my jam.  I had SO.  MANY.  TIGHTS.  I had every color tights, knee highs and fishnets.  I had striped tights, camo tights, polka dot tights and tye dye tights.  Sometimes, I would layer my colored tights with different colored knee highs.

But, I wanted to be different.  And it was then I realized my love for fashion--even if it was warped and crazy.  I loved every minute of it.  Because even though I was extremely shy, I could express myself--my politics, my views, my loves, my hates--all through fashion.  

Plaid Button Down-thrifted; Black and White Striped Pencil Skirt-Target; Combat Boots-L.E.I.; Necklace-ICE and gifted; Mirrored Aviators-Target; Earrings-DIY and gifted

August 27, 2014

Mission #40, Day 3--The Nerd

I know that now it's cool to be a nerd and I think that's awesome.  Unfortunately, I'm not nerdy--at least in the "cool" sense anyway.  I don't watch Doctor Who or Sherlock.  Disney movies, while really cool, are not my faves.  I've never seen Star Wars or Star Trek.  I suck at math and sometimes I make really stupid spelling errors.  And, to really annoy nearly every other blogger out there, I'm not a huge reader/book fan.  Gasp!  I know.

But there are things that I am really nerdy about.  Law.  I love law.  Even when I complain about my job.  Learning law is fascinating to me.  Patrick made fun of my excitement yesterday when I had to call Courts out in California to find out about their subpoena process.

Photography.  Hence the shirt.  I love photography.  I know it may seem like I only take photos of myself if you only "know" me via this blog, but this is quite the contrary.  I take photos, mostly of my kids and nieces and nephews, ALLLLLL the time.  In fact, if you follow me on Instagram, you might get a hint of that too.

 Cooking.  I'm not good at creating meals or recipes per se, but I can follow a recipe and adjust as necessary and make a really good dish.  I really love making something that makes people happy.  And who doesn't get excited about food?

Clothes.  Obvi.  But not only am I fascinated by fashion, love the shop and think that the actual psychology behind style is amazing, but I . . . am a . . . hoarder of clothes.  I know, I know.  Every blogger says that.  But I am.  Case in point?  These Birks are original.  As in my for real original Birks from high school.  I know--whoa.

I'm also big on cherishing memories.  This little tunnel I'm in is actually a walkway to Westview Middle School--my middle school from back in the day.  The tunnel is a way for kids to cross the busy street and get to school without actually crossing the street.  I figured I'd try to incorporate a school into my photos in some way.  But school's back in now.  And I don't want to look a fool interrupting classes by posing out in front of a school for blog photos.  After all, nerds are sneaky and introverted typically, no?  Maybe I'm more nerd than I thought.

Cargo Joggers-Target; Camera Graphic Tee-thrifted; Short Sleeved Blazer-thrifted; Sandals-Birkenstock; Studded Backpack-c/o Jolly Chic; Glasses-Bebe; Earrings-DIY and gifted; Necklace-c/o oNecklace

August 26, 2014

Mission #40--Day 2, The Roper

Back in my high school, we called the hicks "the ropers".  They were much less in numbers than you would think for Colorado.  They kept to themselves, they wore Wranglers, they drove pick-ups and a large portion of them chewed tobacco.

The most obvious choice for a more western look for me was this coat.  It was my grandmother's and she lovingly handed it down to me when I was a teenager.  It amazingly escaped unscathed and I love it still to this day.  The fringe on the jacket is so much fun to whip around.  And I obviously had to thrown in cowgirl boots as well for good measure.  

Conner and Brielle, somehow over the summer, became a little obsessed with their Nintendo DS's.  In particular the Pokemon game.  I don't get it.  I've never been "into" video games.  I am horrible at them and I find them confusing and boring.

It's interesting when they try to tell me about their games (which they are allowed to play at a limited amount after chores and homework are done).  When they try to tell me about some guy they got or some battle they have to beat, I can feel my eyes glazing over.

I had the same reaction when Patrick and Kaden were into playing Black Ops.  They would talk about guns and kills and levels and I would just sit there like this

It's like they are speaking to me in a foreign language.  And it isn't like I have anything against video games, but seriously--no me hablo.

Green Striped Dress-thrifted; Suede Fringed Coat-vintage from Grandma; Cowgirl Boots-vintage; Necklace-Kohl's; Leopard Print Belt-Target; Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted; Sunnies-Target

August 25, 2014

Mission #40, Day 1--School Cliques--The Prep

School's back in session kids.  And one of my favorite memories from school (sometimes my only favorite memory of school)  included what I was going to wear.  In fact, for my junior year, I kept a physical calendar of each outfit I wore everyday and did not repeat an outfit all year (aka prehistoric style blogging).

Another part of school, especially in mine, is cliques.  You couldn't escape it.  And my high school was known to be the preppiest high school in town.  I, on the other hand, was a "punk rocker/skater" in high school.  The preps were our enemy.  

What is preppy style?  Classic.  Timeless.  Safe.  Fairly simple.  Conservative.  Think Charlotte York.  So for this look, I went pretty classic and basic--black shirtdress, blazer, tweed flats.  Of course, my blazer did have to be striped.  I gotta be me.

