May 31, 2011

A Little Slice of Watamelon Fruits Week Challenge

Tube top-vintage
Tie as belt-gifted

The Fruits Week Challenge for today is Watermelon.  Now, I obviously could not get away with wearing this to work, but it would totally be fun to go out in.  It is a good mix of casual and funky fun.  I almost didn't buy this tube top.  It is pretty old and there was a snag and tiny hole in it.  But ultimately, I decided that I could not leave the shop without it.  I mean, come on, how many times do you run into sequined perfection?  By now you should know that my love for glittery pretty pieces runs deep (as also seen here and here) and this tube top was no exception.

I am loving how this challenge is helping me to look to such colorful inspirations!

Too Hot to Stop

Music Playlist at

This dress has always been one of my favorite dresses.  The pleats and the flowy fabric just make me want to spin around all day.  And finally, FINALLY, we had a summer day!  It was in the high 80's with no rain and no wind. 

Please pardon my face.  For whatever reason I look sedated heavily in all of these photos.  I blame the early morning and bright sun. 

Necklace and Earrings-Wal-Mart

May 30, 2011

They Call Me Mellow Yellow Lemon and Lime Challenge

 Earrings-gifted by sister
Skirt-gifted by sister
Belt-Elle for Kohl's
Pumps-Vera Wang

O me gersh, I forgot about the exciting challenge I am taking up this week.  Geez, you go on one camping trip and loose all priorities.  This week, I am participating in  Fruits Week and today is Lemon LimeI can't get away with most of my plans for this challenge as they are a little much for work, but I am doing it to try to gear myself up for a colorful summer!  FINALLY!!!! 

*Sidenote-I totally meant to add my perfect new yellow bag to this outfit but forgot it on the rush out the backdoor and since camping has made my laz-o-meter a little high, I am just going without.  Imagination is a wonderful tool ;-)



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Well all, I'm back from camping. It was so much fun! I forgot how much I used to love being out in the open air, letting all the kids (there were 8 with us!) run around and be dirty and just relaxing. No cell phone signal, no internet, no noise and great company.  However, as is showcased above, once I got home, I could not wait to get in the shower and throw on some sky high heels and a dress!

This bag is semi-new (i.e. I bought it a while ago and have not gotten around to using it yet). It is so bright and springy and my favorite color-Yellow!  It is from Claire's, but is surprisingly fabulous.  It has this cute little zip stash pocket on the side for all my lip fulfillment (for some reason I am like a bag lady with my chapsticks, lip glosses and lipsticks).

One of the cutest things about starting this blog is how involved my mom has gotten in the process.  She is by far one of my biggest supporters.  You've noticed that a lot of what I wear in my blog is gifted from my mother.  A couple of weekends ago, she texted me a picture of this dress while she was out thrifting (which prior to my blog I didn't even knew she did much of) and told me she got it for me to wear on my blog.  Knowing that it was awesome, I was so excited to wear it, but it is a little spicy for the office, so givin' 'er a spin to get me out of campfire soaked jeans and bandanas and into something girly was perfect!  In fact, nearly everything I'm wearing today was given to me by my mom.  Thanks mom!

This dress is something a little different from my normal style.  It's pretty sexy!  I think it's the fact that I am one zip away from being extremely exposed.  Va va voom!

Dress, earrings and cuff-gifted by mom

Hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!  Back to the grind tomorrow!  But at least it's only a four day week!  (I have chosen to close this post with an inordinate amount of exclamation points for some reason!)

May 26, 2011


Apparently, Bloglovin does not like when I have the music first and makes a ghetto thumbnail, so I am trying it this way instead and give 'er a test run this way. What do you think? Cheesy or workable?

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I chose this song because I am doing something very brave this weekend. I have agreed to go camping with Patrick, the kids and some friends of ours. Doesn't sound very brave does it? Well, let me just tell you a) this is real camping. Like in a tent camping. Like no bathroom or anything whatsoever, b) I have not been real camping for seeeeeeveral years. Good for me, I've got a great, military man who takes these things into consideration and gets things like air mattresses, solar showers (has anyone ever used one of these? do they really work?) and other conveniences to ease me in. ;-)

And now for my first eva eva AWKWARD AND AWESOME THURSDAY contribution:

It is awkward when your boyfriend catches you in the action of a personal dance party consisting of you, Lady Gaga and Beyonce, made more awkward when your ten year old son starts mocking your dance moves perfectly.  It is awesome to have your own dance party with Lady Gaga and Beyonce, namely when Elton John makes an appearance.  

It is awkward when you are at an awards ceremony for your son on steel bleachers with your four year old daughter next to you who decides to relentlessly fart in the middle of a silent moment so everyone looks at you with shock and disgust.  It is awesome to laugh uncontrollably about it afterwards.

It is awkward when a client asks you if this is your natural hair color.  It is awesome to answer after said client has left the office and is out of earshot, "yeah, this is my natural color, my mother is a My Little Pony, so I am genetically predisposed to magenta hair."

