September 29, 2011

Lipsynching--Awkward and Awesome Thursday

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There is something you must know.  There is something that I have held onto since high school and I cannot give it up.  I have an amp and larger speakers in my car.  I used to have it because I thought I was cool enough to "bump" down the street to TuPac at alarming, deafening volumes.  Because of that, I am now fairly hearing impaired.  So, though my tastes of music has varied, I keep the speakers in my car.  That and I can't listen to music without some  bass at least.  But just for a moment, imagine me.  In my used gold Saturn (that's for you Chris).  "Bumping" down the street.  To anything from hip hop to metal to classic rock.  Awkward.

Well, as most of you may remember, I lost the CD player in my car a month or so ago.  It was one of the most disappointing days of the year.   I have thus been forced to wear my IPod in my car while I drive (only in one ear, calm down, I'm still careful).  The earbud can be problematic and I have noticed how anything I do can hinder my musical intake--chewing, buckling and unbuckling, talking on the cell phone, reaching for something in my purse)--by ripping the earbud out of my ear.  So, I try to be as still and focused as possible when I drive.  I wonder if Progressive has a safer driver kind of discount for that?  I think Flo would approve.  Awesome.

Bonus, though.  Because my speakers can make my music a little more noticeable to others (ok, I'm not obnoxious with it, but I just like my music load when on highways and stuff, not at stop lights or through neighborhoods), I am sometimes more selective with my music.  I mean, I love the Police and all but . . . it sounds kind of Awkward flooding out of the car.  So, with the IPod, I can Bailamos and Play that Funky Music White Boy without shame.  Awesome.

But here's something a little Awkward.  As if it wasn't awkward enough to see my little Goldilocks (that's my car's name) bee bopping down the street, but you often see me pulling a total Michael Bolton, going to town with some Biggie or taking a trip down memory lane with some Spanish hip hop (I LOVE the beat) from a phase I went through a couple of years ago or screaming right along with Static X, throwing up some metal horns.  I am not shy when it comes to me in my car.  That is my special place and often my drive time is my only "me" time of the day.  It is priceless and special.  So I take total advantage.  However, what might look even stranger than me singing every single word of Regulate is the fact that I continue to sing along and dance like a maniac in my car.  With my IPod in.  That no one else can see or hear.  Awkward.

*Insert transition I'm unable to come up with at the moment*  Daryl asked me to find a file today in the file room.  This entails lifting and searching through box after box of files.  Each box about 60-70 pounds.  Some of them are stacked on top of each other.  This often involves ladders.  Not a big deal.  Unless you happen to be wearing a very fitted, high-waisted, virtually immobile pencil skirt and four inch stiletto heeled oxfords.  Awkward.

One of my favorite parts of the night is the about half hour or so between the kids being ready for bed and actually going to bed, a.k.a winding down time.  Often times, we are playing either Go Fish, which my daughter is exceptional at by the way, or Uno.  It's so simple, yet one of the funnest parts of my day.  Awesome.

It was supposed to be 70 and cloudy today.  Clearly, it was sunny and in the high 70's.  I wore a faux fur vest and knit knee highs.  Awkward and Awesome.

Faux Fur Jacket cut into a Vest-unknown, gifted; Teal Sheer Top-Elle for Kohl's; Pencil Skirt-Louis Faraud, gifted; Knit Knee Highs-Ross; Oxford Heels-Charlotte Russe; Ribbon Belt-Vera Wang for Kohl's; Earrings-DIY and gifted

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September 28, 2011

A Beautiful Ride

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I got sick of my usual scenery for outfit shots, so I took a different drive home and discovered this perfect little fishing spot/reservoir.  The leaves on the trees were magnificent and the babbling water was so serene. 

Driving to pick up my kids, the above song came on my IPod (still sans car radio).  It was so relaxing driving through the countryside on my way home.  It almost felt like I was rediscovering my town.  The autumnal country scenery was absolutely perfect for some Gary Allen. 

"Life ain't always beautiful.  Sometimes it's just plain hard.  Life can knock you down, it can break your heart . . . 

 . . . Life ain't always beautiful.  You think you're on your way.  And it's just a dead end road at the end of the day . . . 

. . . But the struggles make you stronger.  And the changes make you wise.  And happiness has it's own way of taking its sweet time . . .

. . . No life ain't always beautiful.  Tears will fall sometimes.  Life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride."

I am not one for cliches.  In fact, the use of cliches are oft used at the most inopportune times--when the speaker doesn't know what else to say and the recipient either doesn't believe the cliche or doesn't think it applies to them.  

I've been through some very trying times in my life for sure.  I've been given my own surplus of cliches.  I've heard the "this too shall pass", "everything happens for a reason" and "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger" speech more than I can count.  

At the time, I would just roll my eyes and give a "pssssssssh" under my breath.  But, turns out, it is totally true.  Through all the ish I have been through, without it, I would not be the person I am today.  And for that I am grateful.  For every single challenging and messed up thing I have been through, I am grateful.  And, Gary Allen is right, life is a beautiful ride.   

