December 31, 2013

Mission #24, Day 2--Sequined Bolero

It's the second day of Mission Week and also the last day of 2014--say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???  I decided to celebrate with this fun sequined bolero.  I was actually approached with it by a salesman in a thrift shop.  He was the cutest little thing.  And spot on with this bolero.  It is so much fun to wear!

Today, after our ultrasound, we are going shopping.  Car shopping.  For a minivan.  Yes, that's right.  My cool mom card is officially getting repo-ed today as I succumb to the undeniably necessary reality that I will need a car that can tote four children around.

I'm so bummed about it.  I told myself I would never drive a minivan.  But, I am going to have four kids--one of whom will be in a car seat.  Two of which are boys in various sports with equipment.  And all three of them have more active social calendars than I do.  So it's inevitable.

But I'm going to make it as cool as possible.  Black.  And I refuse to put those stick figure things on the back.  Or any kind of "my kid is better than yours" or "I brake for {insert various stereotypical motherly activity/memorabilia}" bumper stickers.

And I do realize that it will come in handy.  Getting just the three kids in and out of a sedan is kind of a pain in the butt as it is--especially when one of them has a friend or sporting equipment with them.  So the space will be nice for sure.  Even if it comes with the humbling of my image.  Sigh.  I'm getting old.  And domestic.

Mint Polka Dot Dress-c/o Shabby Apple; White Tights-Target; Platform Loafers-ANA, gifted; Sequined Bolero-thrifted; Sunnies-Target

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December 30, 2013

Mission #24, Day 1--Sequined Top

Oh hey there.  I took an unintentional blog break last week for the holidays.  Also my computer decided to randomly die the Sunday prior.  I figured it was the universe telling me to take it easy and go sans blog for the holiday week.  But because my husband is awesome, it was more of an issue than a travesty.  And so I'm back.

Ergo, Mission Week is coming to you a week later than anticipated, but it is New Year's this week, so it works out (wearing sequins for a week I mean).   I got this sequined top at a clothing swap.  I was in love with it, despite the size difference.  And yet, viola!  Yet another advantage of not paying attention to sizes of clothes--they can come in handy when you gain several pounds.

And this outfit proves true--throw a blazer over anything and it is professional.  Ok, I wouldn't really wear this in a truly stiff corporate setting, but it works for the average workday at the average workplace.

On another note, it's Monday.  But also kind of Friday.  I am off tomorrow (we have our big ultrasound!) and off for New Year's Day.  The days have been so weird lately.  I barely know up from down with the calendar.

But I do know that today is my little niece Emma's birthday.  She is one spunky little (and I do stress little) tyke and I love her to nieces pieces.  Happy birthday Emma-nemma!

Grey Trousers-maternity and gifted; Pale Pink Sequined Tank-thrifted c/o Goodwill Clothing Swap; Tweed Blazer-gifted; Grey Mary Janes-K-Mart; Watch-gifted; Earrings-gifted; Sunnies-Target

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December 20, 2013

Dear Frannie Friday--Gender Predictions

 One of the most exciting things about pregnancy is finding out (or trying to find out) whether you have a little mister or a little missy in that belly!  This time, we are going to be surprised and I am actually really excited for the surprise (regardless of my history with willpower and surprises), but it's still fun to guess!  So here are some of the most common gender prediction Old Wive's Tales, how it relates to this pregnancy and that of my other kids:

1.  Chinese Gender Prediction Quiz.  Supposedly, this is really accurate.  What it does is calculates your age at conception and the month of conception and gives you a prediction.  It was right for Kaden (18/February), but wrong for Conner (22/June or July) and Brielle (24/July).  Supposedly, according to this chart, this baby is a girl (31/August).

2.  Carrying High or Low.  The saying goes that if you are carrying high, you will have a girl.  If you are carrying low, you will have a boy.  I can't really compare this to my other pregnancies.  First of all, they were too long ago (13, 8 and 6 years).  Secondly, you'd be surprised to know that I only have one pregnancy picture of me with all three pregnancies--from 9 months with my daughter.  But in general, I'd say I'm carrying high, so this would indicate a girl.

