September 30, 2015

Mission #67, Day 3--Plaid Accessories

A little more of a low key way to sport plaid accessories--in this case a hat and flats.  For some reason this seems a little more edgy of a plaid look.  Maybe it's because a lot of people don't have plaid baseball caps and flats . . .

Grey Dress-thrifted
Plaid Baseball Hat-Target
Plaid Slides-Forever 21
 Buckle Cuff-H&M
Earrings-gifted and DIY 

September 29, 2015

Mission #67, Day 2--Plaid Dress

A plaid dress is probably the easiest piece for wearing this trend.  For some reason it just seems more low-key and effortless to wear a plaid dress.  And yet it has a total rocker vibe to it--hence all of the studs and punky accessories in this look.

Plaid Dress-Forever 21
Studded Backpack-Jolly Chic, c/o
Studded Gladiator Sandals-Target
Wide Cognac Belt-gifted
Bangles and Watch-Kohl's, gifted, vintage

September 28, 2015

Mission #67, Day 1--PLAID--Plaid Shirt

Now that it's absolutely fall calendar-wise we are celebrating a fall classic print--plaid.  And I'm starting out the gate with this totally typical plaid shirt.

These photos make me smile because moments before these photos were taken, I got a call back on a resume I submitted for the new job that I currently have.  I remember being so happy and full of hope and yet I didn't even realize how amazing of a firm I was getting myself into, if I'd get the job at all or what to expect.  Aw memories.

Plaid Button Down Shirt-thrifted
Black Lace Skirt-thrifted
Highlighter Yellow Belt-thrifted
Leopard Print Heels-Target
Earrings-Charming Charlie's

September 25, 2015

Dear Frannie Friday--Morgan & Philip's Speed Shop for Men and Original Cowgirl Clothing Co. for Women

A few weeks ago I was invited to come and view a showroom at the Denver Mart for RBR, Inc.  Now here's the thing--apparently there is this whole huge buyer's market thing that I really had no idea about.  I didn't know what to expect when I went, but basically there is this HUUUUUUUUUGE warehouse looking place in Denver called the Denver Mart and inside of this very exclusive, members only mecca are vendors from all over the world who make their merchandise locally.  I know!!!!!  Boots and hats and shirts.  Cotton and leather and studs.  It was incredible to see.

So it's kind of hard to pinpoint exactly what Michael, the person who contacted me, does because he does pretty much everything.  He has a male style blog called the Gentleman Racer, he runs The Satterfield Group website and he has a car blog as well called Vintage Speed Style.   It's pretty hard to follow all that he does but the thing that brought me here on this day . . . was clothes (#natch).  And another thing that Micheal does is run a clothing line called Morgan & Philip's Speed Shop for Men and Original Cowgirl Clothing Co. for Women.

As a vintage lover myself, I really could appreciate the cool details of all of his men's line.  Of course, a lot of it was themed around racing--like this amazing leather jacket and newsboy cap.  And the print on this t-shirt is done by hand!  And made in a way that it looks all old and distressed.

This jumpsuit (in the back and below) is an actual jumpsuit worn by an actual race car driver.  The patches I believe are authentic and if not they are definitely handmade. 

This cross body "man bag" was bitchin too.  It's got the cool (vintage, of course) racing logo on it and a strong strap with a sturdy stripe down the middle.

The women's line was also way cool.  The shirts below reminded me of my mom who has a glamper and whose favorite movie is Up.  And do you believe that fringe bag????  Micheal says it is one of his biggest sellers and I can totally believe it.  Fringe is so hot right now.

In addition to all of the shirts, there were a lot of accessories as well.  Hats and scarves and the most amazing jewelry!  All of their clothing comes in a range of sizes--from larger women's sizes to children's sizes.  And the children's sizes also come in larger sizes which I thought was really great.

The thing that I fell in love with the most were the intricate little details of all of the clothes.   There were tops with dolman sleeves and, of course, various little logos and styles.  I mean, check out the lacy goodness on the t-shirt below!

As I said, they have a lot of accessories.  Here is a shot of the bracelets . . .

And some really cute signs around the house as well . . .  (btw that sign speaks #truthtalk)

It was definitely a really cool experience.  I was so stoked about it!  And did I also mention that Michael also runs and publishes the Cassidy Magazine?  Well yeah, he does that too.

Light Pink Dress-thrifted
Mint Cardigan-Target
Heels-thrifted and gifted
Nude Clutch-thrifted
Necklace-Empowerment Circle of Support from Avon

September 24, 2015

Thursday Mixer--Floral Leggings

My sister gave me these floral leggings a few years back right before I found out I was pregnant with Reilly--so great timing right?  I loved the pattern and the dark florals.

I totally thought that I had worn these more, but I could only find three!  But they are one pre-pregnancy, one pregnant and one after.  And, like I said, they were free.  So no harm no foul!

Now, 2, 3

I've mentioned it on the blog before, but in a nutshell, we have had several severe problems with Kadne, my oldest, and school.  It was never from a disciplinary standpoint, but academically he was not doing what he was supposed to.  He wouldn't turn things in, he would stare off into space, he would go the class clown route.

We've tried many, many different routes to get him on track--we tried to have teachers send home daily progress reports.  We tried putting him in tutoring and taking him out.  We tried putting him on medication and then taking him off.  Last year we did the online school/homeschool thing. 

 That is where I, as his learning coach, learned the severity of his condition.  Kaden had no idea how to do the fundamental basics of learning.  He could barely read.  He didn't know how to take notes, study or retain information.  His focus was atrocious.  It was bad.  But keeping him back a grade and homeschooling was the best decision we could have made for him.

This year, he had the opportunity to go to a private, Christian based school.  And while I am not crazy about all of their teachings, it allows him to be back in 9th grade and after he completes this year, he can go on to public high school in the same grade as his friends.  

In any instance, parent teacher conferences have been something that Patrick, Kaden and I have learned to loathe entirely.  They are always bad news.  Except this time.  The teacher student ratio is 7 to 1, so Kaden gets a lot more attention.  And while one of his teachers was concerned about his focus, she said that she was still getting to know him.  She had ideas for us to try with him at home.  And all of the teachers LOVE him.  They note how respectful he is, how polite he is and how smart, funny and entertaining he is.  And I almost cried.

Shirt-Forever 21
Floral Leggings-gifted
Quilted Leather Slides-Target
Necklace-Charming Charlie's
Earrings-Charming Charlie's
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