March 31, 2012

March Re-Capped


 Am I the only one who cannot believe that today is the last day of March?  Probably not.  Even more amazing for today to be the last day of March and Colorado has not seen so much as a snowflake all month!  March is supposed to be our snowiest month and yet--zip.  Not that I'm complaining . .  .

So how was everyone's March?  Mine was a whirlwind of emotions.  In a word, I am very glad to bid farewell to this month and move on to April. 

Though April definitely does not promise to be boring.  I have two kids' birthdays in April and Easter.  Yikes.  

And the wedding to-do's continue.  Today, however, I did check one more thing off of the checklist--the florist!  

I met with the florist today to discuss my flowers.  Because we will be married in a garden, we won't really need any floral decor, but we will need four bridesmaid bouquets, two bridesmen's boutineers, a bouquet for me and a tossing bouquet.   

And I am happy to report that this was one of the easiest and least painful finance-wise of the wedding planning process.  Hooray!

I want things to be simple, but elegant.  So my bridesmaids will have purple stock flowers and orange gerber daisies wrapped in ribbon and mine will be the same but bigger and with some orange lillies.  

And, yes, I am still working on my Shop My Closet feature.  Turns out, this is a lot of work!  I don't know how the pros of blogging do this!

As for the rest of my Saturday, I plan to be taking it easy and tackling some small chores and to-dos.  It's been a long time since I slept in until after 10, but I did today and it is making me a little lazy.  

But, hey, we all need a lazy day once in a while.  Even if a lazy day still entails laundry and wedding crafts and visiting my sister and picking up one of my bridesmen's suits and dropping it off to him and . . . 

Striped Short Sleeved Sweater-Banana Republic, thrifted; Khaki Mini-Esprit; Brown Mary Jane Flats-Mudd; Leopard Accented Cloche Hat-Target; Gold Watch-gifted

March 30, 2012

Mint + Coral =Moral Spring Obligation


I have been waiting for a cooler day that never came to show off this outfit.  I love mint and coral together.  Clearly the two were made for each other.  

Today was  . . . not a cooler day.  In fact, it was pretty freaking hot.  But, never being one to let a little blood, sweat and/or tears stand in the way of a good outfit, I done did it anyways. 

Aren't these trees just divine?  I thought so too.  So much so in fact that despite the fact that a young couple were nearly making me barf with their cutesie lovey dovey crap to my left (your right) while I took these pictures, I kept on clickin' away.  

It's funny how we evolve.  When I started this grand adventure of outdoor public picture taking, you wouldn't have caught me taking my photos around people.  Now, I could give a ish less.  I'm for real!!!!

Speaking of evolving, after having the same POS computer at le office for almost three years, Daryl gots me a new one.  And you should see that baby.  Hells yeah.  Totally worth the wait.  

And because I could not be on my computer from 1-5:30 yesterday (yep, I had to stay an hour late) because the IT guy was setting it up, I couldn't get anything done.  So what did that mean for today?

SWAMPED!!!!  But nonetheless, I did get everything done.  And was able to duck out a trite early.  Boo-ya!  Hello end of the month Friday.  I love you. 

You wouldn't believe it with all the springsational weather we've been having in the Rockies, but it is supposed to snow on Monday.  Snow!  Ugh.  I know, I know, we need the moisture, March is one of the snowiest months, spring often = snow in Colorado but still.  

The good news there is that I get to put back into rotation some of my fall threads that I thought were gone for a few months.  As excited as I get about warm weather, sometimes I get a little postseason clothing depression.  "But . . . you mean I can't wear this sweater/scarf/trousers/boots/etc. for a whole six moooooonths????"

But fear not my lovelies because today was a good day.  The sun was shining, work got done, birds were chirping and all was well in my neck of the woods.  And tomorrow I get to sleep in and go talk wedding flowers with the florist and other general good things.  So here's to you Friday.  Keep 'em comin'!

Mint Colored Jeans-Kohl's; Coral Colored Short Sleeved Button Down-New York & Co., thrifted; Peach Colored Pointed Toe Kitten Heels-Nine West, gifted; Earrings-gifted; Bracelet and Necklace-DIY and gifted

March 29, 2012

Pop Lock N Drop It


First of all, my YouTube selection for today is just perfect.  Really is there anything more funny than marines doing the Pop Lock N Drop it dance?  No?  That's what I freaking thought!