3.  Carrying Wide or in Front.  Similarly, it is thought that if you are carrying all of your baby in the front like a basketball, you have a boy in there.  If you are carrying wide and in the hips and/or thighs, like a watermelon, a girl's in your future.  Again, I don't have enough memory or photographic evidence to compare to my other kiddos, but I remember carrying all my babies in all of my body, not just my belly, as with this one.

4.  Moody much?  Apparently, if you are moodier than usual, you can expect a girl because of the extra estrogen.  I don't know about this.  I think I've been pretty moody with all of my kids.  But with this one I certainly have cried a lot more than usual.  But I did with Kaden too.  I remember crying at a cell phone commercial early on with him.

5.  Breast Changes.  If your boob growth has been substantial, this can signify a girl.  If your nipples are darker, this can mean a boy.  I'm not going to comment on my nipples, but I will (gladly!) report that my boobs are HUUUUUUUGE right now.  As someone who is normally flat chested, I'm totally digging it.  And I very much remember this being the case with my daughter.  Not so much the boys. 

6.  Morning Sickness.  If you skate through your first trimester without the joys of morning sickness, you are said to have a boy.  If you spent the first 12 weeks hugging the toilet, a girl is in your future.  I was not sick at all with Kaden.  Not once.  I was a little queasy with Conner, but nothing noteable.  With Brielle, I hardly went a day without throwing up.  Everything made me nauseous--the smell of Chinese food, Mexican food, cigarette smoke and even brushing my teeth.  The same is true for this one.  Times two.

7.  Heartbeat.  They say that a faster heartbeat than 140 bmp indicates a girl.  Anything slower, means a boy.  I have no idea what the heartbeats were for my other kids, but this one has been at around 143 each time, so just on the cusp.

8.  Cravings.  Salty things--pickles, chips and sour candies?  Boy!  Sweets--ice cream, cookies and chocolate?  Girl!  They also say that craving fruits means it's a girl and craving meats and cheeses means it's a boy.  With Kaden, I don't remember having many actual cravings.  I know I loved spaghetti, cereal and cotton candy, but nothing specific.  With Conner?  Mashed potatoes--specifically from KFC.  I had to have them all day everyday.  With Brielle, I had no cravings.  Mostly because nearly all food made me want to vomit.  Though I do remember wanting a Big Mac once.  This baby has been all over the place--ice cream, chocolate cake, LOTS OF FRUITS!!!!, cheese, bbq chicken pizza, salads, sandwiches, sugar cookies, glazed donuts.  For the first three or so months, the sight, smell and thought of meat made me so sick and I couldn't eat it.  But for a week or so, an Angry Whopper was something I'd been into.  So nothing really indicative there.

9.  Skin Changes.  They say it's a boy if your skin is extra dry and your feet are extra cold.  And if you are having a girl, you'll break out more because girls steal your beauty and all the extra estrogen will cause some pimples.  My skin with this baby has been soooooo dry and my feet are always cold.  And luckily, I haven't had a single pimple yet.  So according to this myth, it's a boy!

10.  Linea Nigra.  If it's a girl, the linea nigra (a dark line that sometimes appears down the middle of your belly when it grows) will stop at the belly button.  If it's a boy, it will continue all the way to the rib cage.  I don't have this at all, but I do remember having one with Kaden though I'm not sure how long it was.

11.  Wide face.  If your face stays narrow, it's a boy.  A widening face indicates a girl.  My face is huge.  In fact, I have had several people (like the other paralegal at work and my sister in law) tell that "I'm gaining weight in my face."   But I'm nearly positive that this happened with all of my pregnancies.

12.  Legs.  If the hair on your legs grows faster, it's a boy.  If your legs swell, it's a boy.  If they stay slender, it's a girl.  The hair on my legs have not grown at all!  Girl.  But they are getting enormous.  Boy.

13.  Clumsiness.  If you are clumsier then expect a boy, if you are more graceful then expect a girl.  I'm forever clumsy without fail--BOY.

14.  Toddler Boys.  Supposedly, if you are around a toddler boy and they show interest in your belly, you are having a girl.  If not, then it's a boy.  I don't know nor have been around any toddler boys (I only have two nephews--five nieces--and they are 6 and 7).

