June 30, 2014

Mission #36, Day 1--First Date

For this week's Mission Week we are looking at different ways to dress for date night.  For this first look, here is what I would wear on a first date--which usually consists of dinner and a movie.  

I think the graphic tee in this look makes it casual enough and also serves as an ice breaker, if needed.  The leather jacket makes it sophisticated and the skirt and heels give it that romantic and ladylike feel. 

I remember Patrick and I's first date.  I didn't even know it was a date actually.  Patrick and I had been friends for many years, got back in touch via Facebook, met for a "what have you been doing for the last ten years" dinner and then were texting.

About a week after we got back in touch, Patrick told me that some plans had fallen through and asked me if I'd like to go see a movie and maybe get a bite to eat.  I agreed and we went to a casual dinner and saw Toy Story 3 (cute right?).

It was several other hangouts before we ever kissed or officially started dating, but Patrick has always considered this our first date.  And I remember it so well.  My last first date.

Red Dress (worn as a skirt)-Old Navy; Beatles Tee-Walmart; Black Leather Jacket-Target; Cuff-gifted; Earrings-DIY and gifted; Black Heels-thrifted; Prada-like Sunglasses-shop at mall

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June 27, 2014

Dear Frannie Friday--Walking with Baby

Ever since I got the green light after Reilly's birth, I've been walking almost everyday for between 1-4 miles.  I've pretty much got it down to a science at this point.  So this is not a fashion post, but hopefully it will be helpful to any other new or newish mommies out there.  Quick disclosure:  I have not been compensated by any of the companies shown in this post--these are just my honest opinions.

Tip #1: What to Wear

It seems like a no-brainer, but let's quickly cover what to wear.  Pretty simple: something breathable and fairly expendable.  Thinking that walking wasn't much of a strenuous exercise, when I started really walking, I would just wear my regular clothes.  But I quickly learned that not only could they hinder my spirits comfort-wise, but also it's summer.  So you sweat.  Sad but true.  Don't sweat in your pretty clothes.  Get something weather appropriate that is easy to move around in.

Also important: footwear.  Again, I tried to be a rock star at first and just wing it in flats or sandals.  No matter comfortable those pretty little shoes are--they won't cut it on a mile or more walk.  Trust.  They will suck on pavement and suck double on gravel.  Get some tennies.  They don't have to be fancy--these I'm wearing are nothing special.  But they have to have give and padding for movement.  It will make a world of difference in your walk.

Tip #2: Equipment

A good, quality stroller is something worth investing in.  You will use it a lot, trust me.  And if you plan on going on walks, runs or otherwise, it is essential.  I got this Coutours Options 3 Wheel Stroller and have been nothing but pleased with it.  Things to look for when purchasing stroller:
  1. Flexibility.  This stroller is convertible.  The seat can face you or face out.  It also comes with a piece that you can attach to strap in the car seat should you not want to wake a sleeping babe to go on a walk.
  2. Sturdiness.  I am a fan of the three wheel stroller.  I find that it turns easier and it is recommended if you are going to jog with the stroller.  
  3. Storage.  It makes life so much easier when you are able to cart all that you need in the stroller.  This stroller has a big pocket on the bottom and I have squeezed the diaper bag, camera bag, my tripod and my purse in it.
  4. Portability.  One of the only problems that I have with this stroller is that while it is fairly easy to fold up, because of the seat conversion option it is kind of a pain to tote around.  But in general, being able to fold up or take out the stroller with ease is nice.
  5. Little details.  This stroller's got cup holders for mom and baby.  Those cup holders are slotted and detachable so they are easy to clean which is nice.  The only other problem that I have with this stroller is the shade.  It's pretty small and not so easily moveable.  The seat is able to recline into several positions and there is a brake on the front that is easily put up or down.
Tip #3: What to Bring

Water.  Obvi.  You will want to make sure that you have plenty of water.  I keep one in the fridge and one in the freezer.  That way after I drink cold water, the frozen water is melted enough to drink.  I prefer the Smart Water bottles and I just reuse them.  They have an easy flip open top and hold a lot of water.

