July 29, 2011

Pebbles, The Follower

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I feel like I am a bone in the bun and a rock necklace away from mimicking Pebbles here.  However, I felt so great in this look today that I didn't mind.  I think my mindless inability to be stylish streak from last week is finally coming to an end!

I am totally in love with this vintage sundress.  In fact, as soon as I saw it on Robin's website, I called her immediately and asked her to hold it for me.   When I went to style it this morning, I almost pulled out an expected black top (the sundress is a bit risque on its own for work), but for some reason, I decided on this mustard top and I'm glad I did.  Turns out, the two are long lost souls.

 So, I did something today that I said that I was never, and I mean never going to do.  I opened a Twitter account.  

I feel like such a loser.  In part because I am extremely gullible and susceptible to peer pressure.  After Shelley suggested that I get one, it didn't take long for me to utter "ooooo okaaaaay . . . "

My other reason for feeling like a loser is because I was starting to feel like the only one in creation who didn't have a Twitter.  By the way, could they have a different name please?  For some reason, every time I think of the word Twitter, I feel like it should be PG13 language.  I don't know.  I just have a dirty mind I guess.  So, if you're into tweeting, you can feel free to follow me here, @Frannie_Pantz. 

As I've mentioned enough times for you to probably be sick of, I am leaving tomorrow morning to go on vacation.  We are taking a road trip all through Colorado, to the Grand Canyon and back up through Utah.  I am so stoked!  I will, however, be absent here.  If you miss me too much, I am sure you can check my Twitter (that seriously sounds so dirty!  Am I wrong?  Am I a total perv?), where I will be trying to figure out how to use my Twitter (ok, I need to stop with the innuendos) by posting updates about the trip.  Keep the peace everyone, spread the love and I'll see ya on the flip side.  (Really just here again in a week or so)

 Top-Elle for Kohl's; Leopard Sundress (worn as a skirt)-vintage from Rockin Robins; Kitten Heels-Mootsie's Tootsie's; Earrings and Cuff-gifted; Necklace-Kohl's; Sunnies-Elle for Kohl's

July 28, 2011

Payin' The Man

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So today, after work, I had to go pay "the man."  A couple of weeks ago, I was a bad girl and got a speeding ticket.  $157 buckaroos.  Yep.  

Here's the thing.  There is the back road that I take to and from work everyday.  It is 50 mph and then for like four random blocks through some "neighborhood" it goes down to 35 and then back up to 50.  No one really goes 35.  Well, apparently you are supposed to.  

So I took the opportunity while at the Boulder County Sheriff's office to take my outfit photos.  The scenery was nice after all and the ticket paying lady already said she liked my outfit, so it seemed like a no-brainer. 

Remember yesterday when I told you that I rewarded myself with some new sandals after my positive shopping experience?  Yep.  These are them.  And let me tell you, the picture does not do them justice cause they are super cute.  They have this strap that goes around your ankle and buckles and it's criss-crossed all down the front.  And, better yet, they are comfy as hell.  I am serious.  I could live in these babies.   I just might.

We are in vaca readiness mode-packing, making lists, checking twice, getting everything in order.  I am getting so excited!  Sorry, I decided not to opt for guest bloggers.  There are several talented ladies that could take my place, but the thing is that I am not sure if I will have/want internet access while I am on our little road trip.  I'd hate for someone to put effort into a guest blog and then be unable to post it.  Next time . . .

Well, that pretty much wraps up this post.  I will be back tomorrow, but after that, I'm out of the blogosphere for over a week!  I don't know what on Earth I will do with myself.  

 Shrug-Ross; Top-Fire Los Angeles; Skirt-Speechless; Sandals-Marshall's; Bangles-Kohl's; Earrings-DIY and gifted

July 27, 2011

Why Wednesday and I Aren't on Speaking Terms

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I have a bunch of random musings for you today.  First and foremost, Wednesday and I are not on speaking terms.  You know why we shouldn't hate Mondays?  Because Mondays are upfront with you.  "Look, this is gonna be rough, you're gonna go through some sheet and you're gonna get back to the grind and some sheet might go wrong.  Deal with it.  I'm Monday, bitch."  

When Wednesday acts up, you're so confused.  "Wait a minute.  We're supposed to be good here.  You bring me promise of a downward slope into the weekend/vacation.  You're supposed to be on my side here."

This completely imaginary conversation happened with me and Wednesday.  I won't say it to its face.  Hence the silent treatment.

Anywho, you know what I loved about today (trying to stay positive here)?  I got two, that's right two, great compliments on this outfit today.  The first was at  Whole Foods.  Now, let me say something that is not of great popularity.  I. HATE. Loathe. Despise.  Going. To. Whole Foods.  I have to oft make the trip there for food for mediations, 4-ways and such.  Well, I live in Boulder.  To those who are NOT Colorado fluent, Boulder is a very healthnut laid back college town up in the hills.  So, naturally, Whole Foods is always packed.  And packed with people who are apparently on a Sunday stroll, no particular place to be, moving at a very . . . molasses kind of pace (It's toothpaste, dude, pick one and move on).  Ok, back to the positivity. 

The courteousy clerk  was bagging my groceries (I worked at Safeway for fourth life sucking months, and I refuse to call them "baggers").  She was an older woman.  She may or may not be on some kind of medication.  She turned to me with the biggest smile on her face and said "oh my gosh!  Look at you!  You are all dressed up today!  You look like a model *turning toward overly irritated cashier* Doesn't she look great?!"  Annoyed the cashier while simultaneously making my day.  Thank you overly excited courteousy clerk!

The other was from the cashier (ironically) at Marshalls.  Which is where I had to go on the hunt for shorts for the vaca next week.  I have recently realized that I own but twoish pairs of shorts.  (That's because I have more, but they are amateur cutoffs that I wouldn't be able to pull off out of the house.)  So I went there to track some down. 

