March 31, 2013


Before we talk about anything else, I have two important notes of wisdom to start with.  First of all, my sister started a blog!  It is mostly on history and books that she is reading with a touch of lifestyle thrown in for good measure.  You should check it out!  You can find her here.

Secondly, nearly the entirety of this outfit is credited to Ms. Lynne who ever so kindly sent me these pieces over the Christmas holiday.  I have been dying for spring to get here so I can wear all the pretty pastels.  Easter was a perfect excuse to go extra springy!

And speaking of Easter--I hope you all had a hip hoppity good one.  Mine was very good but very different than it usually is.

For one, my younger kids were with their Dad for Easter this year.  So that's always a bummer to not have all the kids together.  But even more so because Conner is almost 8 and Brielle is almost 6, so they are still in the "magic" stage.

Kaden, my 12 year old, not so much.  He's totally over the whole Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus thing.  Although I did hide the eggs anyway and he did partake in looking for the eggs, he didn't have the same excitement as the younger ones do.

Up until about two years ago, my family was super, super close.  We had family dinners at least once every other week or so and we would pig out and hang out and it was great.  Needless to say, a lot of changes have gone down in the last two years.  

The most difficult of which is my mom moving from a two minute drive away to a three hour drive away.  And my brother is staying with her right now.  So we don't get to see them very often and when we do, it's often rushed because of getting there and then having to leave to drive home.

My mom used to be kind of the ring leader of these dinners.  She would make most of the food and invite people over and orchestrate the whole ordeal.  Now my sister and I are usually in charge of the cooking and the details.

It's fine.  It's just different.  It takes some getting used to.  But we did have a lovely dinner anyhow (Patrick and I stuck to our vegetarian diet though) and hanging out with my nieces is always so wonderful.  Not to mention the weather.  Oh God.  I want to bottle it up and have this perfect sun to breeze ratio every.  single.  day.

 Striped Skirt-Old Navy, thrifted and gifted by Lynne; Blue Knotted Tank-Ann Taylor, thrifted and gifted by Lynne; Light Purple Cardigan-Mossimo, thrifted and gifted by Lynne; Purple Mary Jane Heels-Fioni, thrifted; Bangles-DIY and gifted; Earrings-gifted

March 30, 2013


I'm happy to report that these snow-ridden photos were taken a week or so ago.  Today we are currently basking in sunshine!

This same weekend, Patrick and I watched Bob Marley's documentary.  There were so many things that I never really knew about him!  I always knew I liked him, (duh!  we have the same birthday!) but I never knew what a social and political impact he really had!

Being one to become easily obsessed, I spent the whole next week listening to the Bob Marley Pandora station (it's a good one if you're looking for some mellow music) and subsequently wishing I was back in Aruba.

That's what I love about watching documentaries.  You always learn something new.  For example--did you know that Bob Marley was half white?  Did you know that he literally started a peace revolution in Kingston?  Did you know that he had 11 kids?

So I spent the majority of my Saturday thrifting.  It was great.  But I also got a lot of errands done so I feel super productive.

Now it's time to turn on some Bob Marley and get ready to make a new recipe: Nectarine Pizza with Fresh Basil and Reduced Balsamic.  Mmmmm!

Camo Skinny Jeans-Kohl's; Hot Pink Tied Oxford-Marshall's; Snakeskin Tank-Pamida; Leather Bomber Jacket-Target; Studded Belt-thrifted; Bangles-gifted; Watch-Patrick's; Shearling Lined Lace Up Booties-Mossimo

March 29, 2013

Dear Frannie Friday--Best Food Documentaries

Yesterday I talked about how many food documentaries that Patrick and I have watched as of late that led to our recent decision to go vegetarian.  They were so good and so inspiring I thought I would share some of the best ones with you all today, if you're so inclined.

This documentary really focuses on where your food comes from, the benefits of shopping locally for your fruits and veggies and the taste benefit of locally grown food.

This documentary focuses on how what you eat effects your health and overall well-being.

3.  Vegucated

This documentary follows three average New Yorkers who decide to make the switch to veganism for six weeks.  I guarantee after you watch this you won't want to buy meat from a factory ever again. 

Hands down the most inspirational of all the food documentaries we watched.  This video uses the research of many scientists, but focuses on two in specific as well as the extensive research and book from China on food that dates back several decades. 

Do you have a question or an idea for Dear Frannie Fridays?  Send me an email at!

