April 30, 2012



So, today was Peggy's last day in the firm.  She is getting her own place in Denver.  I've been trying to hold my shit together to get ready for this day, but I have to say, I've been feeling a bit sad about it. 

It was only a little over a month ago that I lost Bob--aka my confidante and friend in the office--when he passed away.  Peggy was my other close friend in the office.  I would talk to these two all day long.  Our desks are talking distance apart.  Sigh.  It's been pretty sad and I will miss her so much.

But I am very happy for her.  She is moving on and up and she is going to do great.  So instead of being bummed out all day, I decided to wear Peggy's favorite top of mine.  

Words cannot express how much I love this tunic.  I spotted it at Ross a few years back.  It is comfy and just the right mix of sparkle and boho.  Typically, however, I pair it with something tighter on bottom or shorter (like here).  This was a bit too bohemian for me.  But Peggy was a fan.  So it was a win.  ;-)

OMGosh.  I am mourning something else tonight.  Today I went to pick up my daughter at day care after she was at her dad's this weekend.   I walked in the school, looked around and could not find her.  "She's right over there," says her teacher. 

I turn around.  "Brielle!  OH.  MY.  GOD.  YOUR HAIR!!!"  My daughter left with hair down to her butt and came back to hair at the shoulders.  It is the most adorable thing I have ever seen.  She looks so grown up.  I love it!  But . . .

It was definitely a shock.  And--I missed my baby's first major hair cut.  But, when you are a two parent household, you are bound to miss some firsts.  You just have to accept that and just accept what time you do get. 

Which is just what I did.  And the absolute best part of my day was when Brielle went out front to talk to Patrick and came inside with a glass full of dandelions.  Just for me.  Just because.  

Aaaaaand do you know what awesome hobby that Conner has become obsessed with?  Cup stacking.  This is a serious sport in the first grade. I have looked everywhere for the actual cup stack game, to no avail.  So Conner has been substituting some Solo cups in the meantime. 

But today, he got a wonderful surprise waiting for him.  A package had come for him.  From Patrick.  It was the real cup stack game.  He got the whole routine down to 25 seconds.  That's right.  

So the moral of the story for today's Monday is this: my kids make every bad day a better one.  

  Jeweled Earth Tone Tunic with Dolman Sleeves-Ross; White Cotton Eyelet Skirt-Abercrombie & Fitch, thrifted; Platform Oxfords-ana, gifted; Gold Watch-gifted; Earrings-gifted

By the way, is it May already?  Good golly!

April 29, 2012

DJ Whitey


First of all, I really hate doing two posts in one day.  Really.  But sometimes I have so much fun stuff to share, I just can't help myself.  And Black Hawk was pretty fun.

We surprised Pat's sister Jessica last night for her birthday.  It was Pat and I, his mom, his dad, Jessica's boyfriend (who orchestrated the whole shindig) and some of her friends.  She thought she was just up there with her boyfriend.  Ha!  Happy birthday Jessica!

Can I tell you the best thing about this trip to Black Hawk?  I'm getting married in four-ish months.  The wedding has been on a serious back burner situation dealing with some other emergencies in the mean time.  It's kind of been freaking me out. 

But spending some time this weekend with my future family was just sensational. I am so lucky to be adding so many wonderful people to people I can call my family.  

Pat's mom drove with Pat and I up to Black Hawk and we took the back roads which were GORGEOUS.  Then, we had the big surprise moment with Pat's sister once there.  

After "SURPRISE!" Pat, his mom and I went out to dinner.  Then, Pat, his sister and all the others were into going to the tables.  Pat's mom and I prefer the slots.  

The selection process for Pat's mom is simple--find something cute.  She was so funny finding the games with the cute little animals.  And you know what?  I watched her win $200 with a $10!  It was the most she ever won.  We were all stoked.  

After a bit, we decided to go back to our room for a bit--Pat's mom and I.  Truth be told, we were in search of a good non-casino watered down cocktail.  Well, we were staying in Central City, which is a city about a mile away from Black Hawk.  There is a shuttle bus that comes from casino to casino and Central City to Black Hawk.  