Well, I have to insert here how much more aware I am shopping since I started blogging.  I took eight things into the dressing room and left with four.  I even put back these really cute yellow skinny jeans that I loved, but didn't really look/feel great in.  See what I did just there?  Yep, I actually tried on my clothes.  Normally, before blogging, I would have grabbed an armful of cute stuff not knowing how it looked on me and took into no consideration how many times I might actually wear it, and run over to the cashier with a smile on my face.  I was quite proud of myself!   . . . . So I congratulated myself with some new sandals.  But they were clearance.  Give and take.  

Also, I was having probably the best hair day to date this year when I left the house this morning.  I knew that something would go wrong, so I took these pictures before work this time instead of after.  Good thing, cause we had random storms all day and it turned by great hair day into . . . something else.  I didn't know how busy it could be in a random strip mall at 7:45 in the a.m.  Probably could've helped if I'd not chosen one with a coffee shop . . .   

Blue Button Down-F21; Black Sleeveless Blouse-New York & Company; Red Belt-Rockin Robins; Beaded Cigarette Ankle Pants-thrifted, Sharagano; Sandals-Candie's; Ring-Kohl's; Earrings-DIY from Tina; Sunnies-Elle 

Oh, and my mom suggested that I post photographic proof of Kaden's 3-piece suit days.  Complete with top hat.  I was not lying the other day when I told you about this.  This pic was taken about 2 years ago when we had a bite at Five Guys.  Sorry future teenage Kaden.

July 26, 2011

Do the IPod Shuffle

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Does anyone remember MySpace?  I think I might still have an account.  Anywho, one of my favorite things that I used to do on MySpace for funsies was to take random quizes and one of my favorite of said quizes was the "put your IPod on shuffle and use it to answer these questions" quiz.  In a tribute to what used to be, here's my version:

What is your name?  Dueces Wild (Aerosmith) I'd take it

What do you do for fun?  Dream On (Queen) totally true!

What are you afraid of?  Dirty Deeds (ACDC) not afraid of, more mastered

What kind of people are you attracted to?   Cowboy Casanova (Carrie Underwood)  for the record, so the opposite of the kinds of guys I end up with . . . well . .  . the cowboy part I mean . . . actually the lyrics kinda fit my life well (pre-Patrick of course)

What's your style?  Bootylicious (Destiny's Child) if the mood strikes . . .

What do you think about?  Ain't No Rest for the Wicked (Cage the Elephant) more than you know . . .

What's your goal in life?   Sittin Waitin Wishin (Jack Johnson) I am still waiting to find out, so I dub this true.

What do you dream about?  Viva Las Vegas (Elvis Presley) Any vacation sounds like a dream to me right now.

Where do you live?  Dirthouse (Static X) Sometimes . . .

What do you do when you wake up in the morning?   Live Like You Were Dying (Tim McGraw) I try . .

What do you do on vacation?   Runaway (Janet Jackson) Isn't that the point?

What is your job?  The Lady is a Tramp (the Rat Pack) It's not my job, but I do hear it at my job about a million times . . .

If Obama called you on the phone, what would you talk about?   Better Man (Pearl Jam) I'm gonna leave this one alone . . . by the way, I am a democrat, but not really into politics.

If you were president of the United States, you would . . . Get Up (I Feel Like a) Sex Machine (James Brown) Again, I'll leave that one alone . . .

What's your moto?  Hit That (The Offspring) Ok, this is going downhill fast.  I better quit while I'm ahead.

Blue Sheer Top-Elle
White Tank-Wal-Mart
Floral Skirt-Candie's
Footless Tight-Vera Wang
Booties-Charlotte Russe

July 25, 2011

"Mom! You Look Like You're From 1762!"

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This is the kind of feedback that I got from Kaden (my oldest son) on our way to tutoring tonight.  Now, some of you might think that this is an unwelcomed comment, but if you knew Kaden, you would not be so quick to dismiss his comments . . . .

Kaden and I are like peas and carrots, as Forrest Gump would say.  For the majority of his life, it has been him and I.  His biological dad left the picture when he was not quite two (he's ten and a half now).  He's my buddy.

Kaden is definitely my child.  He beats to his own drum.  His drum is loud and dramatic.  It's perfect.  He also is quite the little fashion forward man.  He's not GQ, he doesn't care what's in style or what is popular.  He knows what he likes.  

He went through a long phase (literally years long) where he would only wear three piece suits.  I'm not kidding.  Sport coat, button down, slacks, a tie and  . . . a pink top hat.  Everyday to school.  His teachers told me that this was a problem and that he needed to not "stand out so much."  I told them to shove it.  If it didn't concern his schoolwork, I didn't even want to hear it.  

From there, he was a cowboy, Indiana Jones, a baseball player, Karate Kid and various other themes of his dressing.   I loved every minute of it.  He is currently in the other room at the tutoring center with a bandana on his head, a soccer shirt, jeans and high tops. 

Although in my last post I stated that Kaden was starting to get embarrassed when I took my public outfit photos, he has also been my biggest (though he'll never let his friends know) fan.  Often times, when you see me smiling the most, it's because Kaden's behind the tripod directing me.  "Mom, put your hand on your hip like this" or "Mom, that smile is too big and cheesy!"

So when Kaden got in the car and told me that my outfit looked like I was trying to dress like I was in 1762 and that my bag looked like it was from 1862, I listen.  Even though I used the "it's vintage!" defense, I listened.  Because when my kids have something outrageous and hilarious to say, I listen.

Top-Playdough's Closet
Pencil Skirt-Kohl's
Bag-Coach, gifted

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