Shear and Striped Purple Skirt-thrifted; Black Blouse-Kohl's; Metallic Cardigan-Target; Lace Up Sling Back Booties-Nine West, gifted; Striped Tights-gifted; Earrings-Kohl's

March 28, 2013

Thursday Mixer--Black Skater Skirt

I thrifted this black subtly baroque patterned skater skirt last fall.  It seems like I've worn it way more than three times, but maybe the super glue stain on it is what stops me from wearing it more.  So unfortunate.

Nonetheless, the short, flirty length, the subtle pattern on the fabric and the fun circle bubble-esque shape of the skirt makes it a lot of fun to remix!

1, 2, Now

So guess what kind of biggish thing is currently going down in our household?  We've decided to try the vegetarian route.

It all started last week when we were in the thick of the plague of the flu.  Patrick and I started watching a ton of documentaries on food (we typically watch one of two genres of movies--stand up comedy and documentaries).  They were so interesting that they got us thinking about seriously making the switch.

I'm not too worried about myself.  I love veggies and I was a vegetarian for four years when I was a teen.  Granted, this was before I was a mom or did my own grocery shopping or my own cooking.  I was actually surprised that Patrick was willing to get on board though since, well, he won't eat ANYTHING.  Especially veggies.  And, I was pretty nervous about how the kids would take it.

We've done a lot of research.  We know what to feed the kids to make sure we all get our protein.  I have actually started reading labels at the grocery store.  I am in the process of finding different places to shop, where farmer's markets will be and things like that.  It will be a rocky start for everyone, I think, but in the end, I think it will be very beneficial if for no other reason than to actually pay attention to what we digest and make healthier choices.  I made my first vegetarian chili last night and I have to say, I think it was faaaaaaantastic.

Black Baroque Skater Skirt-thrifted; Cowl Neck Shear Sleeve Sweater-thrifted; Black Tights-Target; Polka Dot Socks-Target; Studded Suede Low Cut Booties-Forever 21; Earrings-c/o Touchstone Crystals

March 27, 2013

Share the Covers--In the Air Tonight

Here is the awesome original by Phil Collins . . .

And the bad ass cover by Nonpoint . . .


I didn't post yesterday.  I'm sure you all are as over it as I am.  But the reason I didn't post is BAD ASS.  I was at a rock concert, which is the best kind of concert.  And not just at the concert, I was in the mosh pit.

No, I wasn't one of those idiots pushing everyone around, but the concert was standing room only and it was metal so it happened.  I didn't mosh, but I got moshed.  It was cuh-razy.

This is what I wore to go see Nonpoint (inspiration for Share the Covers, duh!!!), Hellyeah (by far one of the best bands I've seen perform live to date), All that Remains (they were pretty killer as well) and my newest favorite band that I've been OBSESSED with--In this Moment.

I love metal.  Seriously.  Aside from hip hop, my favorite music genre.  Which is weird to think about--a mother of three, working in a law firm and keeping a fashion blog.  But I likes what I likes.

Striped Sailor Tee-Goodwill Swap; Pleated Mini Skirt-Ross; Glitter Leggings-Wal-Mart; Knee High Buckle Boots-Charlotte Russe; Bangles-Kohl's, gifted and vintage from Grandma; Earrings-DIY and gifted

March 25, 2013

Mission Monday #5--Drip Drip Drop Little April Showers--An Ode to Polka Dots

All right ladies, this is Mission #5 *cue this song*.  Even though Colorado thinks it's still December, we are, in fact, on the verge of April.  And usually that means little rain showers.

So in the spirit of little raindrops on our window panes and sprinkling our clothes, let's beat the weather to the punch and all wear POLKA DOTS next week!

I own an embarrassing amount of polka dots--dresses, skirts, jeans, blazers, sweaters, blouses--but I don't think I'm the only one out there with a mild polka dot obsession, am I?

So by this time you should know how it works.  Mission Week will start on Monday, April 1st and run all the way through Friday, April 5th.  On Friday, I will host the link up party.  You can participate the whole week or just one day if you like.

I am already running through a million polka dot outfits in my head and I am crossing my fingers that the weather will cooperate and let me break out some skirts and dresses sans tights.  C'mon sunshine!  Stay for a while will ya?

Aaaaand below is what happens when I hear a ginormous pile of snow fall from the tree branches and turn around thinking I would see my brand new fancy schmancy camera in a pile of snow.  Thankfully, it was safe . . .

Cobalt Blue Skinny Jeans-Jordache; Grey Tank-thrifted; Polka Dot Blazer-Marshall's; Sequined Oxfords-thrifted; Necklace-gifted; Earrings-gifted

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