15.  Sleep Time.  A preference for sleeping on your left side indicates a boy and sleeping on your right indicates a girl.  If your pillow faces the north, you can expect a girl and a boy if it points in the south.  I sleep on my right, but I have always had this preference even prior to pregnancy.  And my pillow faces west.  So . . . 

16.  Even and Odd.  If the year you conceived and the age you conceived are both odd or even, you can expect a girl.  If one is odd and one is even, then you can expect a boy.  For me, this would mean a girl.

17.  Dreams.  If you dream that the baby is a certain sex, then it is said you will have the opposite sex.  In the beginning, all my dreams were little girls.  Lately though, it is all little boy.  My mom has been having dreams that my baby is a boy too.

18.  Headaches.  More frequent or painful headaches indicate a boy.  I remember having the WORST headaches with Kaden, not so much with Conner or Brielle.  And I haven't really had any with this baby either.

19.  Heartburn.  Always reaching for the Tums means you're having a boy (supposedly with a lot of hair, too!).  I remember getting heartburn with Kaden ALL THE TIME.  But I never got it with Conner.  I don't remember if I had it with Brielle because I was always gagging anyway.  I haven't had any heartburn this time.

20.  Lovely Locks.  They say that if you are having a boy, your hair will be shiny and thick.  If you are having a girl, it will be thin and dull.  There is nothing I can do about the thickness (it's always super thick), but it is definitely duller.  I especially notice it when I leave it curly.  Hello Macy Gray! 

 There are several other "tests" you can do to guess the baby's gender.  If you go to grab a mug and you grab the handle, it's a boy, the mug, it's a girl.  If you grab a key by the round part, it's a boy, the long part, it's a girl.  If you put your wedding ring on a string and dangle it over your belly and it goes in a circle, it's a girl, back and forth means a boy.  If you won't eat the heel of the bread, you're supposedly having a boy.  If you put Drano in your pee and it turns green, you are supposed to be having a boy.  But there is only two ways to know for absolute certain--the birth or bloodwork.  Ultrasounds are a close second but even those can be wrong.  But in the mean time, it sure is fun to guess!

Do you have a question or suggestion for Dear Frannie Friday?  Be sure to email me at

Maternity Jeans-Motherhood Maternity, thrifted; Grey Blazer-thrifted; Graphic Fashion Blogger Lace Tee-gifted by Mom from Italy!; Hot Pink Heels-H&M; Earrings-Charming Charlie's; Buckle Cuff-H&M

December 19, 2013

Thursday Mixer--Striped Tee

 I thrifted this tag-less, nameless navy and white striped tee back in June of '12 for about $3.  Since then, it has had 10 documented uses.  Current price per wear?  30 cents.

 I actually have another Aeropostale navy and white striped tee that has gotten equal or greater wear as well.  In addition to that, I think I have striped tees in every other color of the rainbow.  All of them are super versatile.  I very highly recommend you invest if you haven't yet.

 Top Left to Right- 1, 2, 3, Now, 5
Bottom Left to Right-1, 2, 3, 4, 5

 I have been going through this thing for the past two days where I have some kind of more fucked up than usual dream and wake up at or around 4 in the morning, unable to fall back asleep due to said fucked up dream until about 15 minutes before my alarm goes off.  It makes me more tired and cranky than usual.

 And in case you were wondering what kind of dream could leave you awake at 4 in the morning, I can tell you this--it is the kind of dream that when you tell your husband about the dream, he fears that he will have nightmares, wonders if you are possessed, asks what is wrong with you and asks you to please never tell him about your dreams again.  Yeah, that kind of dream.  

Skinny Cargos-Candie's; Navy and White Striped Tee-thrifted; Denim Jacket-Lee; Floral Scarf-vintage; Black Knee High Buckle Boots-Charlotte Russe; Earrings-gifted; Mirrored Aviator Sunnies-Target

December 18, 2013

Secrets Secrets

I've always stunk at secrets and surprises.  I can't say that I'm not trustworthy per se, but I have an accidental big mouth.  I've spilled so many beans on accident it is ridiculous.  To boot, I cannot handle surprises.  In fact, I always wait until the last minute to wrap Christmas and birthday presents.  Not necessarily because I'm lazy, but as soon as I open them, I want to give them to its recipient.  Last year when Patrick wasn't here to regulate, my kids opened nearly all of their Christmas presents early.  True story.

