April 30, 2015

Mission #56, Day 4--Under a Dress

The other day it was all about tying a button up OVER a dress.  Today I remind you that you can also use a button up UNDER a dress as well.  It's all a matter of prepositions really.  #ivebeengradinglanguageartscanyoutell #isitsummervacationyet

I have two stories for you guys today.  Both of them equally hilarious.  And because my brain is otherwise preoccupied with surviving the next four to five weeks of school and after school activities, this is what you get.

Last night we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things on our way to my sister-in-law's house for a BBQ for her birthday.  I ran in to grab some chips.  Previously, I had spotted a young girl, probably in her late teens.  She was tall.  She was slender.  And she was in really short denim shorts (I think I saw a butt cheek, for real) and a white tank top as tight as possible.  She had long blonde hair that was whipping around as she begrudgingly slumped over a cart behind her dad.

Suddenly, her dad went off to another aisle and I found myself behind her heading to the chip aisle.  All of a sudden, while she thought she was alone in the aisle, she discovered that Britney Spears' "Hit Me Baby One More Time" was coming through the speakers.  This girl perked up instantly, she hopped up as if she was the star of a Britney concert, held up a fake microphone and totally OWNED that chorus.  #getit  That was until she notice that I was behind her.  #dontmindme

The other story was from a couple of weekends ago when my nieces stayed the night at our house.  We pulled up to the house late and Reilly had fallen asleep in the van.  I instructed the girls to go upstairs and get their pajamas on.  "But Reilly is asleep, so . . . shoosh it," I warned jokingly.  Without missing a beat, my oldest niece Anya replied with "Shoosh it real good."  #thisiswhyiloveher

Bicycle Print Dress-Macy's
Button Up Blouse-Kohl's
Booties-Old Navy
Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

April 29, 2015

Mission #56, Day 3--Open

One thing that button ups are really great for--layering.  And when you leave one opened and unbuttoned, it can be the perfect light layer to your outfit.  In this case, I also added a blazer to make the look more polished.

This was what I wore to a photography class with Denver Style Magazine.  It was also a rare opportunity where I was actually able to shoot my pictures in the golden hour of sunlight.  Typically, I only have time to take my photos after work in the early afternoon.  The lighting is always challenging because the sun is at the highest point in the sky.

I use tricks, of course, to make the lighting less harsh (because also, I have NO idea how to use Photoshop or any photo editing, so whenever you see my photos--that is exactly as I shot them).  I put my back to the sun.  I work with shadows.  I chose locations according to where I will need to stand with the sun.  

But nothing, nothing beats the natural sunlight of the golden hour.  So I took it in.  All of it.  And loved every minute of these sun soaked photos.  Ironically taken prior to a photography class.  Also, I don't think the skateboarders utilizing the skate park behind me really grasped the excitement that I had over the lighting.  In fact, they were quite annoyed.  Perfect lighting and annoying children all in one day.  #winning

White Blazer-Ann Taylor, thrifted
Chambray Button Up-thrifted
Striped Socks-Target
Combat Boots-L.E.I.
Crossbody Bag-Coach, gifted
Necklace-Charming Charlie's
Earrings-Charming Charlie's

April 28, 2015

Mission #56, Day 2--Button Up Tied Over Blouse

And yet another way to utilize the button up blouse--tie that baby up over a dress!  It creates a longer torso and will actually make you look taller and leaner.  All in all--a win.  Not to mention, I assume it helps with those blouses that are stubbornly hard to button up (like if you have a larger chest . . . which unfortunately I was not blessed with).

This post and this outfit make me so happy for so many reasons.  First of all, I am wearing this straw vintage hat which was another salvage from Patrick's grandmother.  Also these cute wedge sandals were given to me by Patrick's other grandmother.

So basically I am donned in grandmother hand-me-downs here.  And I am 100% ok with it.  This is why I love vintage and why I love fashion and style.  It really is so very personal.  An item of clothing or an outfit can really tell a story.   It can ignite an emotion.

So something that I've never really been proud of . . . I don't read.  Other than articles online once in a while, I NEVER read.  After college I was kind of over it and now with 72 kids, I just feel like I never have time and when I do, I usually just end up zoning out to Pinterest or a documentary.

Well for my birthday, my mom's ex-boyfriend Bruce (who I still love so much!) sent me a book.  It is I'll Drink to That by Betty Halbreich.  For those that don't know, Betty Halbreich was a very well known and respected personal shopper at Bergdorf's.

So this week my resolution was to start a book.  Any book.  This seems like a good one.  And with school and activities winding down, it seems like as good a time as any to get started.

White Dress-thrifted
Gingham Button Up-Forever 21
Sandals-gifted by Patrick's grandmother
Straw Hat-vintage from Patrick's other grandmother
Starfish Earrings-Touchstone Crystal, c/o

April 27, 2015

Mission #56, Day 1--BUTTON UP BLOUSES--With Jeans

 Everyone knows that a button up is a staple for any closet.  Especially if you work in a professional field (which contrary to most of my outfit choices, I do).  But this week, we are going to explore why by experimenting with the versatility of the button down blouse.

One way to wear a button down blouse is with jeans.  Add a blazer and you've got a pretty standard casual Friday look.  Of course this look is posted on a Monday.  And the blouse is sheer.  And the jeans are leopard print.  But let's not get all tripped up in that.

My mom brought me this elephant pin back from Barcelona last month and I love it so much.  Elephants have always been my favorite ever since I was a little girl.  Did you know that elephants symbolize good luck but only when their trunks are pointed up?  Just a little something for your back pocket.