You know what is a great feeling?  Getting back to being yourself after you've been preoccupied for a while.  I'm still very sad about Bob and I am still dealing with some very rough and saddening issues with my sister, buuuuuuuuuuut . . . 

I relish in the fleeting moments I've had in the last 24 hours where I can really be me again.  And "me" me is a happy me.  Take last night for instance . . .

My cuz and I had a date last night to go bridesmaid dress shopping.  And let me just say this--choosing to let my bridesmaids pick out their own dresses was the best idea I've had for the wedding.  Here's why . . . 

This bitch is busy.  All.  The.  Time.  I work full time, I have three kids, a fiance, bills, after school stuff, before school stuff, dinners to make, laundry to fold, a family to get together with and help and this blog to run.  I've got things to do.  So being able to have an excuse like a wedding to go shopping and just hang out with my friends and family is just unparalleled to anything I can define. 

So last night I picked up my cuz (Dawggie is her nickname . . . mine is Suds--and not for anything alcohol related--Robin Sue turned to Sue-Diddy turned into Suds) and it was like a breath of fresh air.  We goofed off and bumped Eazy E and Biggie Smalls and laughed and talked and acted a fool. 

It was magical and though she struck out on the dress, we hit the jackpot in quality B.T.A. time (that's an inside joke . . . trust me you wouldn't understand but know that it has to do with my loud ass sister). 

And we ended the night pulling up to her apartment, bumpin' Eazy E (and I mean it, I let my woofers riiiiiip that shit), dancin' it up in my Saturn and laughing like we were teenagers again.  She ended the night appropriately with saying to me "you can take the girl out the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out the girl."  Amen sister.

Currently, I am rocking the Notorious B.I.G. Pandora station and just lovin' it.  It feels good to dance again.  To smile again and laugh and enjoy life.  Which I have been trying to do more often.  

Ya pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?  As my son would say . . .

Yellow Cardigan with Ribbon and Ruffle Collar-J. Crew, thrifted; Lock Patterned Silk Top with Peter Pan Collar-Fun 2 Fun, thrifted; Tweed Skirt with Front Slits-Maurice's, thrifted; Platform Oxfords-Target; Yellow Hoop Earrings-gifted

March 28, 2012

Goes A Long Way


Bob's passing has not been forgotten.  In fact, while it is getting easier everyday, it is still very prevalent every day that I am in the office. 

This Saturday I had Patrick watch Kaden for a few hours so that I could go to Michael's, get some special paper, go to Starbucks and sit down to write a letter to his wife and son about Bob. 

My novel letter ended up being six pages long.  I really put a lot of thought into it.  I have seen Bob's wife nearly every day since Bob died at the office, but I chickened out on giving her the letter, so I mailed it instead.

This morning I came into an email from Gail (Bob's wife) and it was literally the best thing that has happened to me for a week. 

She had said that she and her son loved my letter.  She said that they read it and reread it several times.  She said that they would always treasure it.  She said that she knew I had been through a lot in my young life, but knew that I had a big heart and that she was confident that I would overcome anything that came my way.  

That meant a lot to me.  And knowing that my handwritten letter meant a lot to her really made it worth it.  

In other news (and to change the subject before I start to tear up again), when I took my photos today, there was a man/woman (honestly I could not tell which) practicing their yoga about 5 feet away.  Then, they came to watch me take my pictures.  

Now I don't know if you have ever experienced this, but apparently when you see someone doing dog facing sun in a ski suit and a beanie (I mean really, this person was really into it), you tend to loose all inhibitions about taking your own picture.  So I just smiled and had at it--getting downright silly at times. 

I got this dress during my thrifting splurge a few weeks back as well.  I loved it instantly.  And when I discovered that it had a front hoodie-like pocket, I was all in.  

After killing my feet in horribly uncomfortable shoes for two days (imagine that), I decided to give my feetsies a rest today and break out the flats. 

When Patrick saw me in this this morning, he suggested that the dress was a little balloon-y and told me I should put on a belt.  I appreciate his efforts, I do, but I liked wearing this dress loose.  It felt so free and comfy and not restricting.  

But to up the fun factor, I did add an also newly thrifted scarf in my hair because I also have grown an unhealthy red with white polka dot fabric obsession apparently . . . which I'm ok with.  

LBD with front pockets-Jonathan Martin, thrifted; Black ballet flats-No Boundaries; Red and Polka Dot Scarf-thrifted; Earrings-DIY and gifted; Cuff-gifted

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