September 30, 2013

Mission #18--Crop Top Tip--Over a Maxi

This Mission Week is truly a challenge for me.  Crop tops.  Not for everyone.  A lot of people don't think they can wear them because they instantly think of mid-drift baring tops.  But it doesn't have to be.

For the first day, I am wearing a cropped sweater over a maxi dress.  Which actually has a pretty cool effect because it lengthens your dress and in turn lengthens your legs.  Double bonus.

So how was everybody's weekend?  Mine was AWESOME but also very, very busy.  We closed on our house on Friday!  Woop woop!  Yep, we are officially homeowners.

So we spent the weekend moving and cleaning and organizing and unpacking and tossing and breaking down boxes and all of that fun stuff.  Which actually unpacking into a new home is probably one of my most favorite things to do in the world, to be honest.

Oh, and we also spent the weekend trying to calm our dog the eff down in the new place.  If you are friends with me on Facebook, you know that our dog is a total spaz, to put it lightly.   She is sensitive to her surroundings and spends 99% of the time hiding in some way.

So on the first night of our new place, she was exploring the territory all night long.  And we have all wood floors.  And she desperately needs a nail trim.  It was a lot of fun.  My mom has offered to knit Nakita booties.

Red Maxi Skirt (worn as a skirt)-Kohl's; Navy and White Striped Cropped Sweater-Banana Republic, thrifted; Espadrilles-gifted; Watch and Star Bracelet-gifted; Earrings-gifted; Sunnies-shop in mall

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September 27, 2013

Dear Frannie Fridays--Best Thrift Stores

As we all know, I love thrifting.  I haven't been in a while and due to the new purchase of a house (YAY!), I don't see myself going for a bit  So I shall pass my thrifting nuggets of gold down to you.  Here are my favorite thrift stores in my area:

Goodwill.  Yes, yes, I know.  Almost every town has a Goodwill, so this one is kind of a given.  But I have to mention it here because they really are a cut above the rest.  For starters, every other Saturday is half off day and they have bargains going on during the week as well.  Also, they offer a "Club Blue" card.  With this card, you get 20% off when you spend $25 AND you get a $5 reward on your birthday!  Once you accumulate $250, you also get a $10 reward.  There is also a Deja Blue Boutique , which is like an upstage Goodwill.  I've never actually been, but I hear very good things about it.

 Rockin Robin's.  Ok, this is not a thrift store, but a consignment store.  Buuuuuut, it is amazing.  For starters, the price is really reasonable for a consignment store.  I've gotten many, many good deals (including this dress I am wearing in this post!) there.  Not to mention, the atmosphere is just great.  Robin, the owner, is so lively and fun.  She has a jukebox in her store, which she takes requests for.  And she will also give complimentary glasses of wine on occasion.  She hosts dress up parties as well, which I have never partaken in but have looooved looking at photos of them on her site.  PS--her site is the BEST in the biz.  She updates all of her new donations every Thursday, so you always know what's in the store.

 Hope's Storehouse.  This store is such a great hidden gem.  I have always found something there.  On Saturdays, they have $10 bag days, which are great.  And they also always have special sale days on other occasions, like where you walk in, choose a plastic egg with anywhere from 10%-75% off your purchase.  They also do a lot of work with the safehouse shelters, which is good to know.

 Saavy Seconds.  This is a really cute thrift store on the south side of Longmont.  On Saturdays, they have $1 clothing days and I believe $3 shoes.  I bought the designer trousers I was wearing yesterday there!  The outline of their store is really easy to follow and the decor is really endearing and cute.  Not to mention, they got hit pretty hard by the floods, so be sure to stop by and show them some love.

 Buffalo Exchange.  Yeah, again, there are a lot of these locations AND they are a consignment store, not a thrift store.  While they are a bit on the pricey side for my taste, I have to say, they do have an AWESOME selection of clothes.  I have found leather pants there and one of my favorite lock print whimsical shirt!

Do you have a suggestion or question for Dear Frannie Friday?  Shoot me an email at

Shirtdress-Forever 21, thrifted; Hot Pink Pumps-H&M; Necklace-DIY and gifted; Earrings-Wal-Mart

September 26, 2013

Thursday Mixer--Black Cropped Beaded Trousers

 I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found these cropped beaded slim fitting trousers thrifting two years ago.  The designer is escaping me, but they are French and were on sale for a whopping $12.  A little pricey for a thrift find, but for designer and awesomeness--just right.

 I loved the fit (they are also high waisted), the beaded trim, and how fun they were to wear!  Current wears 6.  Current price per wear $2.  Steal.

Top Left to Right-1, 2, 3
Bottom Left to Right-Now, 2, 3

 I wore this look awhile ago, inspired by an unlikely source.  Patrick and I had randomly decided to watch Pulp Fiction, aka one of the best movies ever, and I just loved the simple yet chic look of Mia Wallace (played by Uma Thurman) in the dance scene with John Travolta . . . pre nasty OD scene.

