August 31, 2016

Wordy Wednesday--Autumn

I know, I know.  Autumn doesn't officially start for a few weeks.  But for me, I think fall starts on September 1.  Plus, Colorado has been in fall prep mode for a couple of weeks now and the blogosphere has been in fall mode since July so . . . here we are.  To be honest, I like fall.  In fact, I love fall.  But after fall comes winter.  And I effing HATE winter.  So fall is kind of sad to me because it means that . . . snow is coming.  Ain't nobody got time for that.


Plaid Blazer-thrifted
Striped Dress-thrifted
Mules-Vera Wang
Bag-Bebe, gifted
Necklace-J. Crew, gifted
Earrings-Forever 21

August 30, 2016

Share the Covers--All My Life

I have always loved the original of this song by the Beatles . . .

I have recently found this cover by Susan Ashton and Gary Champa which is AMAZING . . .


Bell Sleeved Blouse-Who What Wear
Cognac Corduroy Button Front Skirt-Vintage Willows
Cognac Knee Length Gladiator Sandals-Target
Fringe Bag-Marshall's
Earrings-Forever 21

August 29, 2016

Make it Work Monday #47

I have never met Ranti in real life, even though she is a fellow Denver blogger!  But I have followed and gawked in awe of her effortlessly chic style for some time now.  Recently, she got married and she shared her wedding photos and they were absolutely stunning.  She also has amazing minimal home decor style, which she frequently shows on her Instagram.  If you are into chic, minimal and effortlessly cool style, check out her blog, Ranti in Review

Dress-eShakti, c/o
Black Leather Jacket-Target
Lace Sneakers-Target
Watch-gifted and thrifted

August 26, 2016

Mission #89, Day 5

Yeah, yeah, they are different patterns and colors, but same concept--a printed dress over a white button down shirt and white heels.  I am sad to see it leave, but glad to leave it with a picture of Julia with her cell in her hand.  And that is one of two accessories that I have yet to mention that nearly every picture of Julia includes: a cell phone and a cigarette.  This lady makes smoking look so good that I almost miss it.  Almost.  It'll be three years next month and I'm not looking back.


Pear Printed Dress-eShakti, c/o
White Eyelet Button Down Shirt-thrifted
White Heels-Charlotte Russe
Orange Bag-Neiman Marcus, thrifted
Gold Watch-gifted
Earrings-J. Crew, gifted

August 25, 2016

Mission #89, Day 4

Ah Julia--with her long ass legs.  This girl can pull off a mini skirt like nobody's business.  But you know she's not going to be basic about it.  That's not her style.  So a silver mini, striped top and animal print heels it is!


Silver Sequined Mini Skirt-thrifted
Striped Shirt-Target
Animal Print Heels-Target

August 24, 2016

Mission #89, Day 3

Another thing Julia can rock pretty much better than anyone are boyfriend jeans.  Ah, boyfriend jeans--loved by women, hated on by men.  I know they don't do much for shape and what have you, but I will say that I for sure feel sexier in boyfriend jeans than I do in most other things.  Perhaps it's because these ones in particular are a bit big on me so it makes me feel like I've lost weight even though I haven't--I've actually gained weight since I've been running.  #wasntreadyforthisjelly


Boyfriend Jeans-Forever 21
Striped Peplum Top-Kohls
Red Bag-thrifted
Silver Heels-Shoe Carnival
Buckle Cuff-H&M
Earrings-Forever 21
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