September 30, 2012

You Go Target Cashier!


Allow me to note before we go any further in this post one of my biggest pet peeves.  My biggest pet peeve in the world is when people are rude, impatient, annoying, condescending, snobby or otherwise nasty to people who work with the general public.  This means cashiers, waitstaff, maids, coffee baristas, bartenders or fast food workers.

I got my first job when I was 15 years old at Subway.  I worked there for 8 years and was a manager for 4 of those years.  I have also worked at Circuit City for 5 years, Black Eyed Pea (worst waitress EVER btw) for 4 years and various other second jobs of the same variety.

I've been yelled at, stiffed on tips, had things thrown at me, looked down on, told how to do my job, cursed at, pushed and taken a lot of guff, generally speaking. 

I've heard that it should be a requirement for people to work these kinds of jobs for some amount of time at some point in their lives and I completely agree.  The reason for this is being that you gain an appreciation for the kind of actual work that goes into these kinds of jobs.

For whatever reason, some people feel that they are privy to feeling above those that work in these kinds of jobs because they feel that they are there because they are uneducated or lazy or unmotivated or whatever.  They may or may not realize that this is what they are doing while they get their education or are going through divorce and need to feed their kids or a million other scenarios.

Now that we have that out of the way, let me tell you what I experienced a few days ago while I was in line checking out at Target.

So I'm at Target picking up a prescription for Kaden late on a Thursday night.  Because I picked up a few clearance items (old habits die hard . . .), I opted to go through the regular checkout rather than piling up all my goodies at the prescription kiosk.

There were only two checkstands open and the lines were pretty long.  Being checked out in front of me was a woman getting a cartload of groceries and two guys, probably in their 20's or 30's.

The two "gentlemen" in front me decided to, very loudly, voice their concerns with the wait and how their superiority and importance of time was so much more precious than everyone else's.  They opted to yell out phrases such as: "uhhhhh . . . hello???  Anyone else checkingouthere???  Can we get checkers on checkstands 4, 5, 6 and 9 through 32?  Hellooooooooo!"  Keep in mind that these gentlemen were next in line to be checked out, not at the back of the line.

Then, we witnessed several other Target employees getting off of their shift and heading out, saying goodnight to our checker at hand.  This really got the "gentlemen" riled up.  "You see?  You see?!?!?  That's what's wrong with 'Merica (yeah, they were rednecks, that's how they say America) today!  That's why there's such high unemployment!  Too many people who are lazy and just don't wanttowork!!!"

Just as I was about to defend these poor girls who were probably on their feet listening to bullshit like this for the past 11 hours of their day, a checkstand opened up next to me.  Behind me was a woman with two kids and a cart full of groceries.  She went to get in the shorter line, but the first guy grabbed his stuff and huffed on over to the other checkstand.  His friend, Mr. Opinionated, was left behind to wait.  So Mr. Checkstand Butter Inner had to wait along the wall after he got rung up while the checker finished checking out his friend.  As Mr. Opinionated approached the end of his checkout experienced, his friend returned.  "Finally got through, huh?"  The checker, a woman in her 50's and looking like it took all the energy she had left in life to respond to him, turned to him, points and goes "You know what?  I don't like you.  Why don't you go home?"  Boo ya!  This is where I chime in because I'm passive aggressive like that with comments like "No doubt!  Hope you didn't lose too much precious video game time in your six minute wait!"


 Jumpsuit (worn as pants)-Forever21; Sequined Tube Top-vintage; Denim Jacket-Lee; R Necklace-K-Mart; Earrings-gifted; Booties-Nine West, gifted


September 29, 2012



Daryl, my boss, is the president and a main sponsor of an organization called Artist Series.  It supports local art and they put on all kinds of shows. 

Because Daryl is the president, he gets tickets to all of the shows.  Sometimes he can't make it or he ends up with extra tickets.  And usually when that happens, he gives them to Patrick and I.

Last year at Christmas time we went to see an Irish Christmas.  It was awesome.  They had Irish jig dancers and told stories and sang Irish Christmas songs.  Amazing.  I've also seen Momix perform there (pre-Patrick days) and that was so freaking cool.  And all of them are at the Macky Auditorium, which is very old and very gorgeous.

Last night Daryl had tickets to the Symphony.  Patrick and I went.  Even though classical music isn't really our thing, it was still a lot of fun.  While I don't frequently listen to that kind of music, I can sure appreciate it.  

I can't begin to imagine the hard work and dedication that goes into that kind of concert.  And all of the violins working with the flutes and cellos and trombones.  It was really inspiring.

Most of all, though, I was proud to be there.  I was proud to work for Daryl, a main reason that such a performance could be put on.  I was also proud to see the new logo that yours truly designed for the firm in the program for the performance.

I know that traditionally, when people go to such a fancy schmancy affair, they dress up really nice and go to a fancy dinner beforehand.  But, Patrick and I are not most people.

 Patrick got rear ended on his motorcycle back in May and it has been out of commission at the shop getting fixed until just a week or so ago.  And even though I didn't understand the appeal when he first got it, now I love it.  So when we ended up with a place to go, decent weather and alone, I nearly insisted that we take the bike there.