For baby:  Baby won't need much for walks, but you do want to be prepared for the "what ifs".  Here are what I always make sure to bring for Reilly:
  1. Blanket.  This is not just for warmth--which you don't need so much in the summer--but also for added shade from sun or wind.
  2. Diaper Bag.  Patrick's CEO got us this Eddie Bauer Broadmoor Diaper Bag and I love it so much.  It has plenty of compartments to hold everything and I like that it is a backpack.  This backpack also has stroller straps even though I haven't used them yet.
  3. Diaper Stuff.  This is pretty self explanatory, but you may need to change the baby while you're on your walk, so be prepared.  Also, the wipes are nice to have for random sticky situations too.
  4. Baby Sunscreen and Baby Bug Spray.  Again, pretty self explanatory, but you will want to shield your baby from the elements of sun exposure and bugs--particularly if you walking by lakes.
For mom:  There are a few things that I like to have on hand just for me:
  1. Phone.  Not only is a phone good for an emergency situation, but there are other uses as well.  I certainly don't recommend Facebooking or the like while you're walking--I mean just enjoy the moment!  But music?  Absolutely.  I also use the Map My Walk app on my iPhone.  It tracks all your routes, how many miles you walk, how much time you walk and how many calories you burn.
  2. Chapstick and Lotion.  This is just a personal thing, but I don't like having dry lips or hands and both can happen while you are exerting energy walking--especially in the heat.  
  3. Hair Ties.  Sometimes I leave the house with my hair down.  Having a stash of hair ties can be a lifesaver.
  4. Pepper Spray.  I know, this might be a little paranoid, but I always carry this within my reach when I walk--especially on unpopulated trails.  Call me crazy.
  5. Healthy Snack.  Not necessary, but this can also be a lifesaver.  But make sure it is a healthy snack.  Don't make the walk for naught by packing sugary granola bars or salty chips.
  6. Headphones.  Listening to music while I walk makes the walk enjoyable for me.  It can put a pep in my step or just set the mood.
 Tip #4: Before You Go

Some things to consider before you hit road:
  1. Feed and change baby.  Make sure the likelihood that your baby will need a change or feed while you are out are limited.  This will make it a much more enjoyable trip for you and baby.
  2. Time it well.  I always try to go on walks around Reilly's nap time.  I also try to go later in the afternoon or earlier in the morning so it's not so hot.
  3. Make your location known.  Just a simple but possibly lifesaving tip is to make sure someone knows where you are going and when you should be back.  That way if something happens, people know where you were or will be.
  4. Know the elements of your walk.  You don't want to get lost, obviously.  You also want to be prepared should you find yourself on dirt roads or on a longer trail than you anticipated.
Now these are just some of my tips from my experiences.  They are obviously not a say all end all, but they are a good start.  They are also based on the fact that I breastfeed and am currently not working, so they could be improvised as needed.  In the meantime, happy walking!

Do you have a question or suggestion for Dear Frannie Friday?  Feel free to email me at franniepantz@hotmail.com

June 26, 2014

Thursday Mixer--Chambray/Linen Wedges

I won these fabulous wedges from a blog giveaway to Blowfish.  I was so psyched because I have always been a huge fan of Blowfish.  I knew these wedges were unique enough to be paired with dresses and skirts, but casual enough to be paired with pants.

The cost was $0, so there is no price per wear for these babies.  But at 8 wears in two years, it clearly would've been a decent investment had I paid for them.

Top Left to Right- 1, 2, 3, 4
Bottom Left to Right- Now, 2, 3, 4

Some of the best (IMO) movies I've seen with or at the request of my best friend, Matty.  This list includes First Wive's Club, Steel Magnolias and, of course, Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion.

Recently, he was appalled that I'd never seen Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood.  I saw it on sale at Target a couple of days ago and picked it up (which, btw, is pretty much the theme of Target isn't it?).

I've been trying to keep myself pretty busy on maternity leave--organizing, cleaning, exercising, etc.--but I gave in today and popped the DVD in to fulfill a different kind of maternity leave bucket list item.

I have to say--pretty cute.  It makes me hope that Matty and I will still be close like those ladies when we are grey.  And it made me wish we were in the south.  With beignets.

Red White and Blue Striped Skirt-Halston, thrifted; Grey Tee-Target; Denim Vest-Christopher and Banks, thrifted and DIY; Chambray/Linen Wedges-c/o Blowfish; Necklace-vintage from Grandma; Earrings-gifted

June 25, 2014


Suffering the aftershocks of some delirious sleep deprived writer's block has forced me to share with you some totally random facts about me.  You're welcome.