  My mom has known this from day one.  She and my Grandma can write shorthand, which is what Court reporters used to use prior to stenography machines.  (My grandmother was a legal secretary . . . just like me . . . and used to use shorthand to take notes at depositions and hearings.  She taught my mom.)  So she used to use shorthand to write out our Christmas lists so we couldn't peek.

 Also, I used to go on the hunt for my Christmas presents all the time.  One time, I found my sister, brother and I's big present--a VCR (how old does that make me?  Don't ask.).  But my dad found out.  And freaked and told us just to go ahead and have it.  He didn't wrap it or anything.  We didn't have anything to open.  That was the last time I sought out presents.

But . . . it wasn't the last time we cheated.  My sister and I got really good at opening our Santa gifts before my parents woke up by gently peeling off the tape and then putting it back on.  But one year, we got a Sega Genesis (dated again).  And my parents finally woke up so we could officially open our gifts.  And I blurted out "Mom, can I open the Sega?"  Woops.

Wine Colored Jeggings-Walmart; White Oversized Oxford Shirt-Walmart; Orange Tweed Blazer-J. Crew, thrifted; Cognac OTK Boots-Charlotte Russe; Necklaces and Earrings-vintage from Grandma; Sunnies-Target 

December 17, 2013

Share the Covers--I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

Here is the poppy little original by the Proclaimers . . .

And the total awesome cover by Mikal Cronin . . . I couldn't find a video for.  BUT you can listen to it and even download it for FREE here.  Yeah, I know, I'm creating extra work for you, but trust me, you will thank me.  I was never super fond of the original, but this cover is just too adorable.  He wrote it for his girlfriend when they were living in different states.  Love this version so much.

This weekend was so full of ups and downs for me.  It all started on Friday afternoon.  Lots of scary family health drama--not going to go into details here though.  Not to mention arguments with my ex (as usual . . .).  And there was also an episode where our dog Nakita got out of the house and I had to chase her around the neighborhood for 30 minutes.  In my flour covered apron and slippers.  Kaden bashed his head on a chair--I thought for sure he was going to need stitches.  

I baked my ass off to the point of absolute exhaustion.  I usually bake about a dozen kinds of bars and cookies during one weekend in particular during the holidays and I love it.  But I'm usually not 31 and five months pregnant when I do.  And by the time it was all said and done on Sunday night, my legs and feet were swollen twice the size.  Not to mention, we also got the tree and decorated it.  To help my sister and brother in law out with my newest nieces pieces, I had my other nieces over for most of the weekend too.  Bus-say.

But on the upside--it worked out.  My niece was finally discharged from the NICU this morning.  I am on the verge of settling things with my ex.  We have soooooo many treats in our house--it smells and tastes amazing.  Our tree is finally up and looks beautiful.  We got the dog back (well . . . Patrick got the dog back).  Kaden's head is fine.   And my nieces and Brielle, my daughter, are so close and have so much fun when they are together.  I don't barely hear from them when they get together--they just play and play.

Today (Monday) was so busy for me work wise and personal wise.  Kaden got sick at school and I had to go and pick him up.  When I picked Brielle up after school, she got sick as well.  I woke up at 4:50 this morning from a bad dream and couldn't go back to sleep, so it's been a looooong day.  But, as my mom says, it's a blessing in disguise.  You have to find the beauty in everything.  Like this:

See that guy in this picture?  I was taking these photos and some guy was playing the violin in the park.  It was beautiful.  And the weather was perfect and the lake was clear and it was so tranquil.  Not to mention, no one cares about the weirdo taking her own photos when someone's playing a violin in the park.

Maxi Dress-gifted by Lynne; Crocheted Shawl-vintage; Studded Wedges-Mudd; Butterfly Bracelet-vintage from Mom; Jeweled Bracelet-DIY and gifted; Sunnies-Target; Earrings-Kohl's
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