So I went for fancy on top and bike-friendly on bottom (this is not what I wore, btw).  And it worked out great.  Daryl was there with his wife and said I looked "like a million bucks, like usual."  I love that even in jeans and boots, Daryl has an eye and appreciation for fashion.

So that's what we did on our Friday night.  A touch of class . . . Frannie style.

 Sweater-Kohl's; Floral Skinny Jeans-Target; Combat Boots-L.E.I.; Bracelet-gifted; Earrings-gifted

September 28, 2012

Goodwill Hunting


My very good e-friend Lynne of Practical Paralegalism is hosting a Goodwill Goldmine Party on Monday!  Not only do I heart Lynne in a big way (paralegal sisters for life yo!), but I also love this idea because I heart thrifting. 

That was a lot of heart-ing happening, I know.  But I really do.  Especially Goodwill because they have their half off Saturdays and it does me in.  every.  single.  time.

(unrelated to thrifting but I found this necklace at Target last night.  It is the initial of my new last name!  And today was a good day to wear it because I officially got my name changed today!  Woop woop!)

So for today's post, I thought I would do an ode to thrifting and why I love it so much:

First and foremost, you can't beat the price.  Obviously.  I mean, this J. Crew orange tweed blazer that I am wearing today?  In the store and brand new it was probably over $100.  At Goodwill?  I got it for $12.

The finds can't be beat.  Sure there are your run of the mill, unsalvageable 80's denim jumpers that nearly every grade school teacher on the planet donned at one point or another, but if you do some digging, you can resurface some major gems. 

I consigned these vintage, new with tags, high waisted, wide leg sailor pants last year and they are too date my favorite find yet.  I have worn them to death and I don't see that letting up any time soon.  Perhaps it is due for a Threesome Thursday feature . . .

I'm a downright hippie, so the recycling and reusing factor of thrifting really makes my heart go pitter pat, ya know?  I mean, imagine if all the clothes that thrift stores and consignment shops have in stock now were just thrown away???  Ugh.  I shiver at the notion.

Uniqueness.  There is a very, very slim chance, when you buy and wear thrifted clothes that someone else will be wearing the same thing.  I personally hate going into a department store and realizing I am wearing something off of a mannequin or worse the same thing as someone else (gasp!).  

 The deals that thrift store offer (above and beyond their already low prices) are unparalleled to any department store.  Half off days, bogos, fill a bag for $10, all clothes for $1 . . . I've indulged in them all and I'll tell you what.  I love Kohl's but the thrift store beat the pants off of any 30% coupon I get in the mail from them any ole day.

Some people can't do the thrifting thing.  Some of the aspects of thrifting are hard to get over.  Yeah, the store's gonna smell.  Yes, you may have to ward off children and old people and new-to-the-scene hipsters.  Yeah, the clothes are used and some of them have stains on them that you are not sure you want to know where they came from.  The hunt is long and tedious.  You literally have to look at every piece in the store sometimes to find a good one.  But for me, I love it.  And I'ma do what I do best.  And that, my friends, is find the diamonds in the rough.  See you there.

  High Waisted Wide Leg Sailor Pants-vintage; Orange Tweed Blazer-J. Crew, thrifted; Polka Dot Tank-gifted; Black Patent Leather Peep Toe Heels-Mossimo; Necklace-Target; Earrings-gifted

September 27, 2012

Threesome Thursdays--Striped Pleated Dress


This is one of my favorite dresses of all time.  As soon as I saw it, I was reminded of a similar one by Marc Jacobs--one I would never be able to afford.  When I saw this one hanging on the clearance rack at Dillards for $30, it was sold. 

Today I wore my winning dress as a skirt with a cozy hunter green sweater.  Fall has come in full swing up in here.  Sweaters and boots it is.

But with my new OTK cognac boots, I wasn't too depressed about it.  I've been on the lookout for a pair of flat brown and flat black boots for a while and when Charlotte Russe was having their buy one get one for $15 sale, it was perfect timing.

Also, I got to wear my suede coat for the first time since I thrifted it waaaaaay back in the spring time.  I found it for $12 and it fit like a glove.  The fabric is in perfect condition too!

Also, even though this dress is certainly twirl-worthy, the above pic was not an attempt at Marilyn Monroe.  After I put on my suede jacket, my dress got a massive case of the clingys.

And of course, I didn't have time to pull the usual tricks of the trade--fabric softener, a slip, etc.  

As soon as I got to work, Sally and I went to work on Google to try to fix the situation.

I tried them all: safety pins (well . . . paper clips) on the hems, lotion on the legs, wet paper towel on the underside of the dress.  Nothing was working.

Strangely enough, though, you know what did work against the static?  Febreeze.  There was some in the bathroom.  I sprayed it on the inside of my dress and *poof* cling-no-more!

It reminded me of my rebellious teenage years--sneaking out to smoke cigarettes and trying to cover up the smell with random body sprays and lotions in mass quantities all over my body.  But, at least the dress wasn't stuck to my legs and ass all day.  And, I think cucumber melon is a very becoming scent on a grown woman.

  Striped Pleated Dress-Gianni Bini; Green Sweater-Target; OTK Cognac Boots-Charlotte Russe; Earrings-gifted
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