It is awkward to run and jump on a shopping cart although you do not have your kids in the cart with you.  It is awesome to run and jump on a shopping cart even though you do not have your kids in the cart with you.  ;-)   

Blank Tank-gifted by sister
Sheer watercolor Top-Kohl's
Tiered Pencil Skirt-Kohl's
Elephant Belt-vintage from Rockin Robins
Earrings and Necklace-Wal-Mart
(Wow, just realized I am wearing a lot of Kohl's today . . .)

Have a great weekend everyone!  I'll be tentin' it, so out for a couple days getting some much needed R & R, hopefully with minimal bug contact and styling withdrawal.  Wish me luck!

May 25, 2011

If Guest Posting is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right

Crocheted Sweater-thrifted
Purple Jeans-gifted
Sunnies-Elle for Kohl's

Hey y'all! Today I am guest posting on the fabulous The Hotness Your Momma Warned You About. Check it out here. While you're gettin all cozy, check out the rest of her blog. She is amazing and makes me laugh harder everyday.

Happy hump day all!

May 24, 2011

School's Out!

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It's official. Summer vaca for the kiddos has officially begun! I now am the proud mama of a first grader and a fifth grader. *Tear* As any other parent knows, once it is summer vaca for the kids, that means summer vaca for parents too. The homework, the parent teacher conferences, the field trips, the lunch packing--man school is hard work!

Apparently, (and unknowingly) I decided to celebrate the end of my boys' school year by dressing as matronly and teachery as possible. The weather had a relapse and went from bright, sunny and warm to (again) cold, dark and damp. The day went from drizzle to downpour to drizzle to hail to mist. However, my heart is with those in the states/cities affected by the recent tornadoes. With tragedies like this, it makes you feel so sad for those affected, but so fortunate that the biggest annoyance you have is having to constantly adjust the wiper speed in your car. So, I decided to wear my very warm (but very itchy) wool skirt and tights to deal with the chill.

Tomorrow, be sure to catch me on The Hotness Your Momma Warned You About where I will be guest blogging for Angie while she celebrates turning the big 3-0.

By the way, maybe it's just me or maybe it's the looming three day weekend, but this week is taking foreva eva to go by!

Cropped Sweater-gifted from mom
Black Top-unknown
Wool Skirt-vintage from Rockin Robins
Footless tight-Kohl's
Earrings-Made by Brynn ;-) (Patrick's niece)
Cuff and Ring-Kohl's
Broach-gifted from mom from garage sale

May 23, 2011

Three Days, Three Ways-Dancing Queen

Music Playlist at

Top-thrifted from Hope's Store House
Blazer-gifted from my mom
Shorts-Paris Blues, gifted from sister
Trouser socks-Wal-Mart
Bag-Del Conte, gifted
Sunnies-Elle for Kohl's

*in very low late night radio d.j. tone* Alright, now ladies. It's time for our reeeeeeeemix. (cue end of radio tone) Okay, it's me again. Today I am making three outfits out of my disco ball top. I love this top. I know it's more of an evening top, but I just can't resist the way that it sparkles in the lovely sunlight. And at this point, anything that can harness the glorious rays of the sun is a-okay in my book.

Top-thrifted from Hope's Super Store
Red Jeans-thrifted from Rockin Robins
Ballet Flat-Wal-Mart
Bangle-gifted from mom
Sunnies-Elle for Kohl's

I had a lot of fun styling this sparkly little number. Actually, my sister picked out this second outfit for me a long time ago and told me to put it on my blog. She probably think I vetoed it or forgot about it, but oh no sis! I told you I would and actually I really love it. Thanks Peeps!

Top-thrifted from Hope's Store House
Cropped Pants-Rebecca Taylor, thrifted from Saavy Seconds
Clutch-Candies for Kohl's
Bangle-gifted from mom

May 22, 2011

Garden Grove

Music Playlist at

I knew when I picked up these overalls at the thrift store last weekend that they would immediately become a member of my Love Em or Hate Em Collection. Overalls really seem to have an adverse effect on most people. They are typically made for the elementary school student or some kind of hillbilly woman who collects porcelain cows. So, since I am in the Love Em side of the collection, I knew I had to put something together with these overalls that said "yes, I know I am a twenty nine year old woman wearing floral detailed overalls . . . deal with it!"

I got these overalls during the Everything's a Dollar special at the thrift store this last weekend. After surveying many females I am close to, I got the reaction that Michelle gave that manager at the Family Dollar when she was interviewing for the position. I'm ok with that.

When I ordered this sheer top from F21, I loved it more when I got it than I remember loving it in my virtual shopping cart. And these heels pinch my feet . . . but I love them.

Overalls-Blue Sky, thrifted
Cuff-gifted from mom
Sunnies-Elle for Kohl's

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