Also special in this outfit?  This hat.  It is one of more than half a dozen that I got from Patrick's grandmother.  She is getting rid of a bunch of stuff from her closet and I happened to inherit several amazing, legit vintage hats.  This is one of them.

What's most amazing about these hats that I got was that they were about to be thrown out in the trash!  Patrick's grandmother didn't want them and her daughter wanted the hat boxes.  They figured that the hats were just junk so they were about to be tossed when Patrick's step-dad stepped in and saved them for me.

So now not only are they amazing in general (seriously, I have not stopped wearing them since I got them), but they are really special to me.  Not just because they are from Patrick's grandmother but also because Patrick's step-dad thought of me and wanted me to have them.

Also, I threw on this backpack at the last minute to give this look an even more casual and rock star vibe.  I love this backpack.  Every time I wear it I think of when I went to the Goodwill fashion show last year.  I didn't want to take my camera bag into the show, so I opted to keep my camera in this bag.

Well, if you recall, I was uber pregnant at this fashion show and Patrick ended up carrying the backpack for me.  He had it slung over his shoulder when at one point I heard two older ladies talking about it.  They were going on and on about how chic it was and how much they loved it when they finally asked Patrick where he got it.  Patrick looked at them and then at me with bewildered eyes and I just started giggling.  Now every time I use this backpack I think of how chic it made Patrick look.

White Blazer-Ann Taylor, thrifted
White Sheer Button Down Blouse-thrifted
Leopard Print Skinny Jeans-Jordache
Studded Fold Over Booties-Forever 21
Studded Backpack-Jolly Chic, c/o
Hat-vintage from Patrick's grandma
Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted
Elephant Pin-gifted from Mom from Barcelona

April 24, 2015

Dear Frannie Friday--What NOT to Say to Parents of Disabled Kids

As any of you Instagram followers of mine know, yesterday my family and I spent the day cheering on my niece Anya at the Special Olympics.  My niece was born with spina bifida, which in a nutshell is a birth defect that forms early on in pregnancy.  My niece uses crutches to walk or uses a wheelchair.  Because her disability is physical, it can cause a lot of people to have knee jerk reactions.  Some of them are harmless, some of them are offensive.  Some of them are accidental and well-meaning.  Some of them are just rude.  Most of the time, people don't know how to react or what to say.  So I talked to my sister and she gave me this list.  Here are some things NOT to say to a parent of a child with a disability:

1.  I'm sorry.  To my sister, the most offensive thing that someone can say to her, either before finding out Anya's disability or after, is hearing sympathy from people.  It is not something to be sorry for.  Of course there are times when we wish Anya could do things that she just can't, but we wouldn't change a thing about her.

2.  What happened?  I've actually heard this one A LOT when I am with Anya.  Most of the time, I've heard it from children, but I have also had grown adults come up to me and ask what happened to Anya's legs or, even worse, what's wrong with Anya's legs.  It is perfectly ok to ask questions and my sister has never minded answering them.  But have some tact.  Try asking why she uses crutches or a wheelchair instead.

3.  She can't do that.  There are, of course, some things that Anya can't do.  But there are a lot of things that she can do that she doesn't get credit for.  My sister and brother in law have done an amazing job of always making Anya try to do things herself if she can do them.  It gives her independence and confidence.  Don't immediately assume (or worse say) that Anya cannot do something.  She just might be able to.

4.  Doing things for her.  On that same note, don't automatically do things for Anya assuming that she cannot do them.  For example, if her crutch falls, she can pick it up.  She can get herself dressed.  She can get up onto her wheelchair or chairs at school.  One thing for sure that she will always do--she will amaze you.

PS--Please take a moment to read my friend Bekey's story on the GoFundMe page that I set up for her and her kids.  If you are able, please consider donating.  Even a small bit can help.


White Sweater Dress-thrifted
Blue and Red Striped Shirt-Target
Fur Vest-Marshall's
Knee Socks-Kohl's
Rain Boots-Amazon

April 23, 2015

Thursday Mixer--Chevron Dress

This dress.  It was my first purchase from my favorite consignment shop Rockin Robins.  It appeared on my blog in my first month.  And since I have worn it 7 documented times.  I think I paid about $20 for it.  So the price per wear is about $3.  Not bad for a cute little dress.

Top Left to Right- 1, 2, 3
Bottom Left to Right- Now, 2, 3, 4 

Chevron Dress-vintage
White Fur Vest-Target
Low Studded Booties-Forever 21
Earrings-Charming Charlie's

April 22, 2015

Wordy Wednesday--Positive Thinking

I have alluded to this all week, but officially my weekly resolution for this week was to be more positive.  It's only been four days (I actually started on Sunday this week) and I can completely attest to the fact that it has made a HUGE impact on my life.  Inherently, I am a cynical, pessimistic, distrusting smart ass.  In addition, as much as I talk about my personal life here on the blog, please trust that it is a very small sliver of my everyday life.  And I deal with a lot o' shit.  Trust.  So this has definitely been a challenge.  BUT it is for sure one that I will try to carry on for my life and one that I highly encourage all of you to do as well.  









PS-Speaking of positive thoughts, I am so proud of the money that has been raised for my friend Bekey and her kids.  But there is still some work to do.  If you are able, could you please take a moment and help me to raise money for a young family in time of need by visiting her GoFundMe page?

Distressed Skinny Jeans-Kohl's
Striped Shirt-Target
Sleeveless Trench-Charlotte Russe
Tennis Shoes-Target
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