I have no tattoos (well yet anyway), but I have three piercings--my ears, my bellybutton and my tongue.  I've actually pierced my tongue four times.  The first time, I was sixteen and I went to some head shop that was known for giving underage kids piercings.  My dad found out and pulled the spark plug wires in my car.  I had to take it out to get my car back.  The second time I was eighteen and I really wanted one but I was dating a really abusive jerk who didn't like them.  He called me a freak and sat in my room and tore up all of the stuffed animals, cards and everything he ever got for me until I took it out.  The third time was when I was 22 and broke up with that guy because I found out he had cheated on me.  My tongue swelled up so bad when I was pregnant with Conner that I had to take it out and it ended up closing up.  The fourth and last time was when I was 26.

I was a waitress as a second job for about four years of my single mothering life.  I was the worst waitress of all time.  I blame this mostly on my vast distaste for the general public. I cannot stand small talk, meaningless questions or useless complaining.  And because my tips (i.e. livelihood) was based on my pleasing people who liked to endlessly bitch and complain and demand and whine, I didn't do very well.  In fact, my manager told me that it was a good thing he liked me because otherwise I would be fired.  I stayed because I loved the people that I worked with.

I have had the chicken pox three times.  I had them when I was a toddler, when I was in second grade and when I was in seventh grade.  Apparently that part of your body that only lets you get the chicken pox once doesn't work in my body.

I don't do leftovers.  I don't know why.  I think it's partly from growing up poor and partly from the fact that for whatever reason I don't like the microwave.  Nothing really ever tastes the same after it's been microwave.

I wouldn't say I'm OCD or a germophob (though I have been accused of being both), but for some reason I cannot stand when my hands or feet are dirty.  I can't tell you how much lotion and hand soap I go through.  And I am hardly ever without shoes or slippers of some kind on my feet.

Mullet Skirt-Rue 21; Brown Tank-Banana Republic, gifted; Crocheted Vest-Target; Wedges-gifted by Mom; Necklace-c/o Uncommon Goods; Buckle Cuff-H&M

June 24, 2014

Share the Covers--Turning Japanese

The original by The Vapors . . .


I always thought this cover was by The Presidents of the United States of America.  When I looked it up, it seemed it was by Incubus.  Apparently, watching the video, I found that Incubus might not be the artists either.  So basically I don't really know who this is by but here is the cover . . .


Typically, Reilly is a great sleeper.  He gets up in the night like any newborn but typically he has always spent a large stretch--from about 10 to 3 or 4--sleeping.  The past few nights though . . . not so much.  And it's been waring on me just a bit.

Not only has he not been sleeping at night as well, he has had some issues sleeping during the day as well.  Naps are sparse and short lived it seems.  This leaves very little time to do anything other than cuddle, rock and walk around with him.

But being as how this is the last week that I have to really do only that, I'll take it.  The sleepless nights don't last forever but neither do the days when Reilly will want me to just walk around with him in my arms. 

Black and Tan Skirt-thrifted; Sky Blue Tank-Ann Taylor, gifted; Espadrilles-gifted; Bag-Bebe, gifted; Sunnies-shop in mall; Earrings and Necklace-Kohl's

June 23, 2014

Mission Monday #36--Date Night Dressing

I hate to generalize, but I think that men really have no idea what we women go through when we get dressed up for a date.  This is why it's hard to surprise us, I think, because we always have to relate so much of what we are doing to what we are wearing.

When we go on dates, whether it's a first date or a date with your husband of 20 years, every single sartorial decision is based on about 50 questions and scenarios.  From our footwear to our bags to a skirt vs. pants to layers--it all has a purpose.

And because dating is an important and virtually inescapable part of our lives and dressing for said dates are a big part of that, next week we will explore the wonders of date night dressing.  Dun dun DUUUUUN!  This will be fun!*

*This rhyme was unintentional
Speaking of dates and quasi anxiety--on this day next week I will be back at work.  My eight weeks of maternity leave will be over.  I cannot believe how fast time flew!

I'm really bummed and nervous about leaving little Reilly.  Thankfully, he will be staying with Gramma and I'll only be going back part time.  And while I definitely didn't miss some aspects of my job, in a weird sadistic way I have missed working in family law and having a routine again.  Good thing we're date night dressing next week--I'm pretty sure Patrick and I will be in need of a date ourselves!

Denim Dress-thrifted; Beaded Belt-vintage and gifted; Woven Tote-Fossil, thrifted; Sandals-Target

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