Well, our bus driver, who we became quite familiar with after riding on the shuttle at least half a dozen times throughout the evening, introduced himself to us as DJ Whitey.  DJ Whitey introduced us to the Party Bus.  And told us that the women were free to use the pole to his left for dancing, should we choose to.  Aw, Colorado.  We gots class. 

At any rate, there was one particularly rowdy couple, probably in their 50's, which were hilarious and loud.  The woman started talking about how she couldn't dance because she didn't have heels on.  In fact, she announced, no one in her group had heels on . . . "but she got some heels on!" she said pointing at my feet.  I was wearing these booties, bythedubbs.   Then the whole group started ooohing and aaahing.  Pat's mom turned to me and said that was so cool.  And she proceeded to joke about me pole dancing the rest of the night.  It was freaking funny. 

Also, DJ Whitey liked to play disco music.  And Pat's mom and I may or may not have gotten down on some Mr. Big Stuff.  Completely without shame.  

 Oh the fun didn't end there.  Pat's mom and I were laughing and having so much fun until wee hours in the morning.  Whoever thinks that older women can't hang, is seriously underestimating the situation.  Fab.  U.  Lous. 

And though I came home with only $40 (which I didn't win, I had just managed not to gamble away) and though my wedding is coming up quicker than I can even comprehend, I took great gratitude and solace in the fact that even if the wedding isn't perfect, I knew that the people I would spend the rest of my life with, were.  

  Striped Maxi Dress (worn as a skirt)-thrifted; Coral Short Sleeved Button Down-NY&Co., thrifted; Nude Criss Cross Sandal Wedges-Marshall's; Necklace-vintage from Grandma; Earrings-gifted

Back in Black


This is what I wore on Saturday.  I wore it to go see my sister at her thrift store in Johnstown.  Also to drop off some clothes for it from my closet.  *sniff sniff*

The bag I actually borrowed from her store on my way out front to take photos with it.  I fell in love with its vintage briefcase-esque feel.  When I saw the golden "R" on the front, I knew it was a match made in heaven (my real name starts with an "R").  She let me keep it.  ;-)

It is for that reason that I cannot own my own thrifting or consigning store.  I would end up just keeping everything that walked through the door. 

I actually thrifted this sweater last week some time.  Surprisingly, it is the only thing that I left the thrift store with.  With a $3 pricetag and the chain detail on the shoulders, it was pretty much a no brainer. 

Unfortunately, I did not follow one of the cardinal rules of thrifting before purchase--trying it on.  Though I still love the sweater, I was thrown off by how tight it was, how shear it was and how itchy it was.  Sadly, it might end up at my sister's store after all.  :-(

You know me.  I love my colors.  But sometimes, it is nice to take a break and go for the oldest neutral standby in the book--black.  

To my surprise, Patrick loved this look.  He totally dug the darker goth side of my wardrobe for a change and he's always been a sucker for my combat boots.  Go figure.

Which was funny because here I was snapping away while Patrick was talking to my sister about the shelves he is building for her in the store (is he the best or what?).  Or so I thought.  

I've become so used to ignoring my surroundings while OOTD shooting that I barely noticed when Patrick stopped right in front of me with his phone, snapping away right along with me.  Little sneaker.

When I finally noticed him standing there, I didn't recognize him at first and almost yelled at/pepper sprayed him.  Good thing I figured it out before too long.  Woopsie. 

All in all, our Saturday was so busy.  We were at my sister's shop in the morning, my office in the afternoon and then on our way up to Black Hawk for Pat's sister's surprise birthday party.  More about that in the next post, but let me say, it was a grand ole time. 

  Black Shear Sweater with Chain Detail on Shoulder-H&M, thrifed; Black Pleated Mini Skirt-Star City; Black Combat Boots-L.E.I., gifted; Bag-vintage and gifted; Earrings-gifted

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