 See my above totally amateur gif from that part of the movie where Mia tells Vincent not to be a square?  It only took me about 45 takes and 732 weird looks from passerbys. 

 One of my favorite things is to be inspired by unlikely sources, like TV shows or movies or even children.  You never know when inspiration might hit.

 And now I want a $5 shake.  For real.

Cropped Beaded Trousers-vintage; White Eyelet Button Down Blouse-thrifted; Gold Sequined Smoking Slippers-Target; Sunnies-Target

September 25, 2013


 It's been six months nearly to the day since Patrick and I started our vegetarian/juicing/clean eating adventure.  I haven't given an update in a while on that, so this is the perfect time.  Here's how it's going:

 When I started cooking sans bottled marinades and boxed sides (Pastaroni, etc.), it was quite an adjustment for sure.  Cooking took longer, it was more expensive and there were more intricate steps.  But I got used to it.  And the food turned out better.  Not only that, but I've noticed a massive change in my shopping habits in general.  Reading labels isn't so much of a chore anymore and I know what to really look for.

 The greatest thing, however, is the change in my family's eating habits.  Sure, they still bitch on occasion about certain dishes and they have been missing the meat (although, I have tried to start incorporating fish into our meals  . . . but I've always hated seafood so it isn't going very far there), but they've come a loooooong way.

 Patrick, who would barely touch a vegetable before this, has been vastly broadening his veggie palete.   He will gladly eat a whole salad now and has tried a lot of dishes with veggies he hates in them with pleasure . . . most of the time.  Onions are still a no go for him.

 Kaden is my very picky 12 year old who would never eat anything.  Six months after eating vegetarian, he found he loves quinoa, couscous, some tofu dishes and many veggie burgers (the sweet potato one is his fave).  Conner, my 8 year old, has always been a good eater and willing to try anything, so his habits haven't changed too much.  My daughter, Brielle (6), is still working on trying new things, but she is getting better.

 Kaden is going through that magical puberty time period and thus his skin had started to suffer a bit.  Acne sucks for sure and there isn't much to do about it as a tween other than wait it out.  But it has been significantly decreased and manageable since we started this diet.  Literally, no pills, no creams, no extra washing of any kind--just vegetables and less chemicals in his food.  Amazing.

 We won't do it forever, but I definitely recommend trying the vegetarian and/or clean eating route for any family for at least six months.  You will be amazed at what you learn and the habits you can teach your children.  My oldest son opted for a banana as a snack the other day on his own free will.  Seriously.

Suede Trousers-thrifted; Mint Blouse-thrifted; White Sandals-Marshall's; Elephant Cuff-vintage; Earrings-gifted; Belt-Kohl's

September 24, 2013

Share the Covers--Faith

The poppy original by Mr. George Michael . . .

And the bad ass cover by Limp Bizkit  . . .

I chose this song today for a couple of reasons.  For one, this is the first cover song I ever remember really loving. It started my love affair with cover songs for sure.  And I still love it.

The second reason is that I could use some faith right now.  I am up to my ears in stress, seriously.  So much going on right now.  All good things.  It's good stress.  But stress nonetheless.

So as soon as all of this calms down a bit, you can find me in the tub, with some lavender bath salt, lit candles and listening to this.  Patrick found that song the other day and I am not kidding you, I can attribute at least 154 views of that video to my viewing.  Word.

Star Tulle Skirt-thrifted; Short Sleeved Chambray Shirt-Style & Co., thrifted; Leggings-Kohl's; Slingback Lace Up Booties-Nine West, gifted; Watch-gifted; Earrings-gifted; Sunnies-Target; Monogram Necklace-Target

September 23, 2013

Mission Monday #18--Crop Tops

I know, I know.  Fall is coming.  I'm aware.  Summer is all but over, I know.  But one thing is for sure, crop tops are still going to be hanging out with us in the fall.  So . . .

I wore my Miley Cyrus cropped moto jacket to celebrate that next week we will be experimenting with crop tops.  I say experimenting because . . . I'm very, very new at them still.  And I think a lot of us are.  They can be tricky.

My house is currently 95% in boxes and inaccessible.  It stinks like paint fumes.  It is empty and drab looking.  And we are all a bit stir crazy.

I usually limit my kids' intake of electronics, but since the weather outside has been blah, we have been busy painting and packing and all of their toys and stuff are packed at this point, I've been letting the electronic allowance dip into uncharted realms of free reign. 

This may seem like a great thing.  But my kids aren't used to so much electronic stimulation.  And while at first they thought it was the bomb, they are now just as bored with it.  I know it's only Monday, but can it be Friday yet?  Please?

Mauve Pleated Skirt-Target; Black Blouse-Elle for Kohl's; Cropped Moto Jacket-Miley Cyrus; Monogram Necklace-K-Mart; Pearl Earrings-gifted by Patrick from Qatar; Saddle Oxfords-Payless

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