June 30, 2011


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Just so you all know (if you didn't already), my hair is naturally curly.  Those of you who feel my pain can relate when I say that any precipitation whatsoever is like kryptonite to my hair.

Luckily, I got these shots in as I hurried off to my son's baseball game, which was canceled on account of the huge rain/thunderstorm that we got about 20 minutes after these shots were taken.

 Dress-Broiche, gifted
Shrug-I.N., Macy's
Belt-Elle, Kohl's
Booties-Charlotte Russe
Broach-garage sale
Ring-District of Clothing
Sunnies-Elle from Kohl's

June 29, 2011

Dress Assistant Shout Out

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My pretties, I have been meaning to mention something of great value to you.  I swear it wasn't out of selfish intent but purely out of a lapse of memory.  I have a little trick of the trade that could literally save you so much time and bring to you much closet appreciation . . .

Some of you might be already familiar with this product, but I have never heard of it or heard of anyone ever using it.  It all started with a Clueless reference . . . .

So I was talking to Pat one night about how cool it would be to have that program that Cher uses in Clueless for my own closet.  After harnessing my thinking cap, I took to the internets . . . 

That's when I stumbled across Dress Assistant.  I checked it out online and figured that for only $19.95, it was worth a try.

 Let me tell you my friends, it was totally worth it!  The pain in the arse part is that you have to take pictures of all your clothes, shoes and accessories.  BUT when you are done, it is so much fun to play with! 
You get to make your own outfits with it, name them and even coordinate them with events.  I cannot tell you how much fun this has been and even better how much time it has saved me getting dressed in the morning.  When I am bored, I just sit around and "play with my clothes" on this program, mixing and matching and remixing . . . it's great!  And come morning, when I am stumped on what to wear, I just fire it up and look for that outfit I have made but long forgotten.  Even better is that it really lets me see everything that is in my closet.  Gone are the days when I pull out a piece of clothing and get that "oh yeeeeeeeah . . . " moment.  If you are inclined, check it out!  It is worth it, I promise. 

Necklace, Cuff and Earrings-Kohl's

June 28, 2011

Celebrations and Memory Lane

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So many things to celebrate today!  First and foremost Happy Happy Golden Birthday to my little sister!!!!!  She is the world's greatest sister, mom and wife eva eva.  Love more Peeps!

Second, is what I am going to entitle "making karma my bitch".  That's all I have to say about that.

Third, my location today is my old stomping grounds at Westview Middle School.  I share so many fantastic memories and great friends from this old place.  A shout out to Jessica(s), Holly, Cristi, Elena, Shawnee, Lindsey and Nicole.  Though we have lost touch over the years since we were teeny boppers, they have and always will remain in my hearts.  Love you girls!

Fourth, my bolero.  You remember how excited over this when I thrifted it don't you?  Yeah, how can you not.  Even my boss, Daryl, today said it was his favorite thing I have ever worn to work.  Speaking of work, don't you just love my new hair accessory?  Yeah, apparently I forgot that I had shoved a #2 in my hair to keep the frizz ball off my sweltering neck earlier in the day . . . 

Fourth and a half, it is hard to see in these pictures, but my earrings are made out of antlers and have humming birds carved into them.  They were my grandmother's favorite animal.  Pat's dad's friend made them and they rock the hizzy.

Fifth, this dress has a story (I love that about clothes).  I got it for my grandpa's memorial service about six years ago.  He had passed away in April, but we had the memorial service in July on his birthday in his home town of Wolf Creek, Montana. This is not typically what one would say about a memorial service, but it was honestly one of the best memories of my life.  All my dad's side of the family was there and it was so much more of a celebration of his life than your run-of-the-mill-crying-wearing-black-and-eating-croissants-with-aunts-you-have-never-met-before kind of affair.  He was really funny and really cool.  We all just partied down.  That is the kind of memorial I want to have.  I wore this dress to that service and bought it up in Montana while we were there.  It was perfect. 

On a not so celebratory note and while we are taking a trip down memory lane, I saw this tree at the school and suddenly remembered its importance.  When I was in 6th grade, a fellow classmate of ours died in a car accident.  I remember this very vividly.  He probably never knew I existed and we were not friends (he was popular while I was shy and awkward), but I remember it because it was the first dose of mortality I was ever introduced to.  It is a hard thing when you are 12 and realize that you are not invincible.  Our class planted this tree in his memory.  

Red Tank-Kathy Ireland
Dress-Ruby Rox
Earrings-gifted and DIY

June 27, 2011

Same Old Song and Dance

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 I've come to find that there are several very advantageous reasons for taking my own outfit pictures outside . . .

For one, I have become a lot more confident with doing it.  I don't have to psych myself up to do them anymore and don't freak out when I see people coming up behind me wondering what the hell I am doing.

For example, in this picture I am admiring some cute little pups that were taking advantage of the cool water on this hot day.  Their owner motioned to me asking if she could come down and let her pups play in the pool. Unfortunately I talked to her for about three minutes about how cute her dogs were with no response from her.  I guess I should pay better attention because she had her ear buds in.  Woops . . . .  Who's the dumbass now?   Oh well . . .

Another great thing about taking my outfit pictures is that I get to explore what a wonderful landscape that I have literally right in my backyard that I never even explored before.  

This little creek is down the street from my house and I never even knew it was there.  Turns out, it is perfect for photos.

These high waisted, wide legged vintage sailor pants are my absolute faves.  I've worn them on here before.  My only concern is that when I wear them, I feel like I am wearing delicate China that my grandmother has had in the family for years and broke out only for Thanksgiving dinner because she didn't want anything to ever happen to them . . .

Coincidentally,  one of my favorite blogs of all time Calvintage talked about this exact situation in her post today as well . . .

Do you do this too?  Or are we the only two weirdos in this world?  ;-)

Sailor Pants-vintage
Denim Jacket-Levi's
Booties-Charlotte Russe

June 24, 2011

Hard to Concentrate Double Dots

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Somethin' about today just made it hard to concentrate on much.   Perhaps it was my pure joy and excitement for picking up my two younger kids . . .

Maybe it's because it was Friday and a very long awaited weekend of a limited agenda . . .

Maybe I couldn't concentrate as much with all the contrasting polka dots I was wearing (which I loved btw) . . .

*Side note: have you ever paired an outfit together in a moment of spontaneity and stood stunned at your creation like "huh, why the flip didn't I ever think of this before?"  This outfit was such and a great success in my book.  I know I'm not alone here, right?  Riiiiiiiiiight.

Perhaps it was because it was extremely and inordinately busy for an empty law office on a Friday afternoon.  For some reason, when I am alone in the office I am just swamped with stuff.  Which explains my photo shoot.  At Peggy's advice, I decided to take these pictures in the ten minutes that I had between the end of my shift and picking up my kiddos right in front of le office.  In the picture below, I am pointing to the window right next to my desk.  Thanks Peggy!


 P to the S--If you follow my Facebook Page, you have already seen my sincere apology.  Today I realized that I missed my three days three ways yesterday.  It honestly completely slipped my mind.  I promise I'll make it up to you somehow.  Forgive me?  *puppy eyes*

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