April 29, 2016

Mission #81, Day 5

Another casual look from Victoria to close out this Mission Week, but one that would work perfectly for a number of instances--casual Friday, movie night, girl's night . . . The only thing I was missing was an amazing white bag.  But don't worry--it's on my wish list for Mother's Day.  We will see if I get that request :-)


White Jeans-Jordache
Black Tank-Old Navy
Striped Cropped Cardigan-thrifted
Silver Bag-Kohl's
White Heels-Charlotte Russe
Earrings-Charming Charlie's

April 28, 2016

Mission #81, Day 4

Victoria Beckham has a way of taking really basic pieces and making them look incredibly chic.  Case in point, the elements of this outfit are really simple--grey trousers, white button down and patterned heels.  Make sure the trousers are flared, undo a few buttons of the blouse, make your belt wide and dramatic and the heels high end--and you're in.  #tellmewhatyouwantwhatyoureallyreallywant


Grey Trousers-Forever 21
White Button Down-Walmart
Earrings-Charming Charlies
Watch-vintage from Grandma
Heels-Ralph Lauren, thrifted

April 27, 2016

Mission #81, Day 3

V. Beck is, less we forget, also a woman of business.  And she can absolutely dress the part.  In fact, it is hard to narrow down a Victoria Beckham pencil skirt outfit.  But when my boss lady handed down this skirt and sweater to me, it was an instant outfit.


Black Pencil Skirt-thrifted
Black Heels-thrifted

April 26, 2016

Mission #81, Day 2

Posh Spice doesn't do casual very often, but she does do casual very well.  Her tiny little frame looks magnificent in flared jeans, but honestly they are a shape that works well with anyone IMO.  Just ad a chunky heel and a fancy bag and you're set to go!


Flared Jeans-Banana Republic
Grey Tee-Target
Bag-Prada, thrifted
Necklace-oNecklace, c/o 
Diamond Stud Earrings-gifted

April 25, 2016

Mission #81, Day 1--Victoria Beckham

Guess who just had a birthday last week (same day as my daughter actually) AND also has four kids (also three boys and a girl) AND is a style icon AND is the muse for this week's Mission Week?  Ms. Victoria Beckham of course!  This look was pretty easy to recreate and really comfy too.  It was also boss lady approved. #winning


Cargo Joggers-Target
Baseball Tee-Forever 21
Black Blazer-thrifted
Nude Heels-Vera Wang
Leopard Print Bag-thrifted
Earrings-DIY and gifted

April 22, 2016

Dear Frannie Friday--Tips for Consigning Your Clothes

Allegedly (although we were just in a blizzard warning last weekend), warmer temps are around the corner and you know what that means--time to slim down . . . closets.  As a hoarder myself, I can honestly tell you that I will not be getting rid of any clothes.  But if you are in the market, you have lots of options for getting rid of those clothes you are ready to part with--give them to friends (thanks so much to my boss lady who always blesses me with her hand me downs), donate them to the thrift store, sell them via Etsy or Poshmark or the like.  But you can also consign them.  This is where you take the clothes you don't want to a consignment shop.  Those pieces selected will be sold at the store and you will get a percentage of the proceeds from that sale.  It can be pretty lucrative.  But if you are going to consign, here are some tips for you:

Tip #1--Perfect condition.  No, really.

Consignment shops are picky.  And rightfully so.  As discussed previously, consigning is a bit of an upscale secondhand endeavor.  So if you want to consign something with a missing button, a stuck zipper, a lipstick stain, a rip in the cuff--these very may well be deal breakers.  Consignment shops pride themselves on their quality product. And thus, they may reject your offering, even if it is designer/high end/vintage. 

Tip #2--What season is it?

Much like your pieces need to be in good condition, you also need to make sure that they are in season.  Most consignment stores wont' take your sweaters in late May or your miniskirts in November.  They keep their stock season appropriate to keep their customers excited for things they can use rightnow.


As a former smoker--I get it, ok?  I get the stigma and seeming discrimination.  But girl--your stuff will stank if you have smoked in it.  And a lot of consignment stores have strict policies about not taking your clothes if it has been in a smoking environment.  I'm for real.  

Tip #4--Appointments only

Don't count on being able to walk in with your stack of clothes on a whim and just drop it off.  A lot of consignment shops will require you to make an appointment and/or have specific days and/or times of which they will allow you to come in and consign your clothes.  So make sure you call ahead and keep apprised of their polices.  

Tip #5--Read your contracts and policies carefully

Maybe you'll take it as the legal worker in me, but it is to your benefit to review in detail the policies for consigning to where you consign.  This information is important and affects issues like how long your clothing will be left on the sales floor before it goes back to you, the percentage of the sale that will go to you and retrieval of your pay (some companies specifically state that they will not contact you when your items sell and it is left up to you to check the status).

Bottom line--consignment is a great option to make a little extra cash, clean out your closet and not have to worry about the hassle of trying to get rid of your clothes for cash yourself (as someone who has tried out an Etsy shop and a Poshmark with no success I can say, next time I'll leave it to the professionals).  Hopefully this post will help you out. 

Denim Romper-Calvin Klein, thrifted
Cognac OTK Boots-Charlotte Russe
Straw Woven Tote-thrifted
Necklace-Charming Charlies

Photos by Allison Clark

April 21, 2016

Thursday Mixer--Floral Scarf

This scarf was one of those "pass by on the way to the cashier but it catches your eye and it's a decent price so you grab it" purchases.  It is thrifted, natch.  I was immediately drawn to the black and white with pops of yellow and the fun mix of floral and polka dot patterns.  

I have worn this scarf a number of times in a number of ways--in my hair, with a dress, with pants and even as a shirt for goodness sake!  It's a keeper.   I don't remember how much it was--I'm going to guess around $6 only because that's thrift market value for a vintage scarf not on mark down/clearance.  Which if my calculations are correct, would make the price per wear of this beauty 75 cents.  Worth its weight in gold.

Top Left to Right-1, 2, 3, 4
Bottom Left to Right-1, 2, 3, Now 

Grey Dress-H&M, thrifted
Yellow Booties-Forever 21, thrifted
Yellow Bag-Claire's
Floral and Polka Scarf-thrifted
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