But I did wear this to one of my classes for the mediation course, so it was good to be simple and "grown up" in.  When in doubt, prep it out.  Conference?  Meeting the parents?  Want to make a good impression?  Prep, prep, prep.

After all, stereotypically the preps were the ones in school with the good grades, the successful parents, the nice cars.  And their style was always pretty acceptable in most cases.  

Even though I am still a little too rebellious to fully embrace the prep style, I have come to appreciate it more in adulthood.  But I refuse to wear a polo.  Nearly every job I had prior to my actual career involved wearing a polo.  No mas.

Black Shirtdress-thrifted; Striped Blazer-Forever 21, thrifted; Tweed Flats-Target; Necklace-c/o Uncommon Goods; Sunnies-shop in mall; Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

August 22, 2014

Dear Frannie Friday--Facebook Faux Pauxs

Facebook.  It keeps you connected with people all over the world--long lost friends, old co-workers, relatives that you don't see enough.  It has become an integral part of our society.  Case in point.   But I think we can all agree--sometimes I wish Facebook did not even exist.  Here are the most annoying things on Facebook IMO:

Dirty Laundry  

We all have bad days.  We all have annoying things or people in our lives.  I am not saying that we only need to post the best of our lives and ignore the rest.  What I am saying though?  Maybe the whole world doesn't need to know that your co-worker is a worthless, lazy, gossiping be-atch.  Nor that your baby daddy is now sleeping with her.

Can You Type Better than a Fifth Grader?  

If not, don't post.  By this I mean--NO ALL CAPS.  No excessive use of punctuation!!!!!!  Check you're grammar (yes, that was intentional).  And plz leave da kewl talk 2 yaself!

Passive Aggressive Much?   

If you're trying to yell at your roommate about leaving a mess in the kitchen . . . yell at your roommate.  We don't need to hear about it.  And if you must be passive aggressive about it--go the old fashioned route and write a note.

Overly Adimate Political or Religious Views  

Sure, you may be an avid believer in religion or politician or have a specific stance on an issue.  I think that's great!  Passion is what drives us all and I think it is a great tool.  I also think you have every right to tell us about it.  I don't mind.  What I do mind is when those same posts simultaneously put down others or make it awkward in general or are trying to persuade others.  Newsflash--I have yet to meet or hear of someone who converted religions or political viewpoints because of a post they saw on Facebook.


I would seriously rather hear or see every single one of the above on Facebook everyday from every friend than to continue to get these stupid game requests.  They are THE most annoying aspect of Facebook.  Seriously.  Stop that.  I don't want to play.  And if you post your progress to Facebook?  Yeah, I'm gonna ignore those too.

What annoys you on Facebook (or other social media)?

Suggestions or questions for a future Dear Frannie Friday?  Email me at

Burgundy Pinstripe Jumpsuit-thrifted; Heels-Payless; Bangles-Kohl's; Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

August 21, 2014

Thursday Mixer--Grey Tee

Can you believe that it wasn't until after I was pregnant that I actually owned a grey t-shirt?  Is that ridiculous or what?  I actually bought this one for prenatal yoga, but it has turned out to be so much more.

I've had it a year now, bought it for about $15 and have worn it a documented 10 times (although IRL it is worn much, much more).  Current price per wear is sitting at $1.50.  In other words--pretty freaking good.

Top Left to Right- 1, 2, 3, Now, 5
Bottom Left to Right- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Speaking of an oldie but a goodie, I have a story for you (I'll wait for the shock to subside).  Not so long ago Kaden had this random obsession to watch the movie Friday.  I know, I know.  It has a lot of pot in it.  That doesn't bother me.  We're really open about pot in my house and I know that he is not into pot.  But he is into 90's humor and Ice Cube.  So I told him he could watch it.

I have it, but only on VHS.  And we don't have a VHS player.  So we kept our eyes out for a good couple of weeks--Redbox, Netflix, random stores like Wal-Greens trying to find it to rent or buy for cheap.  I mean I didn't mind Kaden seeing it, but I wasn't about to spend $10 on a movie that came out like 20 years ago.

Then something occurred to me that hadn't before--there is a Showtime Video rental place down the street.  I know right!!!  I thought those were extinct!  But we have one.  I don't know how it stays in business but it does somehow.

And in we went.  It was such a throw back--for real.  I mean, do you all remember what it was like to rent movies before Netlfix, Amazon, Hulu and Redbox?  Do you remember actually deciding to rent a movie for the night?  It was a process!  You had to go to the rental place, scope out the movie, hope they had one available, wait in line, whip out a card and pay for it. 

But it was so much fun wasn't it?  It's kind of sad to know that that's gone.  My kids may never know the excitement of that adventure of renting a movie.  We didn't find Friday there, but we did find something else--a good walk back in time.

Polka Dot Pants-Old Navy (maternity); Grey Tee-Target; Black Leather Jacket-Target; Heels-thrifted; Crossbody Bag-Coach, vintage and gifted; Tassel Necklace-Charming Charlie's; Earrings-Charming Charlie's; Glasses-Bebe
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