Maroon Top-Style & Co., thrifted; Suede Penstripe Pencil Skirt-Dawn Joy, thrifted; Belt-thrifted; Heels-Mudd; Bracelets and Earrings-Kohl's

Oh, oh, oh!!!!!!!!!  Speaking of beautiful, do you all remember this dress?  Well, eShakti is being kind enough to offer all interested readers a $20 discount to eShakti's online store!!!!  Just for YOU!!!  (and you and you and you).  All you need to do is use the discount code ROBIN0811.  Isn't that great news????  The code is valid through October 31, 2011 so don't delay if you are interested.

September 27, 2011

Pet Peeves

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I was listening to Slacker and Steve on the radio at work today and they were doing the daily O.P.P. (other people's problems) about pet peeves, so I thought I'd give it a whirl Frannie Pantz style for y'all today with things that bug me.  Bon apetite.

1.  Please and Thank You's go a loooooong way.  I have worked in fast food, waitressing, electronic retail and various other jobs.  Trust me when I say that there are a lot of people who forgot what they learned in grade school. 

2.  Not being a proper tipper.  The standard tip percentage has not been a socially acceptable 15% for a decade now.  It's 20% at least.  

3.  Road rage.  I've been known to mutter an obscenity under my breath from time to time, but riding someone's tail, honking, excessive hand gestures and the like leave me like "really?".  Good thing you've road his ass for those ten minutes.  Bet he learned his lesson.  *rolling eyes*

4.  Not recycling.  Especially true if you have access to have your recycleables picked up at your curb.  I used to drive twenty minutes to drop off my recycleables wherein I had to separate evah-re-thang.  It doesn't take excessive effort and it is SO important.

5.  People who are slooooooooooooow grocery shoppers.  If I am ever found taking a leisurely stroll in the salad dressing aisle of the grocery store for six minutes debating what kind of topping future my baby spinach is going to have--you have my permission to slap me. 

6.  The million times I'm told that "the sun never sets for the cool" or asking "if it's too bright out" when I wear my sunglasses all the time.  My eyes are sensitive ok?  Ass.

7.  Nationwide commercials.  Seriously, hasn't every person on the face of the planet seen this commercial yet?

Leopard Sundress (worn as a skirt)-Vintage, Black Cowl Neck Tank-Ascusa, gifted; White Blazer-Ann Taylor, thrifted; Heels-Carlos Santana, gifted; Necklace-Kohl's; Earrings-vintage from Grandma

September 26, 2011

Heart Skipped A Beat--A Review for eShakti

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Imagine my excitement when the lovely Jennifer from eShakti contacted me about reviewing a piece from their website!  Can you imagine it?  Probably not because just getting her email sent me dancing with joy and days of online browsing through the site.

I ultimately decided on this gorgeous silk dress.  Isn't it magnificent?  I love the pattern mixing, the soft silk fabric, the length and the cut of the dress.  I can totally see this dress working with many an outfit through the fall, spring and summer!  The lightweight fabric makes it really breezy for warmer temps and it has great layering abilities for the fall with its rich colors.  I didn't even realize it when I ordered it, but it has pockets too!

 The thing about this site is that it is incredibly individualized.  Not only are you able to give your precise measurements to make sure that your piece is fit right to your body, but you can even customize your piece as far as hemlines and sleeves.  I kept the dress as is and even cheated by just giving Jennifer my dress size, height and bra size and it came out fitting like a glove!

Even with a custom made dress, I received it within a week or two of placing my order.  When I got it in the mail, I was jumping around and squealing like it was Christmas morning.  When I put it on, I was sold. 

I decided to style the dress this go round by pairing it with neutrals.  I went with my nude pumps, brown vintage Coach bag, new suede blazer and very few accessories.

As you can imagine, when I knew my dress was actually on the way, I alerted everyone within earshot about my anticipation of its arrival.  Needless to say, everyone who has seen it has been complimenting it.  So far, its a hit!

The great thing about eShakti is that it doesn't stop at pretty dresses.  They have amazing tops, skirts, pants and even coats!  Head on over and check out all their goodies!  It took me days to narrow down what I wanted to try out and now I can't wait to do some more shopping there!

So, I got this suede blazer on my thrifting venture this last weekend.  It is so soft and a perfect little lightweight, fall cover.   I also fell in love with the bell sleeves!

I have to say, between the silky new dress and the soft suede blazer, I felt pretty good in this look all day.  Well, the top part anyways . . .

As far as my feet, however, I am still, still breaking in these Vera Wang nude pumps after owning them for months now.  It could be partly my fault, however.  I was so determined to get myself some nude pumps that in my haste, I got the last pair of "almost my size".  Oh, ok, this is why you should always wait until the right size to buy shoes . . . 

Dress-c/o eShakti, buy it here; Leather Blazer-Wet Seal, thrifted; Nude Pumps-Vera Wang; Bag-vintage Coach, gifted; Earrings-vintage from Grandma

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